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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.

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A stream of consciousness, comedy oriented podcast focusing on news, politics, and society in general.

    Potentium – Episode 365 (2/2/23)

    Potentium – Episode 365 (2/2/23)

    CA “Road rage” a*****e arrested

    Memphis Police beating video released (12:00)

    George Santos drip (30:35)

    Ron DeSantis and his culture wars continue (37:10)

    Pelosi attack video released (44:35)

    Kari Lake posts ballots of voters (49:30)

    Jan 6th insurrectionist sentenced (54:35)

    Trump - Takes the 5th 400 times in Deposition/Stormy Daniels Grand Jury/Bob Woodward sued (59:00)

    M3GAN (1:06:45)

    Ozzy Osbourne stops touring (1:08:20)

    Championship Sunday/Tom Brady retires…Again (1:09:26)

    Bobby Hull & Cindy Williams die (1:13:25)

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Potentium – Episode 364 (1/26/23)

    Potentium – Episode 364 (1/26/23)

    SF Art gallery owner charged with spraying homeless woman with hose

    IL EMT’s charged with homicide (9:00)

    VA School where 6 year old shot teacher was warned multiple times about a gun/Parents said it was “secure” (15:35)

    West Coast mass shootings (22:30)

    IA Bowhunting couple sentenced as part of largest poaching case in Nebraska history (28:50)

    Classified docs found at the home of Mike Pence (35:05)

    The gift that keeps on giving…George Santos - Claims he was mugged on 5th Ave. in NY/Claims to have survived an assassination attempt/Said he would donate his Congressional salary/Denies having been a drag queen/Bill Maher on Santos (41:15)

    Trump - Fined $1 million for frivolous lawsuit against Hillary Clinton/Drops lawsuit against NY AG Letitia James (1:00:25)

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Potentium – Episode 363 (1/19/23)

    Potentium – Episode 363 (1/19/23)

    Rate of scientific breakthroughs slowing over time

    MA man arrested for dismembering his wife after leaving a blueprint of his crime (8:30)

    TX Judge sets $1 bond for repeat violent offender who violates conditions within 3 days (14:25)

    Four year old’s father arrested after the child gets a hold of his gun & waves it outside (20:35)

    Former NM GOP candidate for Congress arrested for hiring hit squad to shoot at Democratic officials (23:30)

    More bullshit from George Santos a.k.a. Anthony Devolder - Lied about mother being in S Tower on 9/11/Scams homeless vet out of money for dog’s surgery/Gets committee assignments along with the rest of the Republican lunatic fringe (29:45)

    GOP hypocrisy on the debt ceiling (42:00)

    Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter (47:45)

    Julian Sands missing on Mt. Baldy (50:15)

    Lisa Marie Presley, Robbie Knievel & David Crosby die (53:30)

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Potentium – Episode 362 (1/12/23)

    Potentium – Episode 362 (1/12/23)

    Drunken Wells Fargo exec fired for urinating on 72 year old woman during flight

    More, yes MORE, Uvalde incompetence uncovered…What a shock (7:55)

    LA Federal Appeals Court reverses bump stock ban (26:20)

    VA six year old shoots teacher (34:20)

    George Santos - Under local, state & Federal investigations/Ethics complaint filed/Flashes white supremacist symbol while being sworn in (37:10)

    Kevin McCarthy elected Speaker after 15 votes (45:20)

    Biden turns over classified docs found in his office (50:50)

    PA Rep. Scott Perry refuses to recuse himself from investigating Jan 6th Committee (57:10)

    Damar Hamlin out of the woods & recovering (59:45)

    Jeff Beck dies (1:01:25)

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Potentium – Episode 361 (1/5/23)

    Potentium – Episode 361 (1/5/23)

    Idaho college murderer arrested

    Ginni Thomas says she regrets texts to Mark Meadows over election fraud (10:50)

    Trump - Tax returns released (13:05)

    McCarthy’s struggle to become Speaker (22:30)

    Interview with 9 year old Maya Neelakantan, Indian guitar player who was gifted a custom, Gibson Les Paul guitar by Adam Jones of Tool (39:00)


    Damar Hamlin suffers cardiac arrest during Bills/Bengals game (1:24:35)

    Barbara Walters dies (1:31:40)

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Potentium – Episode 360 (12/29/22)

    Potentium – Episode 360 (12/29/22)

    I made one of the best pool shots of my life

    TX Gov. Abbott busses migrants to Kamala Harris’ house on Christmas Eve in freezing temperatures (10:35)

    MI nutjob who plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sentenced to 16 years (20:10)

    Trump - Cassidy Hutchinson testimony/Responds to Jan 6th Committee (23:45)

    Sean Hannity admits under oath that he never thought the election was stolen (32:35)

    Bill Maher - Midterms (43:05)

    George Santos responds to his made up reality (50:35)

    Response to the Adorable Boy Pud’s “Pudtober” Eps 5&6 (55:50)

    Have a happy & safe new year folks…Thanks for listening!

    • 1 hr 57 min

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3.5 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Andy's Podcaster Podcast ,


This show has a lot of great moments. It is ranty and incandescent with rage which I find cathartic. Give it a chance when Rogan is whacking on about MMA or has an boring guest. Full review at Andy’s Podcaster Podcasting Podcast - #19 Iowa. Spoiler - it gets 5 stars and a John Lydon.

MinutiaMen ,

Engaging, Witty and Topical

These guys are like the radio morning drive team you wish had in your town. Great production and engaging.

jessnjacs ,

Ranting about hatred

Super biased, hard to sit through, it’s all about their feelings nothing more- hard pass

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