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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting alone or w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk about energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

Random Ish w Sonja Sonja Denyse

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Just like it sounds! This podcast is random-ish inspired by life. Chatting alone or w guests about Life, Love, Trending topics, Conspiracies, Ish we dream about, Ish we complain about. We also talk about energy, Randomly.
Truth with a laugh. Available on Most podcast platforms.

    Random Ish with Oz Rodriguez

    Random Ish with Oz Rodriguez

    This episode is for all people who want something more in life! A chat with Emmy award-winning director Oz Rodriguez about his journey, lessons learned over the years, and he gave some advice for those starting out or over. 

    I asked about his first break, inspiration vices, and of course, we talk about his first feature film for Netflix Vampires vs The Bronx. If you haven't seen it yet check it out, smart, funny and so New York. 

    Thi conversation has a lot of nuggets in it, and left me feeling inspired, hope you are too!

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    Random Ish 8.26

    Random Ish 8.26

    Hey there! Hope all is well with you, So happy and “happy” to say my ceiling finally got fixed. My eyes are telling you a deeper story without words. Today will be fun as the guy who fixed the ceiling also is here to fix a fan in a garage. Of course, he is using a saw so he is a part of the show too. I even have his battery charger charging in the house as I am recording this. I tell ya people think I just sit in my house. No man, I’m Pinky and The Brain up in here. Except I don’t really want to take over the World. Anyhoo, today I am in the streets ha I should say outside for some answers to a question, sharing some stories that caught my eye and a random question. This guy and his saw brt.

    So I am loving all the compliments I am getting on the hair lately, it’s all about the curly hair squad these days. So many women! Song by: Sugar Beats Do It! Yo so I saw this Instagram of this lady getting her hair trimmed, and her hair was long and I guess unhealthy. The comments about the amount cut off reminded me how when I was younger I wasn’t trying to cut my hair either. Friggin hairdressers with the life lessons. You gotta let go to grow. Made me think of other things we don’t let go of. Jobs, relationships, clothes. I’ve been playing games and having fun with the energy, seeing what I need to let go of.

    Okay so onto the show, you know Pfizer is now FDA approved right? Ummmmmm. But remember we had to get vaccines for school. BUT, For the conspiracy theorist, they are not helping. You guys let those movies come out that just seem too close to real life and there are those of us who believe that it comes out in the movies first and then it happens in real life. I know your cool friends told you this. So you cannot blame people for not trusting you. Plus all the real-life crazy. They need to handle this much better.

    Onto Good news, living longer. A longevity researcher gives us some tips. More news and New Segment: The Nerd in Me, SO…there is an asteroid that will be passing near Earth in early Sept. this thing is Huge, larger than a football field and taller but Nasa says we are pretty much free of and direct hits until next century or so.

    Back after the break, the question that has been on my mind lately are labels. Are we separating ourselves more by labels or are they bringing us together? Labels or pictures create meaning for us and do we then live up to the label? When you first meet someone is it more about how nice you are rather than what your label/title is? So rather than me rambling on I went and asked some folks.

    So before we run outta here, I am gonna draw a random question from the candybowl. Gotta watch or Listen on the podcast platforms. Man this show was fun! Hit me up on social, if you have a question to go into the fishbowl or a topic I should ask folks about hit me up! IG: @SonjaDenyse @RandomIshWithSonja @ManifestBeautyTV Watch on ManifestBeauty.TV or Channel MBE on Firestick or Roku.

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    Well Ain't This Some Random Ish

    Well Ain't This Some Random Ish

    Hey Folks! So, I have been productive and just had a great weekend tour, I was blessed to play in VT and NY. So fun. Uh had a lil scare, got to have the driving while black in the middle of cornfields moment. Well, I don’t know they were cornfields, but I was in the woods and my taillight went out. I had taken a puff before I hit the road, I just worked hella hard and I had the roach in the ashtray. Yea homie smelled it, I admitted yes, I took a puff and I got to take a DUI test or DWI whatever it is, yes I passed, because I travel and don’t travel while f****d up. He kept asking me did you drink tonight? Question: Is it surprising to hear the DJ did not drink at the party? I rarely do. Anyhoo, in some other say word news, I bit the bullet guys. I got my first dose of the vaccine; I have some gigs coming up where I know I will be questioned or at least expected to have gotten one because of my role. Also, I am DJing a party tonight actually for nurses, who worked during the pandemic. So, I am not one who likes to be forced or told what to do, or live in fear so I did it. Surprisingly I did not get the Pfizer one. Do your research and choose, do not be forced.
    I trust and do not trust our government. Oklahoma, The Tuskegee experiment. I had so many questions. I got a few laughs, and some came from me.
    In some other news, the Aaliyah Book is dropping. I know the author!!! I know the author!!! Lmao, I bet she has been getting that for weeks. Get your copy and find out more about the artist and woman we all loved and miss. Babygirl, better known as Aaliyah. Ummmmm R Kelly’s trial is also starting. Okay, Universe.
    Even that, is a straight result of me going thru the b******t I did 15 years ago. The fact that I would have never worked with or met Kathy and given her the nickname Brown Suga (cause I just seen it in her,) if my life went exactly how I thought it was supposed to go. What I mean by this is sometimes we think we know what we want till we get it and realize nope. Anyway, as I sat in the studio this past week, I just appreciated, even more, my journey to where I am now. DOPE! I gotta tell you tho, this whole life experience of mine, I cannot make this ish up! BTW My family just grew on Friday the 13th!
    RiRi has been named the highest-paid woman in music. She’s a billionaire. Okay, RiRi!! This is making me realize I do need to make my mind up about what I want. I want it, but I still want control of my life.
    Anyhoo, some folks who may not have control, the military. Word is orders are coming that all personal will have to get the vaccine. Switch, In some other news, Idris Elba is going to be the voice of Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog AND Shamar Moore. They trying to get us in the theaters y’all. Wait does anyone else have a hard time fantasizing about married celebrities? One more story…Robin from Batman and Robin will finally come out as bisexual.
    In a story I just had to share because it’s facts…did you know the space program is real? The Air Force is now running the program of keeping the skies safe. Hmmmm. Btw The new name for UFO is  Unidentified Arial Phenomenon. Nuff said.
    Our storytime and topic today. Miscommunication. I lived thru watching others over a girl’s trip and then experienced it this past week. Plus, I draw a random question. Wanna hear a story? Okay here we go! Gotta watch or listen for this juiciness. Watch on channel MBE on Roku or Firestick or ManifestBeauty.tv also you can listen on the podcast platforms. Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart, etc. IG & FB Sonja Denyse @RandomIshWithSonja @ManifestBeautyTV

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    Random Ish 7.23.21

    Random Ish 7.23.21

    Hey!!! I am becoming so empowered!
    So, my car was messing up, I had someone work on it and I ended up having to change my fuel pump myself. Whoa! Hey now! I’m super happy things are turning around, now if I can get these trumped-up charges off my back. Oh, have you not been caught up on the BS I am dealing with? Yea so during the pandemic, I thought someone was stealing my car because I left it running in the middle of the street with the driver's door open while I ran to get a piece of paper from a friend’s mother standing at her front door. She gasped Oh No!
    I turn around and I see this tow truck dark blue no logo and OLD, forklift type forks going to my car. I turn around and I run into my car, the door was open, and the car was running. I put the car into drive and drove away he hit my car on the bumper and ripped it. I started to call the police and then remember I didn’t pay August fully I had called my finance company as suggested and informed them that I would be paying late. I called them, they did, in fact, have my car out for repo, I say to the operator I made a payment on July 28th and it’s September 3rd I have had this car for 4 years and it’s a pandemic and you came for my car??? I’m not even home I thought someone was stealing my car, she looked at saw I was telling the truth and secured my loan with a 50$ payment and promise to pay the rear.
    I then an hour or two later got a call from the police department saying that I have been accused of driving off a tow truck and doing $5000 worth of damage. WHAT????? I f****d up by saying (at the time I had a contract to take this podcast to another network) I don’t have time for this, whatever damage he thinks I did fine I’ll pay it, but I cannot have this going thru courts right now. That was my mistake to the officer. When I got to the courthouse, I was informed that the man had given a whole story. The State prosecutor told me what was said, an argument, me getting onto the back and driving off and wait for it, now the damage is 10k. The guy straight lied. There was no argument, there was no car that was already hooked up…friggin patriot act!!! He is using the state to extort me and they are letting him. I was told the only way I will see this so-called evidence is by going to trial because he never showed anything.

    Moving on, speaking of moving on there are some leaders in the cryptocurrency world that are leaving their posts! The co-founder of Ethereum and Dogecoin have both left their positions! Citing that the crypto world is still ruled by the uber-rich,
    and they fear for their safety.
    Lol I didn’t even tease the show and the subjects I wanted to talk about I just went in, don’t mind me!

    Congratulations to Ms. Meg the Stallion, she is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. The first rapper to grace the cover. I really hope this will be a step more in the direction of showing that black women are sexy too and not just sex-crazed women. The stereotypes for the women are just crazy, so I am really hoping that we can get off this angry black woman thing.
    Charlamagne has also been given a dope opportunity, he is getting a weekly show on Comedy Central.
    It's dope that we can freely speak what’s on our minds like the Tik Tok doordash guy, did you hear about the lady who cussed out the driver that took 3 hours on a 300$ order that had the 5$ tip? So, I asked a few drivers, you know I dash too, about some tipping complaints. So, if you order online listen up! These are a few things that upset your driver. But you gotta watch or listen to get em! Also, I draw a random question from the fishbowl. Watch on ManifestBeauty.Tv, Roku or FireStick. Listen on the Podcast platforms Apple, Spotify, Google, TuneIn, iHeart, and more! IG: @SonjaDenyse, @RandomIshWithSonja, @ManifestBeautyTV @ManifestBeautyShop

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    Random Ish 7.7.21

    Random Ish 7.7.21

    Hey There! OMG, it is so hot in here today! I probably should not have recorded in the middle of a heatwave, but I needed to express! Don’t mind me as I get my fan so I can stay a little cool with all my cooling devices off. So, let me get on with it. Today we are going to be chatting about a side topic that came up during our convo with Anonomus, about age, but we will talk about that later.

    I have a crazy story to share with you, there is a stripper who is being sued by a man who claims he had a relationship with her. WTF?? Wait so you had a relationship with her and now you’re suing her??? Hold Up! That’s what dancers do! They get money from people! WTH so you mad she did her job well? I have respect for dancers I am one of the first females to hold down head DJ position at a gentlemen’s club and other type of adult venues as well. I say do what you gotta do, get that bag. It’s not bad for guys unless you’re going in the middle of the day and spending all your dough. If we can really sue exes for gifts and things you gave/bought them (unless it’s some real use and abuse shit) I want my damn time back. Lol

    On to some serious news, I saw China has announced that they will house humans on Mars. This is according to a recent announcement. The writer of the article says basically fat chance and that USA will get there first. The part that caught my eye is they have visualized a ladder of sorts to reach the planet. That made me think of the whole Jacobs ladder to heaven. I‘m not trying to get all religious or anything but how is it there are all these stories???? Why is there so much interest in living on another planet? Haven’t we messed this one up enough? OR… is it that scientists know this pole shift ish may be real, and they are finding another place to live? What if they are thinking they are going to take the desirables to another planet to restart humanity like in the movies. I keep thinking of the movie Rat Race and those movies from the ’90s.

    In some dope news, they have created the first quantum sensor microscope, which makes me think of what I wrote in Manifest Beauty: The Beauty is Your Life about The Entanglement Theory from Albert Einstein. I give an exercise that you can do to show yourself this phenomenon. Now I do not in any way shape or form proclaim to know how it all works, but I do pick up on ish. I figure there is something to this field of potentiality and there are things we can do to work with this field of energy to help benefit our personal lives.

    What really got me all t’ed off is this episode of Love and Hip hop where the only come back a girl yelling had was with your old ass, why you here grandma? WTF??? I mean what is the goal of life? Living long and happy right?  Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. I came across some names of people who became wildly successful after the age of 40, wanna hear them? Here we go…Let’s get better in time.

    Morgan Freeman, Regis, Betty White, KFC guy, Duncan Hines, McDonald's, Arnold Swercheneger, Octavia Spencer, Kim Catrall, Samuel Jackson, Wendy Williams, Steve Carell, Leslie Jones, Ty Burell etc etc etc.

    Thanks for listening or watching! Follow on social IG: @RandomIshwithSonja @ManifestBeautytv @SonjaDenyse Add our Channel MBE to your Roku or Firestick TV Thank you! Blog sonjadenyse.wordpress.com FB: Sonja Denyse, WTSRadio, WMBRadio, Random Ish with Sonja

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    Random Ish with Anonomus. A legend, Some deceit and Scroll stopping news for men!!!

    Random Ish with Anonomus. A legend, Some deceit and Scroll stopping news for men!!!

    In this episode of Random Ish with Sonja, I have a guest co-host to chop up some events that caught my eye. My guest is Lamont aka Anonomus, He’s a rapper living in FL, I am jealous a bit…the beaches. In our opening remarks, he explains what really happened, why everyone had their eyes on Florida this past spring. We both agree, even though restrictions are being lifted, mask it up.

    On to the something old that caught my attention, I was watching the biopic of Aretha Franklin that National Geographic did of her called Genius. It was so good I had no idea she went thru so much. Did you know her son and granddaughter protested the production? Why? How much say does a family really have on the life and career of an artist? My daughter cannot tell you the things I have gone thru only parts I wanted her to know. My guest has relatives that have accomplished great things in the industry, does he know everything about their climb? Is this protest just really about money?

    Moving on to Mr.Jackson, been a while since we heard that name, I am not referring to Michael, rather Derick. The guy who claims to be a relationship expert got caught cheating. His claim to fame is Black Men Don’t Cheat. It’s not the cheating that has us talking rather the response, and is he just really working the system? Is this whole incident just a way to create a platform for his wife?? We know there are strategies folks are using to create traffic and generate attention to themselves, is this whole thing just a ploy we all fell for?

    Okay Now, I have a scroll-stopping topic to talk about. Are you ready? The penis is getting smaller y’all. Yep, I said it, there was a post on Tic Tok and showed some data…got me curious so I did some research. It’s true!!! The plastics in our environment and water have caused a decrease in the size of men’s penis over the past few decades.

    The phthalates are causing a drop in sperm count by 53%. There is a new book called The Countdown. Food packaging, personal care cosmetics, etc. etc. are already in our bodies and environment. The author of the book is saying by 2043 the sperm count will be at 0 if nothing is done. Since 1983 testosterone has been on the decline. Since men do not really check their health is this one of the secret ways we are giving up control?

    Lamont shares a personal story where he showed himself, he had to put himself first and how even though we know better, we do not always do better until it really affects us.

    After the break, we start chatting up the technology that has enabled us to be able to create at the drop of a hat and really put work out there. Shouts out to cool edit pro…that’s how long we have been doing this lol. I often talk about AI and robots and computers, but I am so grateful for the technology to be able to create a platform VS what I have done in the past, morphing yourself so you can keep working.

    So much more to tell you about, but I'm running out of room so You will just have to listen or watch! Thanks by the way. 

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