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This Podcast goes deep with the world's best open ocean kayak and surfski paddlers to understand and extract the tips and tricks that all paddlers can implement to continually up their game.

Peak Paddle Performance Podcast Nick Murray

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This Podcast goes deep with the world's best open ocean kayak and surfski paddlers to understand and extract the tips and tricks that all paddlers can implement to continually up their game.

    PPP Episode 44: Coaching Session #2 with Dr Brendan O’Neill

    PPP Episode 44: Coaching Session #2 with Dr Brendan O’Neill

    In this podcast I check in with Brendan to review how the past 10 weeks of training have gone and what I need to focus on in the final four weeks leading up to the Gorge Downwind Champs.

    If you missed Podcast Episode 43, I would recommend checking it out, and don't forget you can download the training plan there. But if you're limited on time, you'll still learn a lot from this discussion where we cover:

    * What a good threshold interval session looks like

    * Trying to maximize speed/distance per stroke at a given cadence

    * Experimenting with paddle length and stroke length

    * Cadence ladders and simulating downwind

    * Different options for V02 Max work

    * Benefits of Creatine for paddlers

    * Brendan's view on Beta Alanine and Beet Juice

    * Protein requirements and maintaining strength as you age

    * Why training with cadence is so much better than heart rate or speed for measuring level of effort

    • 1 hr 34 min
    PPP Episode 43: Coaching Session #1 with Dr Brendan O’Neill

    PPP Episode 43: Coaching Session #1 with Dr Brendan O’Neill

    In this episode of the Peak Paddle Performance Podcast, I reconnect with Dr Brendan O'Neill creator of the Vaaka Cadence Sensor. In 2019 Brendan graciously put together a 14 week cadence based training plan to prepare an intermediate level paddler for racing the 14 mile Gorge Downwind Champs. COVID disrupted everything, and I never got around to publishing the plan as I originally intended. In 2021 I was planning to be back at the Gorge and so dusted off the plan, and loosely followed it. I had great results, so in 2022 I used it again, at around a 65% adherence.

    In 2022, at the age of 48 and after 15 years of paddling, I set several personal records. This made me a believer in the methods and approach that Brendan outlined, and I thought it would be a disservice not to share his detailed knowledge with the paddling community.

    This is the first of a few coaching sessions that I'll record with Brendan. You can click the link below to download the training plan and tweak it for your needs. The plan is a great start, but it is not a replacement for working with a coach. I highly recommend finding a coach if you want to take your paddling to the next level.

    This year I'm hoping to follow the plan 100% and am super excited to see what kind of results I can achieve


    • 1 hr 34 min
    PPP Episode 42: Leveling Up with Giant Fish Founder Scott Darling

    PPP Episode 42: Leveling Up with Giant Fish Founder Scott Darling

    In this podcast I interview Giant Fish founder Scott Darling. Scott launched the initial Giant Fish collection of paddling shorts, pants, and tops in the summer of 2020. Right at the height of the Covid pandemic. Of course it wasn't planned that way, but despite all the obstacles, the product spoke for itself, and quickly became a go to piece of kit for paddlers in the Pacific Northwest. It has been growing steadily from there.

    As a long time dealer and huge fan of both Vaikobi and Mocke, I wasn't thrilled to have a new competitor enter the space. But after meeting Scott for the first time in 2021, and talking with paddlers using his gear, I was definitely intrigued. It took another year before I met Scott again, and this time decided to purchase some shorts and a top. I used the Giant Fish shorts, pants, and tops this past fall and have been very impressed.

    In the short term, there is probably a negative financial incentive for me to have Scott on the podcast and promote his products. But I believe that the more creators like Scott who invest their passion, time, and unique skills into the sport, the more it benefits all of us and enables greater overall growth. Starting any new business is incredibly challenging, and the paddling world is no different. I believe we have to all support each other.

    Use this link for $20 off any Giant Fish Order

    I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did!

    • 54 min
    PPP Episode 41: Breaking the Mould with Oscar Chalupsky

    PPP Episode 41: Breaking the Mould with Oscar Chalupsky

    We're back with our most frequent and popular podcast guest, the infamous Oscar Chalupsky. It's always informative and exciting to catch up with Oscar and this podcast is not exception.

    If you haven't read Oscar's book, order it now, it is an absolute must read. If you're like me, you won't put it down until it is finished. I've known Oscar for 10 years, but reading this book, I realized there is still a lot I don't know. Oscar has led an action packed life and this book is his best attempt to tell it all.

    In addition to discussing his book, we cover much more including:

    * Paddling out through surf breaks - something many paddlers in the US don't get a chance to practice enough

    * Incredible paddling conditions in Brazil

    * The Nelo Paddle race in Malaysia

    * Winning Molokai at 50

    * The Shaw and Partners Investment in Surfski in general and specifically the Western Australia Race Week

    The title of this podcast says it all about Oscar. They Said....

    * You can't paddle with low elbows

    * You can't go fast in a stable boat

    * You can't paddle with zero feather

    * You can't race on no carbs

    * You can't race with no liquids

    * You can't win a world championship race at 50

    Over and over again, Oscar has challenged the conventional wisdom and proven it wrong. Here's to hoping he doesn't stop! No Retreat, No Surrender

    • 1 hr 9 min
    PPP Episode 40: Tragedy on Lake Michigan

    PPP Episode 40: Tragedy on Lake Michigan

    On October 8th the Great Lakes paddling community suffered on incomprehensible loss when Nick Walton succumbed to hypothermia in a downwind race on Lake Michigan. Nick was a professional canoe racer and over the past couple of years had discovered a love for surfski racing. You can read his full obituary here

    I was a participant in the race and have spoke with many of the racers since the incident occurred. This podcast is my best attempt to explain what I know from this very tragic day.

    There are lessons to be learned from what happened to Nick, and my sincere hope is that these lessons will save many lives in the years to come.

    My sincere condolences to Nick and his family.

    Below is the YouTube recording of this podcast. As we get into the podcast I use my Garmin track to show the race route and provide more context to the location where we were racing.


    • 1 hr 29 min
    PPP Episode 39: Downwind Jam Session

    PPP Episode 39: Downwind Jam Session

    This podcast was an experimental downwind jam session. The idea was to setup a Zoom call open to any and all paddlers to join and share their stories and experiences around downwind paddling. We got off to a rough start when the initial call was highjacked by hackers, but were able to regroup and have a great session.

    I was hopeful that we could share video over the Zoom call and narrate the paddling. That sort of worked, but I missed some key optimization settings in Zoom which resulted in the video recording being choppy, so I haven't yet posted the video to YouTube.

    We had a great group of participants from the US and Canada and they shared a wealth of experience that I feel will be helpful to those just getting into downwind paddling of any kind.


    • 1 hr 48 min

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5.0 out of 5
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7 Ratings

PaulTomblin ,

Great podcast for all levels of Surfski paddlers

Interviews with many of the top paddlers in the world. Stories, technique and inspiration.

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