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Podcast by Toby Buckle

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4.5 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Tiffkungpo ,


I enjoyed your perspective on race and IQ; I agree that this topic if true can be a loaded gun and become very dangerous. I do think a lot of the bell curve has valid points; I believe in a lot of it simply because of life experiences and researching the topic. Just to let you know Americans don’t want to live next to POC because of the bell curve simply because the criminal behavior amongst a large portion of black and Hispanic communities. It’s obviously not all of them I have a diverse group of neighbors they are all amazing. Besides my global travels and seeing many societies and cultural differences which each is beautiful in their own ways we are all very different and why would our brains be any different. There are studies done that mark intelligence and criminality for repeat offenders, sexual promiscuity and IQ, impulsivity and IQ through the use of substance, gambling and retail purchasing. With all of these behavioral studies that show over indulgence and criminality Africans and Hispanics score very high in all of those marks which are red flags for lower IQ. These are simply facts. I am not a know it all and I know many people of a different race that are far superior to my intelligence but a large amount of people of a different race are not very smart but that’s the same for my own race as well. This is the ancient nurture verse nature topic I believe. Nurture only goes so far; I know many children that had all the nurturing and resources and grew up completely worthless using welfare and don’t hold themselves responsible or accountable for anything these are all white families.

Qpsyebd ,

well researched and thoughtful

Enjoyable, fair-minded, well-prepared presentations. His own views—on debates past and present—are both clearly delineated and thought-provoking.

JS Fischer ,


Superb intellectually enlightening deep dive into the often complicated ageless art of political philosophy through impressively eclectic views and a highly articulate host. Truly excellent. Always a rewarding listen.

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