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We banter about Biblical things and hope it's productive.

Reason Together Thomas Balzamo & Daniel Fox

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We banter about Biblical things and hope it's productive.

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4.8 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Nick of Steel ,

Equally shallow and self-congratulatory

Two fundamentalists chat about topics ranging from the nuts and bolts of the business of fundamentalism (educating preachers, sending out ministers, receiving evangelists) to subjects de jury (gun control) to great threats to their beliefs (evolution, atheism, science). The is surprisingly little discussion of script ion aside from the verse quoted here or there. Tehre is no in depth discussion of theology. In fact, there is not analysis of anything since both of them agree with each other in every little thing. (Or more precisely Balzamo trims his gigs to stay on the good side of Fox). When they confront the Enemy: Evolutionists, Liberals, Humanists, Atheists, they don’t so much as argue as set up silly straw men. Their world view comes as much from the Daily Wire (which they quote) as the Bible. They seem very comfortable in their world view, they are certainly self-satisfied and have no intellectual curiosity beyond what they have already subscribed to. It’s probably too bad for them; young people are getting less and less religious and less socially conservative. I have to think it’s largely the result of lazy fundamentalism, that battles contemporary music and translations more recent than Shakespeare’s day. But since they have no ability to see beyond what they believe, they will go the way dinosaurs went. (But they will say that can’t happen because God promised Noah there will not be another Flood. And they can prove it. Look out for rainbows!)

MaineWeatherMan ,

Helpful and Thought Provoking

As a new pastor, I find the discussion between Pastors Balzamo and Fox interesting, challenging, and helpful. There is a good blend of lighter and weightier topics with some humor mixed in as well. The idea that you can discuss a topic without instantly "taking a side" is refreshing.

These two have a wonderful dynamic. What a great concept...thinking more about the Word of God on a daily basis! This should challenge us all!

May God bless this ministry!

Floyd-er ,

Professionally Enjoyable!

Well put together. The discussions instigate reasoning in the what, why, and how of things we believe. I believe that’s what they are going for.

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