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Queer Public asks critical questions about queer identity, queer politics and queer culture.

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Queer Public asks critical questions about queer identity, queer politics and queer culture.



    Earlier this year, Ariana and I collaborated with the team at Pineapple Street Media to bring you an episode of a Netflix podcast called Prism: Tales of your City. The show features queer stories from across American cities and we have the Atlanta Episode. The story you’re about to hear is a is the continuation of our last episode, The Atlanta Letters. The story starts over again but is told a different way, and follows Diane back to Atlanta, the place where the story first started. 
    This story was produced and narrated by Erin McGregor. Editing and sound design by Ariana Martinez. Editorial Oversight from Josh Gwynn and Anne Hepperman at Pineapple Street. Scripting help from Josh Gwynn. You heard music from The Blue Dot Sessions. Special thanks to Phoebe Petrovic and Melissa Rucci for their support in the making of this story. 
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    The Atlanta Letters

    The Atlanta Letters

    Diane Giles wrote letters to a volunteer on the Atlanta Gay Helpline, a woman she had never met, from May to December 1984. This episode is a reading of those letters.
    Queer Public is produced by Erin McGregor, and edited and sound designed by Ariana Martinez. A transcript of this episode is available at www.queerpublic.org/transcripts 
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    Friends with Exes

    Friends with Exes

    This week on the show I am pulling a story from the queer public archives. I recorded and released this content in 2015 and a ton of people downloaded it. It’s actually how I knew that people wanted more real-life queer life in their earbuds. Dani and Scott’s story was one of the first I reported on - but it’s remained entirely relevant. 
    You see, I’ve always been curious about what makes two people candidates for friendship after a breakup. My politics about staying friends with exes formed while I was a tiny liberal arts school in Quebec, barely out and with a very small friend circle of queer friends and lovers. I thought it was a no brainer, we stay friends with our exes because there weren’t that many of us queers around. But now that I live in a large city and not a tiny liberal arts school, I’m more critical of that concept because sometimes it’s not a good idea, sometimes people aren’t good for each other. Sometimes not enough time passes and it gets messy. But more often than not, a relationship without romance and intimacy is just a really solid friendship. That’s what we miss in a breakup. The companionship. The mutual support and respect. Someone to confide in. We miss having a teammate. I think Dani and Scott are the perfect example of that. This is Friends with Exes.
    All the music you heard this episode is by them under their bandname Team Mate. You heard “Hi” “All heart” “Don’t let me let you go” and this song - called “Sequel” which chronicles their journey together.
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    This story was produced by me, Erin McGregor and the interview was edited by the multi-talented multimedia producer Andy Alseri. 
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    You Can't Kill a Poet

    You Can't Kill a Poet

    You Can’t Kill a Poet is a poetry series that features the work of queer and trans poets here in Philadelphia. I want to share with you event tape from the You Can’t Kill a Poet Five year anniversary show. And because it’s event tape it’s pretty long but totally worth it if you stick around until the end. Maybe put it on while you’re having a quiet night at home and need some literary inspiration. There are 8 amazing poets to hear from, a few of which I talked to get more insight into their poetry practices and how their poems come to life. 
    Social Media Links: 
    YCKAP Creator and Host: Boston Gordon @towheegordon
    Performer: Kat Bugg @wheelyshoes
    Performer: Lii Shu
    Performer: Berry Grass @berry.grass
    Performer: Cashmere Harper @authorcashmere
    Performer: Quinnrodriguiz @quinnxrodriguez
    Performer: Genese Deal @gen_x_cell
    Performer: Laura Kochman @laurakochman
    Event Hosted at Tattooed Mom’s @tmoms
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    Queer Content

    Queer Content

    Today we’re talking about all the places we go looking for ourselves. And right at our fingertips is the world of television—the good, the bad, the guilty pleasures and the transformative works of art. And in this technicolor world, sometimes we see ourselves, and sometimes—even in 2019–we don’t. Today we’re asking, what do we do as queer people, to transform the media we consume into truer, fuller representations of ourselves?
    In this episode, we’re talking to a bunch of rad queers. And None of us are pop-culture critics, and we’re not here to tell you what to watch or what not to watch. We’re here, as friends, to talk about some things we’ve loved and bonded over as queer people.
    Here is a nifty spreadsheet of articles, youtube videos and reading that inspired this episode. Thank you to Ariana for putting it together! 
    Music from the episode
    Mise Darling: “Alive doing it right” on Freemusic Archive
    SuperKnova: “Splendor Dysphoria” on Spotify and  Instagram
    Friends of QP
    Gender Reveal is a podcast where they try to figure out what the heck gender is. Gender Reveal is hosted by Tuck Woodstock. Season 4 is out now! 
    QP Team 
    Editor and Sound Designer: Ariana Martinez. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter.  
    Produced and Narrated by: Erin McGregor. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
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    Prism: Tales of Your City

    Prism: Tales of Your City

    Prism: Tales of Your City 
    Listen to the Atlanta episode on the Netflix series Prism: Tales of Your City. 
    The music you heard was by “This City is for Losers” by Modern Huge 
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4.6 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

jill97! ,

Imagine a queer & bdsm dating app w/ comprehensive education

Very refreshing, funny, relatable, and frank with inclusive language. I feel like I’m listening to open and seriously informed friends.

Perfect for anyone trying to navigate their own sexuality and identity discoveries while also in a dominant society that has toxic views for trans and queer folks—They also highlight the negative impacts for EVERYONE (cishets included; the pressure to have heteronormative, horribly unimaginative and displeasing sex and relationships) in a society built on shame around sex and gender exploration outside of the norms.

Love receiving this education and awareness so I can feel better and DO better. I particularly love the navigating online consent episode because it is NOT spoken about! And people are crossing boundaries and suffering when online intimacy can be so much safer and enjoyable. I feel seen and loved, and I see and love y’all. Thank you!

Rainbow County ,

Loved every episode!

Living in the Philly area I especially loved the episodes featuring the local LGBTQ community but I also really enjoyed the stories out of LA and Atlanta. Completely binge worthy. I can’t wait for the next episode!

DreamDamage ,

Keep moving.

Very boring and noninclusive.

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