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Renovation Church is a multiethnic community in Atlanta, GA where you can belong and be loved while you work out what you believe

Renovation Church Sermon Podcast Léonce B.Crump Jr.

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Renovation Church is a multiethnic community in Atlanta, GA where you can belong and be loved while you work out what you believe

    Surprised By Hope | What Happens When We Die?

    Surprised By Hope | What Happens When We Die?

    It is reasonable to wonder about what happens when we die, and sadly, Christians' varying beliefs on the matter are often not tethered to Scripture. The chaos on this topic creates mistakes in our thinking, praying, liturgies, practices and mission to the world. 
    So, we will answer this question today from the Scriptures, and I hope we can dispel all confusion.
    While there have been many views and teachings on what happens at death, my goal is to teach the most historically accepted Christian orthodox understanding of life after death. So, if something is particularly challenging for you and you want to reach out, I’m happy to discuss what the scriptures say.

    • 33 min
    Surprised By Hope | Is Death The End?

    Surprised By Hope | Is Death The End?

    It is a human issue. Personal and global events only serve to exacerbate it. Yes, it is mainly in the rearview window now, but we lost over a million of our fellow citizens and 6 million of our fellow image-bearers of God globally to a pandemic. 
    Are the cultural patterns we see today not profoundly influenced by that? From the great resignation to the massive separation to the hyper-politicization, while not exclusively a result of our collective loss, they are most certainly influenced by it. Our collective mortality confronted us, and it altered us. 
    It heightened our collective fear of that spectre of death. The fear that plagues us is just wrong. No one should live in fear of death.

    • 40 min
    Palm Sunday | Fulfilled

    Palm Sunday | Fulfilled

    What does it look like to fully commit to Jesus?
    To learn more visit renovationchurch.com

    • 36 min
    Jesus Revolution | Courage Under Fire | Acts 4:1-12

    Jesus Revolution | Courage Under Fire | Acts 4:1-12

    Our host culture, for many reasons—some understandable—is oppositional to our faith in Jesus. We are unlikely at this stage to face the end of a knife or even lose our job for loving Jesus, but there is still opposition, and if we are honest, we do not want to contend with it.
    If you are anything like me, the threat of opposition can create a palpable fear in you. And then, when you give in to the temptation to shrink in the face of resistance to your faith, a wave of shame usually follows. 
    “I should have said more…” “I should have said something…” “I knew the truth and I pushed it down.”
    But can I encourage you? Fear and shame should not have the power to silence your faith. Every person who practices the way of Jesus should be able to live a courageous faith.
    I do not say that without empathy. Rest assured that I completely understand the fear and shame that arise from not being bold about my faith. I am intimately familiar with those emotions. But you can overcome those emotions.
    Over the years, especially the last four years, I have gained what can only be called a holy confidence, and that confidence came through repeated exposure to the Holy Spirit. 
    Being filled and refilled with God’s Spirit keeps the truest truth at the forefront of my mind—who I am in Jesus is what matters most. I encourage you to embrace that same truth, and courage will come, courage that does not fold in the face of aggressive or passive-aggressive opposition.
    In Acts chapter four, Jesus’ followers find themselves similarly faced with a moment that will test their mettle.

    • 39 min
    Jesus Revolution | Times of Refreshing

    Jesus Revolution | Times of Refreshing

    “I don’t believe you can be at your optimum without your faith. Sports is sports, it’s a game. My faith is everything. It’s the gas that propels the courage, the truth, keeps me going. It’s the wind, it’s the wings, it’s the air that pumps into my lungs that provokes me to live. Faith is everything.” - Coach Prime
    By all accounts, Coach Prime is a faithful representative of the message and work of Jesus, using his platform to reflect the need for diversity in coaching and, more importantly, to make much of Jesus.
    And I believe, like Coach Prime, you want to be a faithful representative of the message and work of Jesus. You may not have his reach or platform, but if you are engaged with Jesus and His people in any way, beneath everything, this is a desire of your heart.
    But there's a challenge with your and my ability to be faithful representatives of Jesus’ message and work, right? I am sure your mind is swirling with all of the possibilities, but one stands out from any other possible answer—Many of us don't trust the message of Jesus.

    • 36 min
    Jesus Revolution | A Community of Healers | Acts 3:1-10

    Jesus Revolution | A Community of Healers | Acts 3:1-10

    Do you see the brokenness that surrounds us, hidden often by bright lights, exciting events and blissful ignorance, or do you think I am over-exaggerating? 
    The question reminds me of a funny conversation I had with my little bro, Jason, who worships here with his family. At lunch, I asked him, “Are you as tired as I am of seeing trash all over the streets in our city?” To which he replied, “I don’t think I have ever noticed.”
    A few days later, he texted me, “Why did you do this to me? Now that I see it, I can’t unsee it, and I see it everywhere!” 
    Whether you believe what I am sharing is true or think it is overblown, the reality is that once you open your eyes to see it, you cannot unsee it. 
    And even before I shared those several examples, many of you were already affirming the thought in your mind—there is a great deal in need of healing in our metro.
    When discussing brokenness, one question often leads to another, and the question of “why” is inevitable. Why do these things exist? If you practise the way of Jesus, then I imagine you think, as I do, that sin has shattered all of creation, especially humanity.
    And because of that needed healing, I know many of you want to see communities transformed because broken people and situations are healed and made whole. I truly believe many of us want that very thing in light of what we have seen and cannot unsee. We want to solve it.
    But there's a problem with fulfilling that hope: our city's brokenness' often seems too consuming to heal.

    • 30 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

cass.miller15 ,

LOVE these podcasts

These podcasts are an amazing way to start and end my day. I love hearing Leonce preach and I feel like I’m actually in Renovation church just listening to these. I saw Leonce on a YouTube video of racial reconciliation years ago and have followed him ever since. He has a was of speaking that makes you feel like his friend and gives the cold hard truth. I love the vulnerability and rawness in his messages. God is truly working. I hope to one day visit Atlanta and go to Renovation church and see all that God is doing!

VA mtn girl ,

Not Bible teaching

There is no “systemic racism” in America. But there IS a lot of false information. We need to come together as the body of Christ and look past our color and cultural differences. Let’s do what Jesus said, Love one another!

FireFileHead ,

Saved My Life

I first visited this church as a wayward prodigal. God has used all of the elders, pastors, as well as lay members of the community to teach me The Gospel. I grew up a pastor’s kid with a rebellious heart and it took twenty-seven years as well as this very special breed of church (one that is transcultural, theologically sound, intellectually honest, and methodologically charismatic) for The Holy Spirit to break through my stubborn mind and hardened heart. My soul is now safe thanks to Renovation. This is my church and my family and I’m so thankful for them!!

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