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Featuring Hidden Heroes, Mystery History, Mythbusting, High Tech and Groundbreaking Discoveries, Futurists, Emerging Technology, and Usable Life-hacks!




    ### Unraveling the Enigma: Judyth Vary Baker and the Alleged JFK Conspiracy
    In an in-depth interview with Cary Harrison at Rethinking Heroes, Judyth Vary Baker, the former girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, offers a controversial perspective on the JFK assassination, asserting Oswald's innocence and claiming he was framed. Baker, who has lived in exile due to threats, discusses her involvement in Cold War-era bioweapons research, her direct communication with Oswald days before the assassination, and the development of a cancer-causing monkey virus, SV40, that contaminated polio vaccines. She also touches upon her groundbreaking cancer research in the 1960s, the politicized nature of cancer treatment, and the suppression of her vaccine-related concerns. Baker's narrative weaves personal insights with historical events, challenging conventional narratives about Oswald's role, Kennedy's assassination, and the dark underbelly of U.S. government secrets related to bio-warfare and virus research.
    #### A Relationship Born in Shadows
    Judyth Vary Baker describes herself as the ex-girlfriend of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man historically vilified as the lone assassin of President John F. Kennedy. However, Baker's assertions complicate the commonly accepted narrative. She depicts Oswald not as a murderer, but as a deep-cover U.S. intelligence agent framed for a crime he endeavored to prevent. Baker's account, detailed in her book "Lee Harvey Oswald and Me" draws from her personal experiences and intimate conversations with Oswald up until two days before the tragic event.
    #### Espionage and Bioweapons: The Untold Story
    The interview on "Rethinking Heroes" dives deep into Baker's claims of her involvement in Cold War bioweapons and virus research. According to her, this clandestine work was primarily focused on developing a biological weapon to be smuggled into Cuba with the aim of assassinating Fidel Castro, thus preventing potential nuclear escalation. Baker's narrative spans from her early days as a promising science student to becoming enmeshed in a web of espionage, detailed through her work with monkey viruses and SV40, a contaminant in polio vaccines linked to cancer.
    Remarkably, Baker hints at a sinister thread connecting her past virus work to contemporary concerns, suggesting that remnants of these early viruses find parallels in modern vaccine development. These assertions, while controversial, point to a complex intertwining of health, policy, and secrecy that has spanned decades.
    #### Confronting the Warren Commission
    Baker challenges the findings of the Warren Commission, the official inquiry into Kennedy's assassination, which declared Oswald as the sole perpetrator. Through her narrative, she offers a counter-narrative, implicating high levels of government in a cabal responsible for Kennedy's death. This claim is bolstered by her intimate knowledge of Oswald's purported innocence and his alleged mission to prevent rather than execute the assassination.
    #### Legacy and Censorship
    Despite the potential implications of her story, Baker's voice has been marginalized, her claims subjected to skepticism and censorship. Yet, her resolve remains unshaken. Baker's history is not just a tale of personal survival; it's a commentary on the lengths to which institutions will go to preserve narratives and suppress dissenting voices. Her experiences underscore a troubling reality: the truth, especially when it pertains to matters of national security, is often more complex and obscured than it appears.
    #### Reflections on a Dark Epoch
    Judyth Vary Baker's account, as featured on "Rethinking Heroes," serves as a potent reminder of the murky waters of historical narrative. Her story, embodying the intersection of personal tragedy, global politics, and scientific ethics, invites us to reconsider the past with a critical eye. Whether one takes her claims at face value or with skepticism, they undeniably enrich the tapestry of American history,

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    True Crime Hypocrisy: Moms for Liberty, School Politics, and Climate Change

    True Crime Hypocrisy: Moms for Liberty, School Politics, and Climate Change

    This episode of Los Angeles Public Radio’s 'Rethinking Heroes' hosted by Cary Harrison delves into the controversial actions and background of Moms for Liberty, a group known for their stance against the LGBT community and book-banning while engaging in lesbian three-ways and rape allegations. Additionally, the episode discusses broader issues such as climate change denial, extremism in school boards, and the politicization of education in Florida. Featuring an in-depth interview with Dr. Maurice Cunningham, an expert on dark money, featured in Forbes. We explore the origins, motivations, and impact of right-wing “parent” groups on public education. Callers also chime-in on wealth, discrimination, geoengineering, and climate change, 'Rethinking Heroes' aims to shed light on pressing social and political issues through critical discussion and satire.
    We dive into a discussion that's as fun as it is necessary. There's something even more exhilarating - unraveling the threads of truth in our society's fabric. Take education, for instance. Imagine a world where schools prioritize scholastics, real history, and science. Instead, what do we see? A ban on books, a censorship of critical content, and a bizarre obsession with keeping children away from harm's way without addressing root causes. It's ludicrous. But let's tread deeper into the waters of historical amnesia. In some places, slavery is brushed under the carpet, as if erasing it from textbooks could change history. My ancestors owned plantations, a fact documented in family diaries alongside visits from George Washington. Yet, acknowledging such truths becomes controversial. Why? Because it challenges a political narrative, disrupts the comfort of ignorance and allows for indifferent gerrymandering. Switch gears to the present. We live in an era where Huck Finn and David Sedaris are banned throughout the southeast, yet the real comedy is the attempt to sanitize history. Who'd have thought?
    I've read so many books from from William F. Buckley Jr. to Chomsky to De Tocqueville - books that shaped a portion of my political understanding which seem lost in today's discourse. It's not just about reading; it's about understanding the pivotal role of critical thinking. In this landscape of absurdity, where “grooming” is equated to mere exposure to different American lifestyles, history's complexity is reduced to good versus evil.
    Did the gay actor companions of Ronald Reagan alter his sexuality or beliefs? Of course not. He did marry the popular Nancy Reagan, Hollywood legend known for being able to "unbuckle her jaw". No amount of dinner parties with Truman Capote or Rock Hudson changed the Gipper’s appetites nor minimized the joys of her vaunted jaw.
    It's a reminder that personal liberty and the complexities of the human condition demand respect, not censorship. As we navigate this terrain, remember that solutions exist, but they require courage and honesty - not just a willingness to turn a blind eye. It's about dismantling hypocrisy, not perpetuating it. And so, as we wax philosophical over brandy and cigars or yoga and green tea, let's commit to unearthing truth, promoting dialogue, and challenging the narratives that bind us. It's not just educational; it's essential to the fabric of our society. Let's make these conversations public, not just for entertainment, but for enlightenment.
    00:00 Introduction to Rethinking Heroes
    00:04 Unraveling the Controversy: Moms for Liberty Exposed
    02:29 The Dark Side of School Boards and Climate Change Denial
    03:25 The Hypocrisy of Moms for Liberty and Their Leadership
    05:06 Morris Cunningham Sheds Light on Dark Money and School Privatization
    06:18 The Rise of Moms for Liberty: A Far-Right Creation
    07:05 The Dangerous Branding and Tactics of Moms for Liberty
    15:24 Addressing the Extremist Designation and Its Implications
    28:14 The Impact of Wealth and Privilege on Society's Perception
    29:05 The Philosophy of Noblesse Obl

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    Digital Freedom vs. Political Control in the TikTok Sale Saga + Open Phones

    Digital Freedom vs. Political Control in the TikTok Sale Saga + Open Phones

    PART. 1
    ## The Heartbeat of Free Speech and the Digital Arena: TikTok at the Crossroads
    The recent buzz about TikTok potentially changing hands (from the Chinese) to a group led by none other than former W. Bush Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin along with the Israeli spy chief, has rekindled fiery debates about digital autonomy, who holds the reins of power, and the ever-present specter of TikTok’s death-by-censorship. He who controls TikTok, controls the narrative.
    You know, TikTok, that vibrant platform synonymous with bite-sized videos and a vibrant young community? It's become ground zero for discussions on free speech and the delicate dance between politics and control. TikTok is also a surprising political arena where topics and discussions, conspicuously avoided by the legacy media, are bountiful and unfiltered.
    Critics aren't mincing words; they're arguing that this isn't just your run-of-the-mill business deal. Nope, it's a power play aimed at stifling dissent on sensitive issues, from human rights atrocities to progressive activism. They fear it's a slippery slope toward monopolizing the narrative, drowning out voices in a space once hailed as a sanctuary for unfiltered expression.
    ## The Political Oracle: James Ray's Insights on Digital Platforms and Political Activism
    We speak with the Political Oracle himself, James Ray, a prominent political activist and commentator, particularly known for his extensive work on Palestine and his significant following on TikTok (400K+). Ray's perspective illuminated how TikTok, unlike other platforms, has enabled a broader dissemination of information on political issues like Palestine, which often face censorship elsewhere.
    Follow James Ray on TikTok: @jamesgetspolitical
    Follow Cary Harrison on TikTok: @TheCaryHarrison

    The interactive session with James Ray shed light on the intrinsic value digital platforms hold in amplifying voices that are typically marginalized in mainstream discourse. This isn't just about one platform but the overall maneuvering of digital spaces to curate or control political education and activism, using murky security concerns to quash free speech.
    And what about legacy media? Well, Cary's not one to shy away from the tough questions. In a world where truth is a rare commodity, he champions platforms like TikTok, fueled by brave activists like James Ray (Democratic Socialists of America) and Public Radio shows like "Rethinking Heroes" as beacons of raw honesty, doing what the mainstream media seems no longer willing or able to do.
    ## The Uncertain Future of Free Speech
    Digital platforms, as underscored by Cary Harrison and information analysts like James Ray, remain crucial in the fight for a more equitable, just, and transparent world. The discussions on "Rethinking Heroes" serve as a reminder of the role each of us plays in shaping the future of our digital and real-world societies. Cary Harrison’s TikTok: @thecaryharrison
    PART 2:
    In the heart of broadcast, where the unpredictable meets the airwaves, there's no telling what might happen when the phone lines open. Cary Harrison, a name synonymous with fearless journalism and untamed discussions, has seen his fair share of the unexpected, the bizarre, and the downright insane callers who have graced his show, 'Rethinking Heroes.' From audacious confessions to ludicrous assertions, these callers often leave us with jaws agape and minds boggling.
    One such caller, fondly remembered as “Frog from Atlanta”, took us on a roller coaster of conspiracy theories, political bravado, and an alarming admiration for controversial figures. Frog's emphatic defense of former President Trump's endeavors and virtues (or lack thereof) painted a vivid picture of dedication mixed with a heap of delusion. His take on Trump-sponsored Bibles and celestial claims about Trump's supposed virtues was nothing short of comedic gold. Yet, beneath the chuckles, it underscored a glaring reflection on the depth

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    #47 'Born on 4th of July's' Ron Kovic; PSYOPS's John Kirbow

    #47 'Born on 4th of July's' Ron Kovic; PSYOPS's John Kirbow

    The valor and heroism of Ron Kovic during the Vietnam War, his subsequent advocacy for peace, and the personal journeys of individuals affected by war. He has completed his trilogy with the latest that includes his diary entries from the Vietnam war field: A Dangerous Country: An American Elegy. The conversation shifts to analyzing the psychological and societal impacts of propaganda, focusing on modern-day radicalization and domestic extremism. It dissects how beliefs and narratives can lead to violence, referencing examples like QAnon, and emphasizes the strategic manipulation of people through propaganda. Further, the script highlights the organized disinformation campaigns, particularly those driven by foreign actors. John Kirbow, a former PSYOP specialist, shares insights on combating domestic extremism and the use of military propaganda techniques within the population. The dialogue also covers broader cultural and political issues, including the importance of genuine patriotism, community support, and the dangers posed by extremist ideologies to veterans and the general public.

    This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit rethinkingheroes.substack.com/subscribe

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    [Full Video] Ep. #3: Torpedoed USS Liberty False-Flag Op?

    [Full Video] Ep. #3: Torpedoed USS Liberty False-Flag Op?

    Remembering the USS Liberty: A Story of Betrayal and Bravery
    In the annals of history, there are countless stories of unsung heroes whose sacrifices have shaped the world we live in today. One such story revolves around the USS Liberty, an American auxiliary ship that was attacked by Israeli fighter jets off the coast of Egypt during the Vietnam War in 1967. This tragic event, shrouded in secrecy and conspiracy, has become a symbol of betrayal and bravery. Join us as we delve into the untold story of the USS Liberty and honor the courageous crew members who survived against all odds.
    The USS Liberty: A Targeted Attack
    On that fateful day in 1967, the USS Liberty found itself in the crosshairs of Israeli planes. Many questions arise - Why was an American ship fired upon by Israeli jets? And why did the Defense Department instruct the crew to stand down and not respond?
    To shed light on this fateful incident, we are privileged to have Phil Turney, a surviving crew member of the USS Liberty, joining us. Phil shares his firsthand account and reveals a more sinister plot behind the attack. It becomes clear that the objective was to sink the USS Liberty and blame it on Egypt's President Nasser, potentially dragging the United States into a catastrophic war with the Soviet Union.
    The Aftermath: Silence and Cover-Up
    Despite surviving the attack, the crew of the USS Liberty faced a new threat - the government's orders to remain silent. Phil Turney recounts the years of silence imposed upon them, with the threat of prison or death hanging over those who dared to speak out. It was only after 18 years that Phil decided to break his silence, inspired by a shipmate who fearlessly began telling their story.
    The Betrayal Within: Government Involvement
    The government's role in the USS Liberty incident further deepens the sense of betrayal. As Phil shares, top officials like Robert McNamara, the head of the Defense Department at the time, ordered the crew to do nothing and deployed jets to defend themselves. This invitation to hostility points to a more significant agenda, orchestrated by their own government.
    Implications and the Path to Truth
    The repercussions of the USS Liberty attack cannot be ignored. It raises questions about the integrity of the government, the military, and the media. Phil Turney emphasizes the importance of uncovering the truth to save the country from its current downward trajectory. The cover-up, which persists even after more than five decades, reveals a disturbing pattern of deceit that continues to plague our nation.
    Rethinking Heroes: Advocating for the Truth
    At Rethinking Heroes, we strive to bring the stories of veterans like Phil Turney to the forefront. We stand firmly against whitewashing history and believe that every perspective deserves to be heard. Through our efforts, we aim to bring relief to veterans and shed light on the sacrifices they have made.
    Looking Ahead: The Need for Transparency
    As we conclude our conversation with Phil Turney, his message resonates with civilians and veterans alike. We must demand transparency and accountability from our government. The reticence of presidents, congressmen, and senators to initiate a genuine investigation only perpetuates the cycle of deceit. Sharing the truth about the USS Liberty incident can guide our nation away from its perilous path.
    The untold story of the USS Liberty is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by our military personnel and the lengths to which some will go to silence the truth. We salute the brave crew members who survived the attack, and we honor their courage in speaking out. Let us remember their story and ensure that such betrayals never happen again.
    Note: To learn more about this incident, we encourage you to watch the documentary "Sacrificing Liberty" available on YouTube.
    Phil Tourney is one of a handful of surviving crewmembers of the USS Liberty which was attacked during the 6-Day war in 1967 by Israeli f

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    [Full Video] #45: True Crime - Online Celebrity Stalking

    [Full Video] #45: True Crime - Online Celebrity Stalking

    Today, we’re sharing the harrowing stalking and cyber ordeal faced by Joseph Gatt, an acclaimed actor known for Thor, Star Trek, and an array of TV series and video games.

    This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit rethinkingheroes.substack.com/subscribe

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