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Self improvement and mental health for men.

Real Men in the Real World Brian Bredensteiner

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Self improvement and mental health for men.

    Jay Peters

    Jay Peters

    Dan Foust Jr. interviews Christian businessman Jay Peters at the Ministry to Men luncheon.

    Jay goes into his biography, where he grew up in Ohio and how he found God.

    When he was four when he and his brother attended Awana

    His dad was a businessman turned missionary and the whole family moved to Columbia, South America. Parents taught the Bible and converted native Columbians via bible translations and linguistics on the Amazon River.

    Growing up in Columbia was difficult because he is an introvert.

    Talked about the dangers of the Amazon, natives, tribal warfare, animals, cocaine drug runner. Fear dictated his childhood.

    Parents moved him when he was 17 years old. He did not fit into the Midwest. For two years he was a hippie living under a bridge here in the United States. Took all kinds of odd jobs to survive.

    Hitch hiked from the Dakotas to Chicago and lived with some missionary kids, attended a Christian college fell in love, broke up, met and married his wife and then went to work for Chik-A-Filet. Founder, Truett Cathy, took him under his wing and then he started a business at 21.

    Called Truett for advice and Cathy told him to stick it out for 1-more year. He told him to adopt the Chik-A-Filet philosophy and his business began to grow. Made $2,900 the first year but by the second year following Truett’s advice and the next year cleared $500,000.

    Then, he started building churches in Africa. Fell in love with it. His childhood fear motivated him to continually move forward. Fear trained him in a way most people are not wired. He realized he was good at solving problems not knowing that was a skill. Problem solving became his trade and helped him build his career, life, and missionary focus.

    He was always attracted to difficult situations. God was prodding and poking him to areas where there was a storm that went with it.

    He then realized that he could not do this all on his own, he wasn’t qualified, and through mistakes. God does not call the qualifies, He qualifies the unqualified.So, you need to seek out mentors.

    Every time God led him into something difficult, he took care of him. God always blessed him and it became easier to say “yes” to move him forward towards what God wanted him to do.

    The more difficult the task God gave him, the easier it got as time moved on.

    Then, Jay started to describe the process of those who have the fear to move forward. Every season of his life, God provided a man to mentor and to hold him accountable. When you start to do things for the kingdom, Satan attacks you even harder because he hates us working for God. When you begin working and stretching for the Lord, God responds and helps you.

    He then advises you to take on the difficulty, get out of your comfort zone. Staying us in our comfort zone, nothing good happens. Why he thrives on difficulty; sure it stems from his childhood. And, so God made him worry free. He never worries about anything.

    Satisfaction in his life because he is doing his part for the Lord. For the rest of his life, he is throwing hail Mary passes and he really doesn’t care if he loses everything because he gets to spend eternity with God.

    Jat talked about How he started a new business and nonprofit based upon Micro finance, a small element in the U.S. tax code to fund his missionary mission teaching third world women how to start a business. These businesses help these women support their children. His success there in Africa, got the attention of the Kenyan government and so they wanted him to partner with them.

    Now he works closely with the President of Kenya and Tanzania governments to help feed the poor and to develop their natural resources. Micro finance has enabled him to take disciple making to a whole new level. Then, he goes into details…..as to how he got into a goldmining during Covid as a dramatic example of how God can use you in mighty ways..

    Then, Jay wraps up talking about his next project as he

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    Dan Foust

    Dan Foust

    Then they discuss intentional and simplicity invites people to visit the Family vision Media Center

    Brian then introduces Dan Foust, as a 2 am friend. Dan Foust Jr., and how many Dan Faust there are living in St. Charles County. He has five children.

    Then they discuss intentional and simplicity. Dan discusses that he is guilty of making life difficult and complex. He uses a word called ‘catastrophize.’

    How Jesus was intentionally simplistic. Key aspect of Matthew 6, “seek ye first the kingdom of God.” Know what your priorities.

    Dan talks about how he simplifies his life. He talks about how Covid helped us all to slow down and become introspective.

    Prioritize dinner! In his house, 6 p.m. is dinnertime and everyone needs to be there as a family unit. They do not participate in traveling team sports because it robs you of family time.

    Dan talks about his family growing up and his parents divorce, and how other family members stepped up, especially an aunt who got he and his siter involved in church at an early age.

    Then, his mom and stepdad started taking them to church. He also expounds about how God put an influential man into his life when he most needed it. He mentioned Ed Watkins and his influence and how he became Dan’s first mentor.

    Dan then discusses Brian inviting him to join his Bible study. He talks about many Christian men are saved but still lost. They are lukewarm, and they do not really discuss with other men about their faith.

    How he grew in his faith and began to yield to God’s will. Then, he discussed Charlie Stanley’s influence in his mother’s life and now for Dan it’s Pastor Francis Chan and how he goes about reaching people. Chan believes that the old format of church doesn’t necessarily work all that well. He discusses Chan’s video series, Rethinking Church, and how that has impacted him, how is connecting with people?

    Chan says, have all of the traditional elements but include a ministry of relationship, that is deep and more introspective. Brian explains how an art class in college and how that made him think differently. He then expounded upon that class and how it expanded his right brain thinking.

    Dan then talked about their bible study group and how diverse it is, and how it makes all the men in the group are sharing their needs, learning how to be be humble and how to be in service to individuals. How to love each other and yield to the Holy Spirit.

    Yielding to the Holy Spirit and what that means. How his mentor taught him about yielding. How does one yield? A man needs to realize ones will is at odds with God’s will. Then, once that is done, it becomes easier to yield to God and turning control over to him. We can overcome our will by constantly being in the Word. You start to see the real fruits of the spirit. He then expounds upon what to seek first and how once we yield to God’s word, He then gives us our assignment. He quotes writer, Myron Golden.

    Getting to the point where you are at piece with God’s plan and how people begin to notice what is different about you.

    Dan talks about how we’re all in a bit of a struggle and besides the Holy Spirit we have other people who will pour into us. Those can be friends from your bible study, fraternal organizations and through our business relationships.

    Dan then encourages listeners and pray, talk to God and start the relationship. Ask Him to reveal himself.

    Then, Dan and Brian talk about their relationship building via churches with Ministry to Men. They then discuss how they should have more bible studies in more churches to create more connection points.

    Brian then closes with the “Finishing Five”

    Boat or airplane?

    Good spy codename for him?

    Who in the Bible is he most like?

    What was his nickname?

    Does he like shopping for clothes?

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    Tom Hughes

    Tom Hughes

    Brain Bredensteiner intros. Tom Hughes and his many accomplishments as a home builder in St. Charles County, MO.

    Tom talks about the significance of being “happy” and how you find true happiness.

    Tom talks about inviting God the Father into his heart at the age of 33. Why age 33?

    Tom was a police officer and 33 is a number that is important to him and why.

    Now, he is the happiest guy he knows, but he wasn’t always happy. He talked about marrying and divorcing. But he wanted God to prove He was real. So, he lacked faith at an early age.

    Tom talks about how and why he prays and who he prayers for….don’t take things for granted.

    At 33, he started to analyze what was making him unhappy. Then, it about making a conscience effort to make changes, and praying to God for the strength to recognize sin, the need to make changes, and the strength to make changes.

    Why he always gives credit to God though not too overly the top. Be subtle. Talking to younger people is impossible without faith, knowing the Bible and accepting God. Then, things start to make sense. God set it up so that you got to have faith and until you do, you will not have proof of God’s influence in your life.

    Then, he talks about being a police officer and then working his way into the home building business. Tom sayas he was always a big dreamer.

    He got his real estate license, got a construction loan, and built their first house with his brother.

    Kept building house after house, then he built up a portfolio of clients who wanted him to build houses for other people.

    Then, the recession of 2007 & 2008 hit the housing market, his company and 173 employees, and caused him to get overextended with the banks so he had to make drastic cutbacks….selling his Lake House and his helicopter.

    Once he accepted his Christ and grew stronger in his faith, he found that his Father God was always there for him.

    Tom talks about his daily attitude. We all have the ability to make a choice to be happy.

    Then, Brian and Tom start to talk about getting younger men involved in the Christian faith. It takes repetition and being Salt & Light to get younger people to notice what’s different about him and most Christians. Most importantly, don’t lie in general, but especially about one’s faith.

    How he put that honesty into practice when his business crashed. He told the bankers and lawyers that through honesty and hard work and how he was going to dig his way out of the hole. God put necessary people into his life and they helped him work his way out of depth.

    What he most proud of is that he paid all of his subcontractors. The banks lost money, and he and his wife went broke. He always tried to stay true and do what his Father God led him to do.

    Tom talked about his real strength…hanging out with people who knew what they were doing, and then make it fun for them to hang out with you in exchange.

    He is also proud of the work environment where people wanted to come to work.

    Brian then plugs the Ministry to Men website.

    Finishing Five:

    Favorite tool?-hammer.

    Favorite restaurant?: Tony’s on Main Street.

    Steak or Chicken?-Lee’s Chicken

    Who dusts off the awards at their company? -his team. No, he doesn’t dust them.

    David or Goliath/-Definitely, David.

    Then, they thank each other for their involvement in discipleship.

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    Real Men in a Real World Podcast | Paige Guetterman

    Real Men in a Real World Podcast | Paige Guetterman

    How do you minister to others in a secular workplace? What does a Christian marriage look like? How do you create a habit of diving into the Word? What’s the best way to reach the younger generation? In this episode of Real Men in the Real World, Brian Bredensteiner interviews his daughter, Paige Guetterman, who drops some serious wisdom from a Christian woman’s point of view. You don’t want to miss these truths, classic father-daughter banter, and so much more!

    You can find the "Tickets to Heaven" virtual download here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1417225772/tickets-to-heaven
    Visit ministrytomen.net to get connected.

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    Chris Hodgdon

    Chris Hodgdon

    How Brian and Chris met, where Chris lives and what Chris does for a living.

    Chris’ gun powder company donates 10% of their profit to support over 400 ministries.

    Chris discusses how his grandfather started the company as a mail order business by buying U.S. government surplus powder left over from World War II in 1947.

    His grandfather went into the business full time in 1952. And, in 1976, the company branched out into the black powder muzzleloading business.

    He discussed how they prayed daily before entering the manufacturing plant because of the danger of producing gun powder. The accidental death of three colleagues pushed his grandfather to get into the Word.

    How the company floundered into the 80’s so his Dad and Uncle prayerfully trusted in God for the company’s survival. Chris then joined the company in the 1990’s after a 12-year career in broadcasting. That prepared him for the PR and Marketing of the gun powder company.

    Chris didn’t ant anything handed to him. He wanted to establish himself in the family business by hard work.

    How his family business reminded Brian of the Five Chairs where one generation pours into other successively.

    They then talk about how Brian’s and Chris’ relationship goes beyond friendship to accountability partners who are there for each other no matter the time of day by sharing problems and Scripture.

    They then examine what it means to be an accountability partner.

    In 1997, Chris’ dad read a Larry Berkett book about tithing and profit sharing with the company employees. Since that time, their company’s success took off.

    One of the ministries they serve is the Hindu population in India feeding orphans and dealing with human and sex trafficking in that country.

    The company supports Serve India, a discipleship ministry. Most other ministries in India, provide for basic human needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

    Chris explains how working in the mission field in India has strengthened his faith.

    Chris also discusses mentoring his children and grandchildren and how important it is for him to have Christ in his life as a living example.

    Chris said his focus is entirely on Christ via generous giving and volunteering in service to Christ.

    Chris then goes onto to discuss how young people need to be taught apologetics and how to defend their faith against the liberal progressive woke agenda.

    Brian and Chris talk about going on a hunting trip to Argentina on a dove hunting trip with two other brothers in Christ.

    Brian then thanks Chris for being his accountability partner and the one hour a week they spend on a phone talking and praying.

    Finishing Five questions; Favorite Sport, Favorite Food, Favorite Team, KC Chief’s Fan….

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    Ben Blanton

    Ben Blanton

    Some consider Ben Blanton the patriarch of Saint Charles county. Ben is a successful business man who has built many buildings across St. Charles county and far beyond but the biggest thing that Ben has built in his life is his love for Jesus Christ. Lets learn about Bens ministry to men.

    • 42 min

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