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Real life Stories. Redeemed. Restored. Retold.

Project Redemption unleashes the redeeming power of God through real life stories for His glory.

Project Redemption Athena Dean Holtz

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Real life Stories. Redeemed. Restored. Retold.

Project Redemption unleashes the redeeming power of God through real life stories for His glory.

    4. Two incredible authors, two compelling messages: Security in God & Battles Fought in His Name

    4. Two incredible authors, two compelling messages: Security in God & Battles Fought in His Name

    Welcome to this week’s episode of the Redemption Press Author Spotlight, where we shine a light on the voices that are inspiring readers worldwide. Our new format promises exclusive interviews with our authors, giving you a front-row seat to their latest releases and the stories behind their messages.

    Episode Highlights:

    Spotlight 1: Cheryl Lutz – Securely Held

    * Host: Athena Dean Holtz

    * Book: Securely Held: Finding Significance and Security in the Shelter of God’s Embrace

    * Overview: Cheryl Lutz takes us on a transformative journey from approval-seeking to finding profound security in God. Through personal stories and practical biblical teachings, this book is a beacon for those seeking to live accepted and loved by their Heavenly Father.

    * For Whom: This book is a must-read for believers caught in the cycle of people-pleasing, striving for acceptance, and the approval of others. It’s about breaking free from the power of other people’s opinions and rediscovering joy in every aspect of life.

    * Cheryl’s Insight: Written for herself and others like her, Cheryl’s book is the guide she wished she had—a pathway to finding significance and security in God’s embrace.

    * Where to Buy: Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

    * Learn More About Cheryl: Visit cheryllutz.com to explore Cheryl’s speaking ministry and more.

    Spotlight 2: Michael W. Henry – The River West

    * Host: Athena Dean Holtz

    * Book: The River West (Book Three of the Two Rivers Trilogy)

    * Overview: Dive into the thrilling world of spiritual warfare and adventure with Michael W. Henry’s The River West. Follow missionary Alan Hartman through trials of dark forces, false accusations, and a quest for freedom, set against the backdrop of the western pioneer era.

    * Target Audience: Though written with men in mind, especially those marginal in their faith or church involvement, it’s women who are frequently purchasing this book for the men in their lives.

    * Michael’s Background: A former missionary in Mexico, Michael brings his experiences of deliverance and inner healing ministry to the pages of his book, offering a deep dive into the spiritual warfare on the mission field and the power of intercessory prayer.

    * Where to Buy: The River West, along with the entire Two Rivers Trilogy, is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

    Join us next week for another episode of the Redemption Press Author Spotlight, where we continue to explore the depths of faith, courage, and inspiration through the words of our esteemed authors. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform to stay updated on future episodes.

    Thank you for listening, and may these stories illuminate your path with hope and guidance.

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    3: Tasting and Seeing in Psalm 34

    3: Tasting and Seeing in Psalm 34

    Welcome back to our journey through the Scriptures, where we continue to explore the depth of God’s goodness and faithfulness. In today’s episode, Athena and Carol invite you to delve deeper into the heart of Psalm 34, a chapter that strengthens our understanding of God’s providence and deliverance through the life of David.

    Episode Summary:

    • Introduction: Athena and Carol reintroduce the theme verse, “Taste and see that the Lord is good,” setting the tone for today’s deep dive into Psalm 34.

    • Historical Context: Carol captivates us with the historical backdrop of Psalm 34, linking it to David’s distressing situation as described in 1 Samuel chapter 21. Understanding the context brings the words of the Psalm closer to our hearts and minds.

    • Verse-by-Verse Analysis: Our hosts methodically walk us through each section of Psalm 34. They discuss the circumstances surrounding David at the time of its writing and extract timeless lessons from his responses—praise, trust, and a call to righteousness in the face of adversity.

    Themes Explored:

    • Deliverance of the Righteous: How David celebrates God’s faithfulness in delivering those who are devoted to Him.

    • Protection by Angels: The assurance that God sends His angels to guard those who fear Him.

    • The Call to Righteousness: An exploration of David’s admonition to speak no evil, turn from wickedness, and do good.

    • God’s Nearness to the Brokenhearted: A comforting reminder that God hears our cries and is close to those with a broken heart.

    • Linking to First Peter: Athena and Carol provide a teaser for the rest of season one, explaining how Psalm 34:8 sets the stage for an in-depth study of the First Epistle of Peter. Carol hints at the themes of suffering, perseverance, and hope that will be explored in upcoming episodes.

    • Invitation: A warm reminder that there’s always a seat at the table for listeners to join in and explore the richness of God’s word together.

    Join Us Next Time:

    Don’t miss our next episode, where we’ll begin our exploration of First Peter, delving into its relevance and application for our lives today. Expect rich discussions, insightful analysis, and uplifting messages that resonate with believers navigating the complexities of modern life.

    Connect With Us:

    We love hearing from our listeners! Share your insights, questions, or testimonies by contacting us through our website  or send us an email at info@redemption-press.com. Your feedback not only enriches our community but also helps shape future episodes.

    Closing Thoughts:

    Today’s journey through Psalm 34 has been both enriching and heartening. As we reflect on David’s experiences and his steadfast faith in God, let us carry forward the message of hope and righteousness in our own lives. Remember, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you always have a seat at our table. Until next time, keep tasting and seeing the goodness of the Lord in every aspect of your life.

    Thank you for tuning in to today’s episode. May you be blessed and encouraged as you meditate on the truths of God’s Word.

    We can’t wait to have you join us for the next episode. Until then, stay connected, stay inspired, and remember, the journey through God’s word is sweet when we gather around the table and feast on it together.

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    2: Taste and See: The Journey of Trust

    2: Taste and See: The Journey of Trust

    Welcome back to our podcast, where we invite you to pull up a chair at our table for a heartwarming conversation on faith, trust, and the beauty of dwelling in the presence of the Lord. In today’s episode, Athena, Carol, and Shelly dive deep into the theme verse, Psalm 34:8, unfolding layers of meaning and personal impact that resonate with each of us on our spiritual journey.

    In This Episode:

    • The Backstory of Psalm 34: Carol gives us a glimpse into the backdrop of these verses before they zero in on verse 8.

    • Personal Reflections: Each host shares their heartfelt reflections on the phrase “Tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.” This segment is a beautiful blend of the transformative power of feasting on His Word and lingering in His presence.

    • The Impact of Trust: Our hosts discuss how immersing oneself in God’s presence and promises can profoundly influence our trust in Him.

    • First Steps to Tasting and Seeing: For anyone wondering how to begin or deepen their journey of faith, the hosts share practical and accessible first steps to experience the goodness of the Lord. Whether you’re new to faith or seeking to rekindle your spiritual life, this segment offers valuable insights.

    • Navigating Distractions: In a world brimming with distractions, finding time and space for the Lord can be challenging. The conversation turns towards identifying these distractions and offering strategies to overcome them, ensuring that we make room for what truly matters.

    Closing Thoughts: The episode wraps up with a reminder of the endless treasures awaiting those willing to explore and dwell in God’s word. Athena, Carol, and Shelly share their final thoughts, leaving listeners with encouragement and an open invitation to join in this journey of discovery and trust.

    Episode Highlights:

    * Discover the rich history behind Psalm 34.

    * Learn practical steps to cultivate a habit of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.

    * Understand how feasting on the Word and growing to know God more, directly impacts how much we are able to trust God.

    Your Seat at the Table: Remember, you always have a seat at our table. This episode is more than just a conversation; it’s an invitation to explore, reflect, and grow in your relationship with God. So come on, pull up a chair, and let’s taste and see together that the Lord is good.

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s episode and how Psalm 34:8 speaks to you. Share your stories and reflections with us, and let’s continue building this community of faith and trust together. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to having you at the table again for our next episode.

    Until then, keep tasting and seeing the goodness of the Lord in your life.

    Subscribe: Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on your favorite platform to stay updated on new episodes.

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    1: Welcome to the Table

    1: Welcome to the Table

    Welcome to the very first episode of “At This Table,” the podcast where faith, friendship, and feasting on the Word come together in a warm, inviting conversation. We’re your hosts Athena, Carol, and Shelly, and we’re thrilled to have you join us for what promises to be an enriching journey.

    In This Episode:

    • Introduction to “At This Table”: We kick off our debut episode by setting the table for what’s to come. This podcast is all about creating a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of where you’re at in your life.

    • Our Vision: Learn about our hopes for “At This Table.” We aim to foster conversations that delve deep into faith and friendship while feasting on the Word of God.

    • Meet Your Hosts: Get to know a little more about us – Athena, Carol, and Shelly. We share our stories, our hearts, and why this podcast means so much to us.

    • Special Moments at the Table: We each share a personal story—one where we felt warmly invited to someone’s table and another where we felt left out and unwelcome. These stories set the stage for the inclusive and compassionate atmosphere we want to cultivate.

    • Origin of “At This Table”: Shelly takes us behind the scenes, sharing the inspiration and significance behind the name and concept of our podcast.

    • What to Expect Each Week: Carol outlines the structure of our weekly episodes, including impactful discussions from the Word, and interviews with amazing authors who will provide valuable resources to support our faith journey.

    • Invitation to Our Listeners: Remember, you always have a seat at this table. We want you to feel part of our community, engaged in our conversations, and nourished by the Word.

    Featured Interviews:

    Stay tuned for upcoming episodes featuring interviews with inspiring authors who are making significant contributions to faith-based communities. Their stories, insights, and resources are sure to encourage and uplift you, no matter where you find yourself on your faith journey.

    Join the Conversation:

    We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts, stories, and questions with us. Your input will help shape future episodes and ensure that “At This Table” remains a space where all are welcome.

    Connect with Us:

    * Email:  info@redemption-press.com

    Thank you for pulling up a chair and joining us at this table. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

    Remember to subscribe to “At This Table” on your favorite podcast platform to stay updated on new episodes. And if you enjoyed our debut, please consider leaving us a review—it helps more people find us and join our growing community.

    See you next week!

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    GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life

    GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life

    Join us on today’s podcast episode where Redemption press author Jenny Leavitt, walks us through how she found evidence of God in the shattered pieces of her life.Jenny Leavitt is a pastor’s wife who has written for ministry publications for years but never considered that “real” writing. She just did it because she loved it and there was a need. Now, she serves alongside her husband in a community desperate for Good News, where she continues to be amazed at how far God will go to rescue broken, hurting people.

    She wrote GodPrints after feeling compelled to share her family’s story of God’s faithfulness through shattering loss. She continues to encourage others to lean into Jesus in all of life’s ups and downs and in-betweens.

    While her youngest son, Jacob, is already home in heaven, her oldest son, Caleb, daily makes her proud as he strives to love Jesus and be the man God called him to be. Jenny and Myron, her best friend and husband of nearly thirty years, make their home in central Florida with a dog who thinks she’s a cat.

    Grab a copy of Jenny’s new book, GodPrints: Finding Evidence of God in the Shattered Pieces of Life

    Connect with Jenny Leavitt:

    Contact jenny@jennyleavitt.com

    Website: jennyleavitt.com


    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennyleavitt


    Jenny Leavitt, Athena Holtz, Christian podcast, Christian authors, christian publishing, christian publisher, Athena Dean Holtz, christian podcasts, christian testimony, Jesus testimonies, Jesus testimony,

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    Where Are You Going?

    Where Are You Going?

    Join us on today’s podcast episode with Redemption Press Author, Sandy Handy as she walks us through the heartbreak of losing her Grandmother in an unexpected way.Sandy Haney devoted thirty years of her life to teaching elementary school and forty years to children’s ministry. Now retired, she fills her days with volunteering, speaking, and, of course, writing. Where Are You Going? is her first children’s book but the accomplished author has also published a collection of poetry, a memoir, and a mental health guide for teachers. She currently lives in the Texas Panhandle with her husband and the two of them love spending time with their two grown children, their children’s dream-come-true spouses, and their four delightful grandchildren.  .

    Connect with Sandy Haney:

    Website: https://hisquill.wordpress.com

    Grab a copy of Sandy’s book, “Where Are You Going”, by clicking here.


    Sandy Haney, Athena Holtz, Christian podcast, Christian authors, christian publishing, christian publisher, Athena Dean Holtz, christian podcasts, christian testimony, Jesus testimonies, Jesus testimony,

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21 Ratings


I love stories!

Beautiful God stories. Athena does a great job interviewing her guests. Encouraging and inspiring!

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Be inspired

I love discovering new authors and books and the way Athena and her authors share their God-given messages to encourage hearts like mine!
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Live this podcast—stories of Redemption!

This is an awesome podcast, sharing stories from writers and speakers with God-glorifying stories!

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