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Plugged In Golf's Matt Saternus interviews the most interesting, knowledgeable people in golf so that you can play better and enjoy the game more.

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Plugged In Golf's Matt Saternus interviews the most interesting, knowledgeable people in golf so that you can play better and enjoy the game more.

    The Reality of Swing Changes

    The Reality of Swing Changes

    Matt welcomes Andy Hayes back to the podcast for this eye-opening episode.  After a short Masters recap, they discuss Andy's recent swing changes that came under the guidance of Hank Haney.  This is a must listen for golf swing enthusiasts and any player interested in making serious improvements to their own swing.

    • 39 min
    Understanding Golf Club Performance

    Understanding Golf Club Performance

    This week, we welcome back Terry Koehler from Edison Golf to discuss an interesting question: Can you judge a golf club by how it looks?  Terry argues that in irons and wedges, the answer is yes, and he explains just how to do it.  Matt and Terry also get into several informative tangents, and Matt wraps up by talking about how you can use visual cues to understand how woods and hybrids perform, too.
    Check out the lesson on Gear Effect HERE

    • 44 min
    In the Zone Mental Training

    In the Zone Mental Training

    It's often said that golf is 10% physical and 90% mental, but most golfers do nothing to improve their mental game.  Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey are out to change that with their In The Zone Mental Training System.  In this episode, Bo and Shannon share loads of practical tips on how to lower your handicap and perform better on the course without spending any additional time on the range.
    Buy In the Zone Secrets HERE
    Visit the In the Zone Mental Training website HERE

    • 57 min
    Matt Rants (and Fixes Golf)

    Matt Rants (and Fixes Golf)

    In a break from the norm, this episode is not an interview or a lesson, but Matt ranting about the state of golf.  Find out what's grinding his gears and how he thinks we can fix it.

    • 25 min
    All Golfers Should Lift Weights

    All Golfers Should Lift Weights

    All golfers should lift weights...but not for the reasons you think.  In this podcast, Matt explains the mental benefits of lifting weights for golfers or people who want to get better at anything.

    • 17 min
    Indoor Golf Simulator FAQ

    Indoor Golf Simulator FAQ

    If you've ever thought about building an indoor golf simulator or practice area, this episode is a must-listen.  Matt talks with Stephen Calhoun from Rain or Shine Golf about every step in the process, every product you'll need, and the common mistakes that you'll want to avoid.  
    Visit Rain or Shine HERE

    • 39 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
43 Ratings

43 Ratings

MBG Hibachi ,

Great golf content

Matt is super knowledgeable and makes golf content fun and approachable.

skasting ,

Rollback Episode

The host is way too staunch in his opinions and a victim of confirmation bias. He dishonestly dismisses every decent argument on the other side of the “issue”. All while being hypocritical and inflammatory towards the opposing view point.

There wasn’t one original opinion you couldn’t find posted numerous times on Twitter

@teeooh23 ,

350 into the wind with that last pod!

Couldn’t agree more with courses adapting personalities that can better suit specific types of golf. I would STILL be able and willing to play ALL, (and you actually just said that as I typed it while I’m still listening) I love a good paced 18, of course hitting a road jam by hole 7 is frustrating, but fairly or unfairly, I can’t imagine it being fun for those who are playing slower either. The last thing I want is to people feel like they shouldn’t go back out because they didn’t play well and hated that the group behind them was constantly at the tee box with them as they tee off.

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