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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

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Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry

    AI And The Art Of The Possible

    AI And The Art Of The Possible

    Podcasting at events and conferences is one of my favorite things to do. I love the joy of seeing people face to face, and you get the opportunity to access a broad range of views and expertise around the topics shaping the industry.

    At the beginning of May, Recruiting Future was an official media partner of The HR Technology Conference Europe in Amsterdam, the first time the event had been held outside of the US.  

    AI was a central theme in the discussions, and I was eager to gather insights on the current use cases of AI tools, as well as the potential future implications.

    The first voice you will hear is Rebecca Carr, CPO and acting CEO of SmartRecruiters, talking about AI as a co-pilot and its potential to enhance the very human aspects of recruiting.

    Next up after Rebecca is my friend and co-author, the ever-present Mervyn Dinnen, talking about his concerns about the impact of AI on employee experience and creativity

    Finally, I spoke to Norwegian entrepreneur Eivind Arnsten about the AI employer lawyer his company is building and the potential for widespread automation throughout HR processes and activities.

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    Building Inclusive Hiring Practices

    Building Inclusive Hiring Practices

    Inclusive hiring is vital to building inclusive organizations, and the benefits of getting it right are considerable, both at a human and a business level. Recognizing bias, standardizing hiring manager behavior, and analyzing data are just some of the things employers need to consider to be more inclusive in their hiring.

    My guest this week is Sarah Harnett, Senior Director of People Business Partners at Greenhouse Software. In our conversation, Sarah talks us through the steps that Greenhouse has taken to build an inclusive culture through inclusive hiring practices.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    What does it take to build a diverse workforce?

    Understanding your employee's experience

    Hiring as a starting point for building an inclusive culture

    ERGs as a vehicle to empower people

    Dealing with systemic bias

    Inclusive hiring manager behaviors

    Structured hiring processes

    Connecting DE&I strategy to corporate strategy

    The implications of AI on inclusive hiring

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    Reinventing The Recruiting Process

    Reinventing The Recruiting Process

    The pace of change in recruiting technology continues to accelerate, and with it come opportunities to improve hiring outcomes, streamline operational efficiency, and make much-needed improvements to the candidate experience. When you add in increasing volumes of applications driven by candidate use of AI and the differing wants and needs of a new generation entering the workforce, it becomes evident that we are on the brink of a profound transformation in recruiting processes.

    So, what are the most forward-thinking companies already doing? My guest this week is Hollie Powell, Recruitment Business Partner at EDF. EDF is reinventing its recruiting process for early careers and improving the candidate experience by carefully balancing technology and automation with high-quality human interaction.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    The early careers strategy at EDF

    Increasing volumes of applications through candidate use of AI

    How EDF is evolving its recruiting process

    The enormous benefits of effective video interviewing

    Speeding up the process to improve the candidate experience

    Ensuring high quality human interaction during the process

    Using an organization wide strengths-based framework

    Keeping up with changing candidate wants and needs

    Planning for the skills shortages of the future

    Consumer brand versus employer brand

    How will early careers evolve in the coming years?

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    Talent Automation

    Talent Automation

    As I've said many times before, automation in recruiting and HR is inevitable. This means that every TA and HR leader should be thinking strategically about automation, its implications, and, most importantly, the value that it will add right now.

    So what are the benefits of automation, and where and how should talent functions be automated?

    My guest this week is Brandon Sammut, Chief People Officer at Zapier. Automation is in Zapiers corporate DNA, and they are successfully using it to drive their talent density strategy through automation in recruiting, onboarding, and skills development.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    What Talent Density means at Zapier and how they built it

    Focusing on what is uniquely human

    Being transparent about a remote-only employee experience

    T shaped talent

    Automated Onboarding

    Using automation to solve hard problems and make things more personal at scale.

    Experience design and empathy

    Understand where to apply automation and where not to apply it.

    Developing AI skills across the business

    What will the future look like?

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    AI-Powered Job Seekers

    AI-Powered Job Seekers

    It is becoming clear that job seekers' use of AI tools in the application process has profound implications for talent acquisition. Many employers report a significant increase in application volume, and there is a potential technology arms race as employers and job boards attempt to use AI to identify AI.
    While this may help in the short term, it won't work in the long term, and is job seeker AI use even a bad thing?
    My guest this week is expert job board consultant Alexander Chukovski. Alexander has been doing a deep dive into how job seekers use AI and its implications for recruiting. He has valuable insights about job seeker verification and its potential to create win-win situations for candidates, job boards, and employers.
    In the interview, we discuss:

    The implications of a new generation of AI-savvy job seekers

    The different ways job seekers are using AI include

    ATS integration

    The drawbacks and risks for candidates using AI tools

    A pointless tech "arms race."

    Why is it difficult to spot the use of AI in CVs and applications?

    How should the industry respond?

    The rise of verification technology

    What can be verified now and what might be possible in the future

    The importance of job seekers owning their data

    What does the future look like?

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    Doing Hiring Differently

    Doing Hiring Differently

    Many aspects of how companies hire talent have been set in stone and unquestioned for decades. Even if Talent Acquisition wants to drive change, the power of accepted wisdom among hiring managers and the C-Suite is difficult to challenge. So what happens when the CEO of a business champions a completely different way of doing things?

    My guest this week is Jeff Dewing, Group CEO at Cloudfm. Jeff's story is amazing, and his approach to business is encapsulated in the title of his book, "Doing The Opposite." When it comes to hiring, Jeff has challenged conventional wisdom around interviews and skills head-on with some spectacular results. I loved this conversation, and it is an absolute must-listen for everyone.

    In the interview, we discuss:

    Jeff's rollercoaster journey to get where he is today

    Where everyone needs autonomy, mastery, and purpose

    Why Cloudfm no longer use interviews in their hiring process and what they do instead of 

    Removing the risk in hiring

    Achieving a 95% recruitment retention rate

    Individual career plans and ups killing

    Giving people autonomy about how and where they work.

    The office as a creative, problem-solving collaboration space

    The impact AI will have on the future.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
74 Ratings

74 Ratings

Mridu Parikh ,

A Must-Listen!

If you’re in HR, this podcast is a no brainer and a must listen! Matt and his guests provide practical and valuable advice and cover so many topics from resilience to talent acquistion to AI. Matt is consistently thought provoking and insightful. Don’t think about it - subscribe now.

J.D. Hanson ,

Relevant Insights Across The Globe Regarding Talent Acquisition

I began listening to Matt’s podcast which happened to air the same year I began a job as a full cycle recruiter in an industry I knew nothing about. I thought maybe during my commute I can learn some tips and tricks to this recruiting thing. I can’t say the podcast made me a superstar at that short lived assignment, but his podcast was a huge factor into why I am still today in Talent Acquisition, no longer striving but thriving. This industry continues to evolve and change at an ever increasing rate, so much so it gets hard at times to keep up. Listen to Matt’s Podcast and you will feel informed and confident as a calm and witty tone invites listeners on a continuous journey to large Fortune 500 companies as well as up and coming startups, peering into the inner workings of what makes a particular company successful in their approach to everything from initial recruitment and marketing campaigns to sourcing and screening candidates and for the lucky who are made an offer we hear stories of best onboarding practices. You cannot succeed as a Recruiter or Sourcer or in any position under the Talent Acquisition umbrella if you do not keep up with the latest and greatest as well as the expanding and changing labor laws that are critical to be informed on. So join Matt on his spirited ventures and find out what hidden secrets some of the best and brightest I'm the industry use that has made them a super success.

SnapDragon66 ,

Critical & Informative

As a business owner with recruiting on my mind way more than I would ever wish, this podcast is a phenomenal find!
I’ve been binge listening and at about 10 episodes in feel more empowered to launch our next recruiting effort than ever.
Most of the information here seems to relate to big and global business so I’m adapting the information to my small 22 person company.
I believe that understanding the larger National and Global trends and tools helps get out of the microcosm of small business that can feel limiting.
It would be amazing to hear some conversations about small business - especially in the professional trades - in the future as we are experiencing unprecedented growth due to the “return to home” sparked by the pandemic.
Thanks for all your fabulous efforts Matt. This is a must-listen podcast and I will be sharing with my fellow business owners!
Monique Allen

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