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PhD Career Stories is a podcast where PhDs share their stories and experiences in life after a PhD, inspiring you to take the next step in your career development!
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PhD Career Stories is a podcast where PhDs share their stories and experiences in life after a PhD, inspiring you to take the next step in your career development!
Visit us at https://phdcareerstories.com/

    #105: Interview with Lauran Fuller

    #105: Interview with Lauran Fuller

    In this episode, Tina interviews Lauran Fuller. Lauran is a mother of three, an entrepreneur, and a doctoral student. For the past 7 years, she has owned and operated a dessert bakery in southern Oklahoma. She wants to take the lessons learned along her journey and educate others. She is particularly keen on self-development and work-life balance, as prioritizing her family has posed its own challenges along the way. Focus and determination drive her every step of the way, as her educational pursuit has not slowed her entrepreneurial spirit.
    Lauran talks about her experience being an entrepreneur and a mother at the same time. Having her own business has given her the flexibility to successfully manage her family. She closes the interview with valuable tips to women having entrepreneurship and leadership career goals:
    Nail down your passion and your desires Design a life that fits that Pursue it- Don’t let anything stop you and stand in your way Make sure you decide what to do and how to do Find the community that supports your decisions and directions. Listen to this episode to hear more about a good example of a woman entrepreneur who successfully maintains her work-life balance, managing doctoral studies, a bakery and 3 kids!

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    #104: Interview with Bärbel Tress

    #104: Interview with Bärbel Tress

    In this podcast, Tina Persson interviews Bärbel Tress. Bärbel is a Research Career Expert & Advisor. Her main expertise is to advise young researchers how to successfully conduct and complete their PhD studies, how to apply for academic jobs, and how to improve research performance and efficiency.
    Bärbel has a PhD in Landscape Ecology from Roskilde University, Denmark.  She worked in academia for more than a decade, as postdoc, researcher and lecturer at universities in several European countries. She co-founded TRESS ACADEMIC in 2007 together with her partner. The company helps researchers acquire the complementary skills they need to succeed in academia. Bärbel also co-founded the SMART ACADEMICS Blog which helps young researchers with PhD completion, getting published, and career tips. 
    Different time points in the PhD journey are discussed in this interview together with the required actions. What to do and what to think about from the first day of signing the contract, at half-way through, the last year of the PhD, when 6 months are left, when one month is left and lastly the D-day: the defense day. 
    Bärbel finally closes the interview sharing five valuable tips that help PhDs to successfully complete their PhD studies. 
    1- Enjoy the ride
    2- Keep the end in mind
    3- Define your objectives early on
    4- Start writing early on
    5- Work on the relationship with supervisors
    Listen to this episode for valuable advices from two career coaches with a lot of expertise in accompanying PhDs along their PhD journey.

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    #103: Interview with Adam Sierakowiak

    #103: Interview with Adam Sierakowiak

    In this podcast, Tina Persson interviews Adam Sierakowiak with a focus topic: the career transition into the pharmaceutical industry. Adam is a medical advisor at MSD since 2018. He has a master's degree in biomedical sciences from the Karolinska Institute, where he later pursued his PhD in neuroscience. 
    Adam discusses the importance of learning the local language, of communicating the transferable skills as well as of knowing the industry language. He also talks about the importance and the need of networking. A good example on how to be memorable while approaching someone is also given in this episode. Different roles or job titles are found in the medical sector, but what do they really mean and which one suits us most? These are questions addressed in this podcast.
    He finally closes the interview sharing three valuable tips for a successful career transition:
    1- Network and learn industry language.
    2- Highlight your personal skills instead of technical skills
    3- Don’t give up 
    Don’t miss this episode. You will definitely enjoy it!

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    #102: Interview with Ofer Yizhar Barnea and Elena Itskovich

    #102: Interview with Ofer Yizhar Barnea and Elena Itskovich

    In this episode, Tina Persson interviews Elena Itskovich and Ofer Yizhar Barnea. Elena has a PhD in stem cell biology from the University of Cambridge. She volunteers for ScienceAbroad and has hosted the macadamia podcast. Ofer has a Ph.D in Human molecular genetics. He has served 6 years as an officer and ran a RnD team of physicists  and mathematicians. In parallel he is a co-founder of a company that has been growing and evolving for 3 years now. 
    The main topics discussed in this podcast are the importance of networking and digital presence. Listen to this episode to learn about how to grow your network both online and offline. Important tips for PhDs are to start the networking process early and to leave the comfort zone to be able to expand their network.

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    #101: PhD Career Stories returns

    #101: PhD Career Stories returns

    Dear listeners, it is with great joy that we welcome you to our new home and to episode 101 of PhD Career Stories. After a year-long pause, we return to podcast publication with a fresh and functional website, in which you can find our entire podcast catalogue conveniently organized in relevant categories.

    We believe that storytelling is a powerful way to connect with others and to find one’s own path in career and life. We believe that our new website helps us fulfill our ambition of becoming a storytelling channel, where everyone can participate and share their journey and experience, so we can learn and grow with each other.
    In today's episode, PhD Career Stories co-founder Tina Persson will share with you insights from our journey that resulted in this new beginning, and update you on our plans for the future.  
    Enjoy Listening!

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    #100 Round Table Discussion

    #100 Round Table Discussion

    Welcome to episode 100 of Phd career story, where we have a round table discussion with 9 members of our team.
    In this episode we talk about the impact that Phd career stories have had on Phds around the world, based on comments we have received. We also talk about what we have learned from Phd stories and working as a team in the last 3 years.
    This is the last episode for now, but we will be back in 6 to 9 months with the new beginning.
    Stay healthy!

    • 19 min

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5 Ratings

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