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Unlock the complexities of Australian politics with 'Politics Done Differently' – the ultimate guide to understanding and engaging in democracy Down Under! From insightful analysis to thought-provoking discussions, we make politics accessible to all, challenging norms and amplifying diverse voices along the way. Join your host, Caterina Sullivan, as she seeks out expert insight from politicians around the country about the ever-evolving landscape of Australian politics. Tune in now!

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Unlock the complexities of Australian politics with 'Politics Done Differently' – the ultimate guide to understanding and engaging in democracy Down Under! From insightful analysis to thought-provoking discussions, we make politics accessible to all, challenging norms and amplifying diverse voices along the way. Join your host, Caterina Sullivan, as she seeks out expert insight from politicians around the country about the ever-evolving landscape of Australian politics. Tune in now!

    Season 2 - Trailer

    Season 2 - Trailer

    Welcome to a groundbreaking journey through the dynamic landscape of Australian politics as we proudly unveil Season 2 of "Politics Done Differently"! Embark on an immersive adventure where political intrigue meets accessibility, and together, we redefine the discourse surrounding Australia's democracy.

    In our latest season, we're poised to delve even deeper into the intricate web of policies, personalities and power dynamics that shape our nation. From the corridors of Parliament House to the grassroots movements igniting change across the country, we're committed to offering a panoramic view of Australian politics that resonates with every listener, regardless of their background or expertise.

    At the heart of "Politics Done Differently" lies our unwavering commitment to demystifying the often opaque world of politics. Through engaging discussions, insightful analysis and thought-provoking interviews, we strive to empower our audience with the knowledge and understanding needed to navigate the complexities of governance and civic engagement.

    But make no mistake – this isn't your typical political podcast. Here, we challenge the status quo, disrupt conventional narratives and amplify voices that are often marginalised or overlooked in mainstream discourse. From pressing policy debates to poignant human stories, we're dedicated to shining a light on the issues that matter most to everyday Australians.

    What sets us apart is our unyielding belief in the power of inclusivity and diversity. We recognise that Australian politics is not a monolith – it's a collection of experiences, perspectives and aspirations of our diverse population. That's why our platform is a space where all voices are not only welcomed but celebrated.

    As you tune into our Season 2 trailer, prepare to be captivated by a tantalising glimpse of what's in store. From riveting interviews with key political figures to in-depth explorations of pressing policy challenges, each episode promises to be a compelling journey of discovery and enlightenment.

    So whether you're a seasoned political junkie hungry for fresh insights or a newcomer eager to learn more about the forces shaping our democracy, "Politics Done Differently" has something for you. Join us as we embark on this exhilarating quest to reimagine Australian politics and pave the way for a more informed, engaged and inclusive society.

    Don't miss out on the conversation – hit play on our Season 2 trailer now and prepare to be inspired!

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    Episode 036 - Ms Elizabeth Lee MLA

    Episode 036 - Ms Elizabeth Lee MLA

    Warning: this episode contains mature content and topics that may be distressing for some viewers.

    In this episode, we talk to Elizabeth Lee MLA, Member for Kurrajong in the ACT and Leader of the Opposition, about engaging the Australian voters in the political discourse.

    Topics covered include:

    - Reflections on a bittersweet rise to Leader of the Opposition
    - The importance of diversity in politics and in leadership positions throughout other aspects of life
    - The difference between being political and being party political
    - How to regroup and refocus after an election loss
    - The balancing act between being a local member and Leader of the Opposition
    - Managing relationships with federal politicians
    - Putting Canberra on the map
    - The housing affordability crisis
    - The role of a robust opposition
    - Tackling the issue of the Parliamentary Boys’ Club
    - The reason some women do not feel comfortable speaking up about sexual assault
    - How to engage men in the gender equality conversation
    - Tips on addressing conflict, especially in political discussions

    About Ms Lee:

    Elizabeth Lee is the Leader of the Canberra Liberals, and the Liberal Member for Kurrajong in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

    Prior to entering the ACT Legislative Assembly, Elizabeth was a successful lawyer and lecturer at the Australian National University and University of Canberra.

    Since her election to the Assembly in 2016, Elizabeth has been a leading voice for improving local schools, protecting our environment, better support for Canberrans living with a disability, and Canberrans from a culturally and linguistically diverse background.

    Having migrated to Australia from Korea at the age of seven, Elizabeth moved to Canberra when she turned 18 to study Law and Asian Studies at The Australian National University.

    Elizabeth is passionate about creating a more connected capital; and empowering every Canberran to reach their potential.

    Elizabeth lives in the inner south with her partner, and young daughter.

    Outside of politics, Elizabeth is passionate about fitness having taught Sh’Bam and Body Balance classes at various gyms around Canberra.

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    Episode 035 - Senator Gerard Rennick

    Episode 035 - Senator Gerard Rennick

    In this episode, we talk to Senator Gerard Rennick, Senator for Queensland, about engaging the Australian voters in the political discourse.

    Topics covered include:

    - How to juggle family life and political life
    - A vision for the future of Australian Parliament
    - The issues around privatisation of essential services
    - Pros and cons of making healthcare a federal responsibility
    - The future of income-generating infrastructure
    - How the Constitution can evolve
    - What a constitutional convention would look like
    - Senate estimates
    - Advice for young people
    - The dangers of social media
    - The concerns of regional Queenslanders
    - The complexity of the renewable energy sector

    About Senator Rennick:

    Gerard was born and raised on a family farming property just outside Chinchilla, on Queensland’s Darling Downs. Thanks to his upbringing and childhood experiences, Gerard maintains a deep appreciation for the land, its people and the challenges they face.

    Gerard completed his secondary education in Toowoomba, before moving to Brisbane where he completed a Commerce degree at the University of Queensland – and later a Master’s degree in Taxation Law.

    Gerard has extensive experience in senior finance roles across a range of industries, business types and countries. His experience gives him a strong understanding of our economy and how it affects consumers, investors, employers and employees. Gerard also understands the importance of reward for effort and will always strive to ensure that Australia’s small to medium-sized businesses are given every opportunity to succeed.

    Gerard’s background means that he understands sound business principles; and as an LNP Senator for Queensland, he recognises the value of strong economic management, property rights and a just legal system, while he is also passionate about land management and ensuring the delivery of critical infrastructure. Gerard wants to ensure that the next generation of Australians have better opportunities, security and living standards than even we have enjoyed.

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    Episode 034 - Mr Brian Mitchell MP

    Episode 034 - Mr Brian Mitchell MP

    In this episode, we talk to Brian Mitchell, Member for Lyons in Tasmania, about engaging the Australian voters in the political discourse.

    Topics covered include:

    - What an early pre-selection means
    - The biggest issues for citizens of Lyons
    - What happens behind the scenes between parties working together
    - Why the media sells the debates as opposed to the agreements in Parliament
    - How to expand your understanding of the world past what your experiences of the world are, especially through social media
    - The role climate change will play in the next election
    - Some of the processes of Parliament House
    - The benefits of democracy
    - The rise of fascism
    - What economic security looks like
    - The toxicity of social media
    - How to get more women into politics
    - How too much choice has led us away from compromise
    - Juggling work and family life
    - What sustainable agriculture and the future of agriculture looks like for Australia

    About Mr Mitchell:

    As someone who lives and works in Lyons, and who's raising a family there, Brian Mitchell is personally invested in making the shared community the best it can be.

    Brian wants the children in Lyons to have the best shot in life, and that means great schools and training opportunities and access to secure jobs that pay well.

    According to Brian, everyone in the community deserves access to affordable, quality healthcare, telecommunications and transport.

    As an active member of Labor's Country Caucus and the Deputy Chair of the Agriculture and Water Resources committee, he is proud to be a strong voice in Canberra for regional communities and towns.

    People often forget that Labor was born of the bush, under a tree during a shearers' strike for decent pay and conditions.

    The mission for fair pay, safe, secure work and more equality in society continues today.

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    Episode 033 - Senator Scott Ryan

    Episode 033 - Senator Scott Ryan

    In this episode, we talk to Senator Scott Ryan, Senator for Victoria and President of the Senate about engaging the Australian voters in the political discourse.

    Topics covered include:

    - How the President of the Senate gets elected
    - The President’s relationship with public committees
    - The differences and similarities between the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House
    - Managing debate in the Senate
    - The untold successes of the writing of the Constitution
    - The role of the media in Parliament
    - What life lessons are most important when applying them to a political career
    - The need for everyone to have access to opportunities across Australia
    - The impact of single-issue movements on the political party system
    - What drives party policy behind the scenes
    - The benefits of greater citizen in engagement in politics and political issues
    - The history of media releases in Parliament House
    - How technology has changed Parliamentary processes
    - The push to table speeches
    - Top book recommendations
    - Federalism in Australia

    About Senator Ryan:

    Scott Ryan was elected as a Liberal Senator for Victoria at the 2007 federal election. He was re-elected in 2013 and again in 2016.

    In November 2017 Senator Ryan was elected by the Senate to serve as its 25th President. Immediately prior to this, from August 2016, he was Special Minister of State and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Cabinet.

    He previously served as Minister for Vocational Education and Skills and Deputy Manager of Government Business in the Senate between February and August 2016, and as Assistant Cabinet Secretary from September 2015 to February 2016.

    Prior to that, and following the election the Coalition in September 2013, Senator Ryan was Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training.

    Senator Ryan was a member of the shadow ministry from 2010 to 2013, serving as Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business and Fair Competition.

    Senator Ryan has previously been a member of numerous Senate and Joint Parliamentary committees, including serving as Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration.

    He graduated from St Kevin’s College and went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours at the University of Melbourne.

    Before being elected to the Senate in 2007, he worked for international pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline and as a consultant in the health and insurance industries.

    He has also served as a research fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs, worked as a senior adviser to the Leader of the Opposition in Victoria, a speechwriter for Senator the Hon Nick Minchin and in the office of the Victorian Premier, the Hon Jeff Kennett.

    He is married to Helen and they live in Melbourne with their two sons.

    He is a member of the Essendon Football Club, the Institute of Public Affairs, the Centre for Independent Studies and the Samuel Griffith Society.

    He is an honorary life member of the Melbourne University Liberal Club and the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation.

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    Episode 032 - Senator Nita Green

    Episode 032 - Senator Nita Green

    In this episode, we talk to Senator Nita Green, Senator for Queensland, about engaging the Australian voters in the political discourse.

    Topics covered include:

    - Adjusting to life in Canberra
    - How to represent the views of regional Queenslanders in Australian Parliament
    - Issues around insurance in regional Queensland
    - The need to take action on climate change while focusing on secure employment
    - The campaign for marriage equality and how it has impacted politicians of the future
    - The impact of drought when it hits rural Queensland
    - How to stay healthy during sitting weeks
    - How to stay safe on social media
    - The importance of gender equality especially when it comes to politics
    - The role of the Senate
    - Australian manufacturing
    - Tourism in Far North Queensland
    - The fight for housing for Indigenous Australians

    About Senator Green:

    Nita was raised in a single parent family by her mum, who has been a nurse for 40 years.

    She understood at an early age the difference that access to public education could make to her life and future. Her first job after school was a traineeship, so she knows the role that a strong skills sector plays in giving working class kids a start in the workplace.

    She worked in the retail and hospitality industry while studying and went on to complete a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Juris Doctor in Law.

    Nita's working life has been focused on fighting for fairness and equality.

    She was admitted as a solicitor in Queensland in 2015 and worked as an Employment Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, representing workers in sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal cases.

    In 2017, Nita was the Queensland Field Director for the successful Equality Campaign and then worked as an organiser for the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union fighting for the rights of Queensland workers.

    Nita was elected as a Senator for Queensland and was sworn in on July 1 2019 and will base her office in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

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