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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    Expectations and Experience

    Expectations and Experience

    It is almost four years since the first pandemic lockdowns, and even now, it doesn't seem long enough to get a proper perspective on how much the pandemic has changed things. It is already pretty clear that expectations of and attitudes to work have shifted considerably, with significant implications for recruiting and retention.

    My Guest this week is Annette Andrews, Founder & Director of Acaria Coaching and a former Chief People Officer. Annette works with large organizations to help them adjust their people practices and policies to align with the post-pandemic perspectives of their employees and future employees. She has some valuable insights on what employers need to do to attract and retain the talent they need.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The current challenges for employers and why these are different from what we've seen in the past.

    Benefits, culture and wellbeing

    Showcasing the employee experience

    Implications for retention

    The human impact of a deteriorating candidate experience

    Five generations in the workforce

    Dealing with systemic ageism

    Talent mobility across industries and disciplines

    Changing the structure of the people function.

    How technology will shape the future

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    Proving The Value Of Talent Acquisition

    Proving The Value Of Talent Acquisition

    These are turbulent times for talent acquisition, particularly for those teams operating in the technology sector. Despite the continuing demand for technology skills, layoffs are still happening, with many TA teams now considerably downsized from where they were a couple of years ago.

    Proving TA's strategic and monetary value has never been more critical, so how can TA leaders make their business case against such a challenging backdrop?

    My guest this week is Sam Bethoud, VP of Talent Solutions at hackajob. Sam combines his experience working with a vast number of talent acquisition leaders with hackajob's huge dataset to provide some excellent insights into the tech recruiting market and highly actionable advice on tactics TA can employ to prove the scale of its value to the business.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The current state of the tech recruiting market

    TA's commercial impact

    How does TA create measurable monetary value?

    The importance of data

    How else can TA be strategic?

    Changing job seeker behaviour

    What impact will AI have on the future?

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    Recruiting Data Science Skills

    Recruiting Data Science Skills

    With the development and adoption of AI accelerating at an unprecedented pace, the demand for data scientists and data skills in general is snowballing. To recruit successfully in this competitive talent market, TA teams must understand the specific data skills their organisation needs and the intrinsic career motivations of the data professionals they seek to engage with.

    My guest this week is Akshay Swaminathan, Head of Data Science at Cerebral and co-author of a new book called "Winning With Data Science". In our conversation, Akshay offers an insider view on the data science talent market, what motivates data scientists to move companies and the most effective recruiting process for people with this skillset. Essential listening for anyone recruiting data science professionals or working in talent markets with similar skills shortages.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The growing demand for data science professionals

    The specific data skills that employers currently need

    Is there any consistency in data science job titles?

    What would motivate a data science professional to move jobs?

    How should recruiters source and engage in this talent market

    What type of hiring process will drive the most successful outcomes?

    Gig working and fractional working

    Creating business value from AI

    What skills will be needed in the future as the development and adoption of AI ramps up?

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    The Career Forward Mindset

    The Career Forward Mindset

    Work and jobs are changing, and the speed of change continues to accelerate. Whether you are in the fourth decade of your working life or looking for your first job, managing a career against this background of disruptive, often unpredictable change is a challenge for everyone. Things are also being made worse by continuing pay inequality and workplace bias.

    My guests this week are Grace Puma, the former COO of Pepsico and Christiana Smith Shi, the former President of Direct to Consumer at Nike. Grace and Christiana have recently authored a book called "Career Forward - Strategies from Women Who Have Made It". The motivation behind writing the book was to empower women to maximise their career journey, get paid what they are worth and navigate the unexpected shifts that happen in the current world of work. There is some excellent advice here that Grace and Christiana believe is applicable to everyone looking to develop their career in our turbulent times.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The Career Forward Mindset

    Having a "Cardinal Direction" instead of a North Star

    The importance of mentors and sponsors

    Steering into the skid to deal with unexpected challenges

    Building career equity

    Dealing with pay inequality

    Reinventing work-life balance

    How can employers make the workforce fair and equitable?

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    Understanding Skills

    Understanding Skills

    The shelf life of skills is getting ever shorter, which has significant implications for talent acquisition. It is essential that TA leaders take an active role in developing the overall skills strategy for their business. If employers want to be effective skills-based organizations, it is clear that talent acquisition, talent management, L&D and strategic workforce planning must be closely aligned.

    My guest this week is Malcolm Taylor, Head of Capability at the UK Health Security Agency. In the last few years, Malcolm has led a highly effective initiative to use data to drive upskilling, talent development and talent acquisition. In our conversation, he shares valuable insights on skills strategy and some interesting perspectives on the likely role AI will play in L&D in the future.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Why upskilling is so essential in 2024

    The shortening life cycle of skills

    Engagement and retention

    Teaching people how to learn

    Mapping skills within the organization

    Can AI create a common skills language across professions?

    Data-driven decision making

    Community-based learning

    The role of TA in skills-based organizations

    The importance of removing silos in the people function.

    What does the future look like?

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    Is AI Changing Jobseeker Behaviour?

    Is AI Changing Jobseeker Behaviour?

    Conversations about AI's impact on recruiting tend to focus entirely on the employer and recruiter viewpoint. However, it may well be that the most potent force of change for talent acquisition comes from AI-facilitated shifts in jobseeker behaviour. 

    Employers are already seeing a rise in applications they suspect are being driven by AI tools that facilitate bulk applying. The use of LLMs to create or edit resumes is undoubtedly widespread, and we are also seeing examples of AI being used to hack online interviews and assessments. There is still much debate about where these activities fall on the scale, from legitimate assistance to outright fraud.

    What is very clear, though, is that this is an unstoppable tide that will have severe implications for recruiting processes. What do employers do when they are inundated by applications perfectly tailored to the role that are impossible to assess using current tools and techniques?

    My guest this week is Richard Collins, Co-Founder of CV Wallet. Richard has decades of experience in recruitment marketing and talent acquisition. He has recently been diving deeply into the issues caused by jobseeker use of AI and how the solutions to the problems might make recruiting better for everyone.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The current talent marketplace

    AI-driven changes in job seeker and applicant behaviour

    The potential impact on the recruiting process

    Challenges of dealing with an increasing volume of applications

    Unreliable applicant data

    Pre-qualifying and pre-verifying without creating friction in the process

    Will we see a revolution in assessment and selection?

    How do we define what is cheating or fraud?

    A shift to assessing soft skills

    How does recruitment marketing need to adapt

    A cost-per-qualified application model

    Proactive versus reactive change

    How much change will there be in 2024

    What does the future of recruiting look like?

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
75 Ratings

75 Ratings

Mridu Parikh ,

A Must-Listen!

If you’re in HR, this podcast is a no brainer and a must listen! Matt and his guests provide practical and valuable advice and cover so many topics from resilience to talent acquistion to AI. Matt is consistently thought provoking and insightful. Don’t think about it - subscribe now.

J.D. Hanson ,

Relevant Insights Across The Globe Regarding Talent Acquisition

I began listening to Matt’s podcast which happened to air the same year I began a job as a full cycle recruiter in an industry I knew nothing about. I thought maybe during my commute I can learn some tips and tricks to this recruiting thing. I can’t say the podcast made me a superstar at that short lived assignment, but his podcast was a huge factor into why I am still today in Talent Acquisition, no longer striving but thriving. This industry continues to evolve and change at an ever increasing rate, so much so it gets hard at times to keep up. Listen to Matt’s Podcast and you will feel informed and confident as a calm and witty tone invites listeners on a continuous journey to large Fortune 500 companies as well as up and coming startups, peering into the inner workings of what makes a particular company successful in their approach to everything from initial recruitment and marketing campaigns to sourcing and screening candidates and for the lucky who are made an offer we hear stories of best onboarding practices. You cannot succeed as a Recruiter or Sourcer or in any position under the Talent Acquisition umbrella if you do not keep up with the latest and greatest as well as the expanding and changing labor laws that are critical to be informed on. So join Matt on his spirited ventures and find out what hidden secrets some of the best and brightest I'm the industry use that has made them a super success.

SnapDragon66 ,

Critical & Informative

As a business owner with recruiting on my mind way more than I would ever wish, this podcast is a phenomenal find!
I’ve been binge listening and at about 10 episodes in feel more empowered to launch our next recruiting effort than ever.
Most of the information here seems to relate to big and global business so I’m adapting the information to my small 22 person company.
I believe that understanding the larger National and Global trends and tools helps get out of the microcosm of small business that can feel limiting.
It would be amazing to hear some conversations about small business - especially in the professional trades - in the future as we are experiencing unprecedented growth due to the “return to home” sparked by the pandemic.
Thanks for all your fabulous efforts Matt. This is a must-listen podcast and I will be sharing with my fellow business owners!
Monique Allen

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