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A Sport and Exercise Medicine Podcast for Canadian Student Athletes

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A Sport and Exercise Medicine Podcast for Canadian Student Athletes

    Is Vaccine Hesitancy a Public Health Concern?

    Is Vaccine Hesitancy a Public Health Concern?

    Welcome to the final episode in season 2! There was a little break but this is the finale for this season! We had a great discussion with Zoha Anjum a doctor of dentistry student at the University of Toronto.  Zoha brings an interesting point of view to the discussion as a student during the pandemic but also with her diverse background with a Master of Public Health degree from McMaster University and a graduate diploma in Water Without Borders from United Nations University, Institute of Water, Environment & Health.

    Check out the resources mentioned in the episode:




    Also check out your schools wellness centre!

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    Having a bad day?

    Having a bad day?

    This episode we talk about depression and how it affects a student athlete. Is it just a bad day or it could it be something more? Dr. Carla Edwards joins us to share some really good information as both an MD and sport psychiatrist who recently  just returned from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games! 

    The articles and resources mentioned in the podcast are all listed below, check them out!

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    Did Sports Change Forever?

    Did Sports Change Forever?

    This week's guest Nick Grubic, joined us in discussing student athlete's mental health during the pandemic. Nick was a triathlete while earning his MSc Epidemiology and a varsity rower while he earned his BScH from Queen's University. We had an excellent discussion and Nick provided great resources to utilize which are linked below:
    Student mental health in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic: A call for further research and immediate solutions - Nicholas Grubic, Shaylea Badovinac, Amer M Johri, 2020 (sagepub.com)
     Competing against COVID-19: have we forgotten about student-athletes’ mental health? | British Journal of Sports Medicine (bmj.com)




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    Feeling Socially Anxious?

    Feeling Socially Anxious?

    Welcome to season 2 of Peep the Process! We are so excited to be back for a short season. This season your co-hosts Emma and Laura have a goal to discuss many aspects of mental health and how to manage your mental health and wellbeing as the country starts to reopen. Many of us have social anxiety about going out in public and we want you to know that is perfectly normal to feel that way.

    For our first episode back our guest, Alicia Sheng, offers both the student athlete perspective as well as a little bit of the medical perspective. Alicia is captain of the ultimate frisbee team at the University of Ottawa and just finished her third year of medical school. Alicia has had to navigate the pandemic both as a leader for her team and also as a medical learner entering hospitals during her clinical rotations.

    We talk a lot about social anxiety as the country starts to lift restrictions and how having this anxiety is normal! https://www.anxietycanada.com/ is a great resource mentioned that you can utilize!

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    Knacks for Knees

    Knacks for Knees

    In our final episode we are joined by Marc Rizzardo who is a registered international sport physical therapist located in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has worked with Olympic athletes and was the Chief Therapist with the Canadian Medical Teams at the 2012 London Olympics, 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan Am Games. Marc is also the head coach for the Langara College men's soccer team, and he is an inductee to the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame! This week's topic covers ACL injuries and Marc shares information on the rehab process. It was great to get his perspective from a coaching point of view and his physiotherapist point of view as well.  

    Also check out these links:



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    Bad Backs Begone

    Bad Backs Begone

    This episode we are joined by Dr. Melissa Corso, a sports specialist chiropractor. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. Melissa shares her experiences playing varsity soccer at the University of Guelph, talks about dealing with back pain, and offers some great advice.

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