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PS3, Vita and PS4 News, Reviews, Podcasts and Giveaways

PS3BlogCast | PS3Blog.net Podcast Clint, Isli, MissXya and Guests

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PS3, Vita and PS4 News, Reviews, Podcasts and Giveaways

Customer Reviews

Captain Cheeto ,

One of a kind!

PS3blogcast is a fantastic aportunity to check on all things PlayStation. Hosted by JCM with the usuall suspects: FooBear, Ace, Tosh, Baba and many more! The guys discuss the new PlayStation releases, upcoming games, gossip and all things PlayStation related. Its a great listen if you are on the go, or (in my case) working in the office. The new awarding points system is a great new feature in the podcast. You can always collect some serious points by entering the word of the day in the post related to the podcast, then exchange these points for enteries in current or future giveaways in the site! You can also send the guys your comments and questions by following the link in ps3blog.net and they will reward with more points!

Tune in for PS3blogcast every Wednesday and simply enjoy the ride!

SeraphicWraith ,


This podcast is not good. Very flat. And the foobear guy just stuffs his face all the time and nothing more annoying then listening to you eat. Come on man seriously? That's ridiculous. Some kind of courtesy would be nice. You can't wait tell after? Man I'm sorry I wanted to like this but I can't. Spare yourself and go listen to podcast BEYOND!

JamisonFitz ,

Gotta love it.

This is my favorite podcast, in fact its the ONLY podcast i care to subscribe to... for me it just feels like hanging out with the guys, shooting the ish about gaming, if your really into PS gaming it really is a good way to stay in the know on all the news, releases, reviews and everything... Everyone is knowledagble and down to earth and honest with their opinions... all around this is the best PS podcast out there.

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