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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    People First Automation

    People First Automation

    Recruiting automation via conversational AI is proving to be an effective way to help solve some of the unique challenges in today's talent markets. But how are employers actually using it, what benefits are they getting, and how do they manage the balance between humans and machines.

    My guest this week is Victor Gaines, Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Aveanna Healthcare. Aveanna has been using automation technology to vastly increase efficiencies in its recruiting process. Victor has some exceptional advice and insights to share on choosing and implementing technology, as well as some fascinating thoughts around the future of recruiting.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Talent acquisition challenges in the home care market

    Working at scale when speed is a critical issue

    The role of technology in creating internal and external efficiencies

    Building an engaging candidate experience with automation

    Being people first

    Balancing technology and humans

    Advice to TA leaders on evaluating and buying technology

    What to look for in vendor partners

    Screening people in rather than ruling them out

    The future of recruiting

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    Transformational Hiring

    Transformational Hiring

    Digital transformation is currently one of the fundamental drivers of talent strategy for many organizations. Ensuring your company has the right balance of skills is a complex task involving talent acquisition, L&D, retention, internal mobility and an effective HR and Recruiting tech stack.

    So how are employers managing the complexity of all of this while prioritizing the employee experience?

    My guest this week is Harm Otten, Executive Vice President Human Resources at DHL Global Forwarding & Freight. Harm has spent the last few years focusing on the talent aspect of digital transformation within his organization, putting recruiting technology at the heart of the strategy.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Digitizing the HR organization

    Improving the employee experience

    Creating a job architecture and an internal career marketplace

    Building an HR tech stack around a core systems

    The advantages of using end to end recruiting technology

    The impact of the pandemic on working practice

    How digital transformation is changing skill requirements in a competitive market

    The vital importance of EVP and being an attractive employer

    Being applicant centric

    Combing cultures after an acquisition

    The future of recruiting

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    The Right To Remain Human

    The Right To Remain Human

    As our working lives become ever more focused on digital screens and devices, how can employers ensure that they support their employees' mental wellness? Also, with the growth of digital tracking and surveillance in work technology, how can HR step up to defend cultures and long term productivity by ensuring people are treated as humans and not machines. 

    My guest this week is Dr Anastasia Dedyukhina, founder of Consciously Digital. Anastasia writes, speaks and coaches extensively around the impact of devices on wellbeing and the challenges around the use of technology at work. 

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Screens, devices and mental health

    Establishing boundaries and regaining balance

    How employers can help

    Productivity and deep work

    Digital presenteeism 

    Tracking and surveillance

    Why HR needs to step up

    What would an ideal world look like

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    Values Driven Retention and Recruiting

    Values Driven Retention and Recruiting

    Keeping employees is as difficult as attracting employees at the moment, and, as ever, it is particularly tough in the tech sector. The relationship between employees and employers is changing, and shared values are a vital part of this.

    My guest this week is Michel Visser, VP People Success & Enablement at software company Unit4. Unit4 are taking a holistic values driven approach to recruitment and retention. It is also a strategy based on innovation and experimentation, and Michel has some extremely valuable perspectives to share.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Recruiting challenges in tech

    Talent on the move

    Making work more than transactional

    Taking a holistic view of employee success

    Being innovative with compensation and benefits

    Meaning versus tokenism

    Using core values as a compass

    Demonstrating values through candidate experience

    What is the future of work?

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    Strategic AI

    Strategic AI

    Talent Acquisition is uniquely challenging at the moment. Impossible talent markets, virtual recruiting, and evolving EVPs are just a small selection of TA leaders' current challenges. At the same time, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of investment and innovation in recruiting technology being driven by AI. So how does everything join up, and how can talent acquisition teams use AI in a strategic way to address the problems they face

    My guest this week is Rebecca Warren, part of the Customer Success team at Eightfold AI. Rebecca is a former TA leader, which gives her some unique insights and advice to share on using AI strategically. 

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Talent Acquisition challenges

    The best way of connecting with candidates in the current environment

    Looking beyond the resume

    Using AI to find skill adjacency, talent and potential

    DE&I, what is happening in practice?

    Which new ways of working are long term trends

    How AI can make Talent Acquisition more strategic

    The evolution of the EVP

    Practical examples of AI in action

    Advice to talent acquisition leader on AI

    What does the future hold?

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    Recruiting In Challenging Markets

    Recruiting In Challenging Markets

    Recruiting is a challenge for pretty much everyone at the moment, but how do you continue to recruit effectively in a market with long term skill shortages in a country whose borders have been shut for more than 18 months and where applications rates are down by 75%?

    My guest this week is Lorraine Carr, Talent Acquisition Manager at Class, an Australia based FinTech. Lorraine is using a combination of strategies to recruit successfully in an incredibly challenging market and has some high-quality insights and experiences to share

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The current challenges in technology recruitment 

    How talent acquisition at Class has evolved

    Creating a diverse pipeline

    The importance of optimizing job ads

    Candidate experience and the Circle Back initiative

    Hiring managers and executive stakeholders


    The humanization of EVPs

    What does the future of talent acquisition look like

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

Tini Eagle ,

Great Information

The guests are diverse and provide great industry insights. Very current and relevant.

Adi rates ,

Learn while you run

This awesome podcast on the Future of Recruiting is chock full of actionable advice and food for thought.
It’s one of my go-to ones when I run, and time flies. Thanks for the thoughtful questions and interesting perspectives.

Mark Colgan ,

Extremely relevant

Matt really dives deep in his interviews and has the incredible ability to tease out the most valuable stories and advice. If you’re looking for key insights and actionable advice about human resources and recruiting, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Thanks Matt!

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