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A Channel 101 Podcast. Profiling and bonding sessions with the storytellers of Channel 101 & Frequency 101. Hosted by Todd Donald.

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A Channel 101 Podcast. Profiling and bonding sessions with the storytellers of Channel 101 & Frequency 101. Hosted by Todd Donald.

    Todd & Abed in the Morning (Part 1 of 8)

    Todd & Abed in the Morning (Part 1 of 8)

    Good morning dedicated PTFers, this is our first BONUS content! Rome wasn't built in a day. Email Todd at ToddDonald@gmail.com to tell us how your summer has been and he will read it each week on these bonus episodes! You'll hear the first 3/20 segments, all of which are sort-of dubbed with Chapter titles. Contained in Part 1/8 here are: (a) Arrested Development, (b) “the lady at the weed store” & (c) Spider-man/Freddy Krueger

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    Ep 29: 'Hollywood' Steve Huey

    Ep 29: 'Hollywood' Steve Huey

    The bright smiling friendly face that greets you at the beginning of each YACHT ROCK episode is that of my guest. Among other things, he's a former writer for Allmusic.com & Disney pirate, who one day would trade pirate ships for smooth rock yachts. He spent a few latter years bringing MiniDV magic to 101 at the DTI and continues working with the gang on the ULTIMATE YR book. He's a brilliant, talented and kind fella!

    See the Steve Huey page on ol' Channel101.com
    Follow Hollywood Steve on Twitter
    Starburns Audio podcast 'Beyond Yacht Rock'
    Yacht Or Nyacht?
    RS article "Sail Away: The Oral History of 'Yacht Rock'"

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    Ep 28: Aaron Moles

    Ep 28: Aaron Moles

    Aaron Moles entered Prime Time in Feb '06 with THE POOL MASTER (co-created with Ryan Boyd) and in Feb '19 retired the epic CYBERCRIME CITY MYSTERIES.. after 13 years of rarely - if at all - contributing a derivative idea to the 101 attendee's experience! With no shortage of dedication & brilliant ideas, Aaron is one to thank for great 101 shows like AEGIS, RETURN TO SUPERMANS W.A.P.: MIAMI and more!

    Aaron Moles:
    Aaron Moles on IMDB
    Aaron Moles on Channel 101

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    Ep 27: Ryan Cole

    Ep 27: Ryan Cole

    Ryan Cole is a talented newcomer to Channel 101, bringing hand-drawn animation into the spotlight with THE WHIPPERSNAPPERS, which made it immediately into Prime Time! The story got interesting when he went to panel however.. listen for that!! Meanwhile, his groundbreaking work is all in for the Film Festival circuit. There's a mighty journey ahead for this young and dedicated A F film-maker!

    Watch THE WHIPPERSNAPPERS on Channel101.org

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    Ep 26: Brian Wysol

    Ep 26: Brian Wysol

    Brian Wysol recently smashed back into Channel 101 Prime Time as himself in CURSE OF THE CLOWNS! Previously, he's written & animated such iconic 101 characters in shows like MAGANZO, PASS THE PIGS, HOT CROSS BUNS, STAFF OF GELROTH and of course the WE SOLVE THE CRIME characters of AS's HOT STREETS. Tune in every Sunday to schrabhomevideo .com for THE BUNSIVERSE!

    Brian Wysol web internet links:
    Brian Wysol on YouTube
    Brian Wysolmierski on Channel 101
    Brian Wysol on IMDB.com
    Catch up on Ben Pluimer's
    CURSE OF THE CLOWNS - Episode 1, Episode 2
    Sundays on Schrab Home Video...
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    Ep 25: Adam Garland

    Ep 25: Adam Garland

    Adam Garland is a gifted Actor & Writer who's co-created such memorable Channel 101 shows as BREADTOWN, TO LIVE AND DIE IN DISNEY, STORY HOLE, and who can forget.. PISSBOYS. His acting credits are almost double dat! He serves on the board and holds a key to our kingdom. Most recently you can catch Adam co-hosting the Channel 101 Patreon podcast SURFIN THROUGH TIME!

    Adam Garland on Channel 101(.com):
    Adam Garland on IMDB:
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5.0 out of 5
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6 Ratings

Podcast Experter ,

I’m a big Wade fan

He’s an inspiration

JKSweeney ,

Deep dives into Channel 101!

I love getting to check in with the talent comedians, filmmakers, and animators that stop by in Todd’s long form interviews. It’s a great way to get to know the various folks from 101’s past and present. Keep them coming!

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