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Redolent Radio is the weekly podcast of Redolent Music, a new label founded by DJ Chus and La Santa, that represents a multi-cultural and eclectic group of new talented producers from all over the world.
Redolent Music is the reminiSCENT of ancient tribal dance music, ethnic deep sounds, evocative rhythms, suggestive vocals, and scented drums that bring them into a modern Electronic Music realm.

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Redolent Radio is the weekly podcast of Redolent Music, a new label founded by DJ Chus and La Santa, that represents a multi-cultural and eclectic group of new talented producers from all over the world.
Redolent Music is the reminiSCENT of ancient tribal dance music, ethnic deep sounds, evocative rhythms, suggestive vocals, and scented drums that bring them into a modern Electronic Music realm.

    LA SANTA Redolent Radio 168

    LA SANTA Redolent Radio 168

    Enjoy this week’s episode with LA SANTA, head honcho of Redolent Music, along with CHUS, DJ & producer influenced by Classical Music, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, and World Music. This amalgamation of cultures allowed her to blend them into a unique scent. She creates a unique and extraordinary sense of belonging, enhanced through an inner journey. Her DJ sets are filled with sensitivity, harmony, high doses of groove, drums & ethnic roots.
    She has shared the DJ booth with the best international Electronic djs at the moment such as The Martinez Brothers, Seth Troxler, Blond:ish, CHUS, Dennis Ferrer, Deborah De Luca, Oscar L, Audio Fly or Birds Of Mind to name a few. La Santa expands her energy & grooves all over the world with her continuous plays at Ibiza, Tulum, El Cairo, Guatemala, Panama, Bali, India, Morocco... Her style, influenced by the English, Dutch & American underground sounds, definitely converged into house music inspired by Soul, Tribal, Latin, and World Music giving birth to a very versatile Dj where her sets can range from Minimal Deep Tech to Melodic sounds, going through Afro Tech & Latin beats.
    La Santa's strength resides in her charisma; she creates a unique and extraordinary setting and atmosphere when she plays, where her energy can be felt, creating a unique vibe. La Santa’s productions are highly acclaimed in the scene, and she worked on productions with high profile artists such as FKA Mash, Jinadu, Sparrow & Barbossa, G.Zamora, Coco, Blueheist, and D- Formation to name a few. To give an example: the track “Cumanayagua“ by La Santa & Sparrow & Barbossa reached number 11 in the top 100 best-selling Afro House tracks of 2021 on Beatport. Labels such as Stereo Productions, Nervous, Madoras In Da House or Redolent are witnesses of her wide range of music styles and unlimited love for different genres.
    Redolent Music is her most recent project, a new independent boutique record label, event producer, management agency, and lifestyle concept, created alongside renowned artist, DJ, and Producer CHUS, whose purpose is to cater to the evolving music industry and develop emerging talent.

    Enjoy this Deep Afro Groovy Journey with LA SANTA live from Sing Sing Theater in Bangkok including (Safar (FR) Remix) of her new track Oasis along G.Zamora on Redolent!
    01. Elias (GER) - Cha
    02. La Santa, G.Zamora - Oasis (Safar (FR) Remix) [Redolent]
    03. Dean Mickoski, Capri - Aleraya [Redolent]
    04. Daniel Rateuke - Oudara
    05. Peppe Citarella - Mas Que Enkama (Re-Edit Mix)
    06. Berkan & Orkun Bozdemir - Jungle Crossing
    07. Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano - It's Not Right feat. Helen Tesfazghi (The Deepshakerz Remix)
    08. La Santa - Bunyi
    09. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (Rampa Edit)
    10. Moeaike - Everyone Else
    11. Eden Shalev - Papi
    12. Samer Soltan - Iynayeh

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    AWEN Redolent Radio 167

    AWEN Redolent Radio 167

    Enjoy this week’s episode of Redolent Radio hosted by French DJ & Producer AWEN. In Celtic mythology, everyone knows the magical AWEN, but there are disagreements about what it is and, mostly, what it can do.
    Some believe it’s a spirit that gives glimpses of the future, while others affirm it’s a symbol of balance between opposites. However, for most people, it is a woman, the muse of creativity - and the artists she touches act like they were possessed.
    When singer-songwriter AWEN chose this name, she wasn’t aware of these implications. But, strangely, she couldn’t have picked a better one: she embodies all of these ideas.
    AWEN has always navigated between distant worlds. Born in Paris from a French mother and a Malian-Senegalese father, she’s long been torn between her passion for singing and her successful career in Hong Kong as a lawyer. But when her father passed away in 2016, she decided to give up her job and move back to France to try to become a professional artist.
    Building upon her cultural heritage and her musical tastes (she grew up listening to artists such as Nina Simone, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye), AWEN started to produce her unique style of Afro-house. It mixed electronic instrumentation with timeless melodies - and a touch of spirituality.
    “In Western Africa, our family name has a special perception”, she explains. “It’s the name of a legendary sorcerer king; that’s why I describe myself as an Afro-house witch”, she laughs, before adding: “but I mostly like the fact that, nowadays, witches have become icons of feminism and freedom.”
    In 2019, AWEN released her first solo album, Redemption. It was followed by 6 EPs and singles, including collaborations with upcoming afro-house stars such as Floyd Lavine, Daniel Rateuke or Enoo Napa. It includes “Your Voice” with Caiiro (2020), a song that channels raw feelings of faith, love and hope with such intensity that many listeners wondered if the lyrics were about God - AWEN actually wrote them as a letter to her son, who was unborn yet.
    “Your Voice” gained a cult status that made it unescapable among house fans - with the exception of Adam Port. Strangely enough, the legendary DJ/producer only heard it for the first time two years after its release (!), while he was in a bar in Istanbul. Impressed, he shazamed it and proposed to produce a remix. Released in 2022, his version confirmed the song as a global sensation: it dominated the Beatport charts and took Coachella by storm when AWEN performed it on stage.
    “My son was born after I wrote “Your Voice” for him”, she says. “All the blessings I get from this song... I feel like they are gifts from him.”
    With her other hits “Gold” and “Kusimama”, plus a release on legendary label DFTD (“Time”, with Christoph), AWEN’s futuristic blend of empowering lyrics and mysterious universe seduces an ever-growing global audience. “My dad came from Africa, my mom is European, and I lived several years in Asia. I feel like I belong everywhere”, she says with a smile.
    One of the other reasons of AWEN’s success is her ability to transcend her repertoire on stage. Standing at 1m83 (6 ft.) with her signature braids and a deep voice, the artist is a commanding presence that captivates concertgoers across the world. “I’m mixing, I’m singing, I’m proposing a visual experience”, she details. “I want my performances to be a whole experience. I want to give Afro House the global visibility it deserves.”
    It might just be a question of time. Because when your name is a call to the divine, some things are just meant to be.

    Enjoy this special Journey with talented AWEN including Sabo - Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix) on Redolent !

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    SAFAR (FR) Redolent Radi0 166

    SAFAR (FR) Redolent Radi0 166

    Enjoy this week’s episode of Redolent Radio hosted by SAFAR (FR), DJ & Producer born in Africa, raised in Europe. Safar is no stranger to how culture can influence an artist's style, recognized as one of the breakthrough acts in the afro house and organic house genre, Safar in no time has made a name for himself as one of the top producers in the scene. With a stream of top 10 releases such as “Hoshiana” and “Thousand and Two nights,” Safar has proven time and time again that his unique blend of ethnic sounds creates a magic that has led to support from some of the top dj/producers in the industry. His latest release “Sweet Disposition” shows the versatility of Safar as he has been able to combine his afro house roots with melodic harmonies to create a true masterpiece to his ever-growing catalog. Enjoy this Afro Ethnic Melodic journey with SAFAR (FR) !

    Enjoy this Afro Journey with SAFAR (FR) including his latest remix for La Santa & G.Zamora - Oasis on Redolent !
    01. Safar (FR) - Memelles
    02. La Santa, G.Zamora - Oasis (Safar (FR) Remix) [Redolent]
    03. Dj Kabila Feat. Victor Sithole - Bayede (Caiiro Remix)
    04. Pedrik - Ice
    05. Enzo Siffredi, BAQABO - SALAAM (Safar's Scandalous Mix)
    06. Darksidevinyl & Mr. Moudz - Modo Español
    07. Safar (FR) - Scandalosa
    08. Safar (FR), AMVN - Laafou 
    09. Vooz Brothers - Megalomania
    10. Joezi - Marakesh
    11. Liva K - Perduto

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    G.ZAMORA Redolent Radio 165

    G.ZAMORA Redolent Radio 165

    This week’s episode is hosted by G.ZAMORA, DJ, musical producer, percussionist and singer . He studied the most ancient African and Latin American rhythms with the best master from the very beginning of 2000’s to date. Lover of electronic music in all its possible sources , merging electronic music and the most ancestral folklore, sharing the same main element: the hypnotic of rhythm. G.Zamora latest tracks Lamento and Cosa Buena along Yamil are two bangers!
    In his productions , the deepest roots of rhythm and the most current beats walk together with strings attached. Keep an eye on this artist cause he is going to be in all your dance floors.

    Enjoy this Afro Tribal Journey with this talented artist G. Zamora including his latest release La Santa, G.Zamora - Oasis among others on Redolent !
    01. Sabo - Bomeno (Hyenah Remix)
    02. La Santa, G.Zamora - Oasis [Redolent]
    03. Tanit - Auwa Uwa (G.Zamora Remix) [Redolent]
    04. D’Nox - Samba
    05. G.Zamora, Nelahalena- Invocando
    06. Oscar P & Swift - The Drum (Pablo Fierro Mix)
    07. La Santa - Bombo [Redolent]
    08. G.Zamora - Sin Tu Querer [Redolent]
    09. Achex, Driss Koyo - Hyani (Bassfinder Remix)
    10. Axel Beca - Zusimay
    11. G.Zamora - Remedio
    12. Luis Radio & Stefano Guerra - Dedalu

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    LINDA ROMANAZZI Redolent Radio 164

    LINDA ROMANAZZI Redolent Radio 164

    Enjoy this week’s episode with LINDA ROMANAZZI. L Ι Ν D Λ R O M Λ Ν Λ Ζ Ζ Ι is a nomadic DJ and producer who expresses herself through sound and tells the story of her life through beats in all forms. She has been collecting music for over two decades from every corner of the world she has traveled that she is now incorporating in her creative DJ sets.
    Linda can count 20+ years as a DJ first in her native Stockholm and later in Paris that was her home for 13 years while playing at the capitals clubs and events such as Hôtel Costes, Le Baron, Favst, Raspoutine and Le Carmen. Parallel she developed nightlife concepts and worked in PR and events.

    Linda is since 2019 the music curator and resident DJ of bohemian resort Boho Club Marbella where she has been in charge of creating the musical identity, sound design & DJ bookings.

    She released her EP the Beginning Of eternity with Cafe De Anatolia in June 2023 and is currently working on a new EP to be released soon among with 4 singles together with Walther music on the label Music for dreams.

    She also held a residency at Coya Marbella the whole season of 2023 and has held prestigious DJ residencies for over two decades in: Tulum, Ibiza, Marbella, Paris and Stockholm, sharing the decks with; Elif, Unders, The Soul Brothers, Oveous, Eli Fola, J Pool, Lemurian, D'Witches, MoM & Alvaro Suarez to name a few.

    Linda is also a regular in Ibiza and has been coming to the island since 2010, She played at Sunset Ashram every season since 2018 and she did the closing together with The legendary Bahramji in 2020. She also regularly plays at places like IT Ibiza and Vybe club.

    Since 2019 she is dividing her time between Tulum and Spain playing and headlining all main venues such as: Soulful festival Tulum, Tulum Crypto Fest, Music Under The Stars New Years edition with Pourangi, Ten Ibiza, Vagalume, IT Tulum, Gitano Beach & Gitano, Sunset Ashram (Ibiza) or Boho Experience with Camilo Franco.

    After three very successful seasons in Tulum headlining both Tulum Crypto fest and Ekumal Eko Fair 2023 she has been one of Tulum’s most booked DJ's in her genre, she is going back for a forth season in Tulum which is already fully booked and with an exciting new residency once a week at Selina’s downtown Tulum.

    Linda plays a perfect blend of electronic music merging sounds of organic & deep house with layers of melodic, afro house, electronica and indie dance.
    Her sets are a journey from mystical, feminine to uptempo & clubby, always with high vibrations to elevate and move you from deep inside.

    Enjoy this Afro Melodic Journey with LINDA ROMANAZZI including Alain Fanegas, Iban Mendoza- Moon River on Redolent!
    01. Anja (BE), Samm (BE) - Does It Matter (Anja Remix)         
    02. Lazarusman, Hyenah - Not Enough
    03. Nina Kraviz - Tarde (Meloko & Utli Remix)
    04. IGGGY - Take a Request? 05. Adam Ten - Spring Girl  06. Inamo - La Llama feat.Nina Indigo      
    07. Karma Fields, Kah-loh, Associanu - It Girl (Doorly Remix)              
    08. Evan Mars -Sababah         
    09. Alain Fanegas, Iban Mendoza - Moon River [Redolent]
    10. Greenage - Dirty Talk           
    11. Linda Romanazzi - In this Lifetime

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    ALESSA KIN Redolent Radio 163

    ALESSA KIN Redolent Radio 163

    Enjoy this week’s episode with ALESSA KHIN. ALESSA KHIN is a top DJ/producer who started her career as an artist on the coast of Spain and in a short period of time became a guest and resident of the best metropolitan and world clubs. Diva and official resident of MOBLACK RECORDS, the number 1 label in the world in the style of Afro House.
    A mixture of Chinese roots with Latin, subtle vibrations of Asian vibes intertwined with a powerful South American drum groove, and found its reflection not only in Alessandra's tracks, but also in her performances.
    Alessandra's music has a special bewitching melodic-ethnic sound that hypnotizes the audience. An amazing combination of magical charisma, a sense of taste and extraordinary technique at the console, seasoned with talented juggling from different styles of music, made this girl a legend of intellectual sound.
    All of her latest releases have made the Beatport Top 100. Beatport always keeps her chart Afrokhin on the front pages.
    Her releases support: Her releases support: Black Coffe, Chris Lake (DIPLO), Moblack, Space Motion, Bedouin, Seth Schwarz, James Hype Super Fly (Monaberry), Joseph Capriati,
Sabo (Sol Selectas), Laroz (Flau Blau), Yulia Niko, David Vendetta, Da Fresh, Matchy, Rodd and many more.
    ADE festival participant from MOBLACK RECORDS showcase Amsterdam (Holland),
    Spain, France, South America, USA, UAE, India, Germany - this is just an incomplete list of countries where she was invited to perform at the best venues in the world music communities.
    She performed on the same stage with such gurus as Black Coffee, Oliver Koletzki, Eric Prydz, Brigado Crew, Damian Lazarus, DIPLO, Martin Garix, Bob Sincler, Hugel, Claptone and many others.

    Enjoy this Afro Groovy Journey with ALESSA KHIN including Anorre - Samaritan & Darksidevinyl - Izegbe on Redolent!
    01.  Alessa Khin - Lev Khin
    02.  Jose Galvis - Camawe
    03.  ALESSA KHIN - Western Shinobi
    04.  Anorre – Samaritan [Redolent]
    05.  Alessa Khin - Encantado feat. Kitsune O2
    06.  Alessa Khin - Mescalin
    07.  Like Mike , Eden Shalev - Dale
    08.  Joezi - Amathole feat Lizwi
    09.  Alessa Khin - D’Or Lion
    10.  Darksidevinyl – Izegbe [Redolent]
    11.  Alessa Khin - Kukulkan

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6 Ratings


Welcome to Redolent!

I'm glad to present my new weekly podcast alongside the one and only La Santa! welcome to Redolent, a magic place to enjoy fragrant music!

Aziz du Monde ,


Ever since I heard the first few mixes on SoundCloud I was obsessed with Redolent sounds. I wanted more and to be on Apple podcasts and finally they are here! The latest mix by Island After is absolutely gorgeous best one yet!

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