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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

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Tony Funderburk shows, in each Rhyme and Reason Podcast episode, how life makes sense because God made you. He’s the author and publisher of 34 books for adults and kids and a songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. Get some free songs and a book for kids by jumping on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon today.

    All about the demo

    All about the demo

    Episode 929 of the Rhyme and Reason podcast is all about the demo. Back to the regular programming next time…

    Limbic arc, vector art, and a better place to start

    Limbic arc, vector art, and a better place to start

    Why, in the name of godzilla, would you ever want to identify with a lower creature? Why would you ever, ever, ever want, or claim to have, a lizard brain? And how would that ever help you tune in to your limbic arc? Or help you maintain balance in your emotional vectoring? Not to mention (but I will) your energetic posture.

    No reptilian brain is ever gonna benefit from a limbic arc.

    At least that’s my prediction. And I believe that goes for the paleomammalian and neomammalian brains, too.

    Of course, this is only MY prediction. And it’s based on 000,000 years of study on the subject (YES, that number IS correct). But my prediction is a result of decades of study on why humans prefer creatures over the Creator. And, by the way, this dirty, broken world provides proof, every second in every day of where that worldview leads.

    If you’ve read this far, give yourself a big pat on the back. Because I know, on the surface, it looks like I’ve read too many science fiction books or listened to too many wacko “influencers.” So, here’s why I brought this up today.

    I discovered there’s an app that was created to help you with your limbic arc. I’m not going into detail on how an info boost goes into the zero point field and gets directly to YOU. Just know that it does. And that your brain is smarter than you think.

    OK, just so you know, part of me prefers to make fun of the limbic arc app. And part of me is intrigued by how much study went into all the emotional vectoring, zero point fields interaction, and info boost talk. Because your body apparently DOES have a limbic system. And that system is more proof that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

    But to say you can tap into info boosts, with your phone (or even your computer) and reap the benefits of anti-aging is a stretch. In fact, every time I see ANY product that mentions anti-aging, alarms ring out in my brain. Because there is no such thing, in this life, as anti-aging. You live another day. And you’re another day older.

    Nothing can change that.

    When you claim your product can help with allergies, digestion, and gut health, I already know that’s feasible. Because there are plenty of products out there with those proven benefits. And when you claim your product can help detox livers, strengthen hearts, or build up immune systems, same thing. I’ve experienced some of those products.

    But when you start adding the benefits of anti-aging, “resolve,” and “prosperity,” my male-cattle-by-product radar starts beeping the alert bell. And when someone talks about the 2000 pieces of information your conscious brain processes every second, in the frontal cortex, BUT you leave out God, I question the integrity of your purpose.

    Then, when you talk about the reticular activation system in the brain, and how the brain subconsciously processes over 400 million pieces of information, BUT you leave out God, that’s another YUGE red flag.

    So many misinformed, mistaken, and misaligned people actually believe in a triune brain. But they can’t begin to imagine believing in a triune God. Yeah, the actually say things like certain parts of your brain are older than others. And they believe humans started with a brain stem which was supposed to be “responsible for primitive survival instincts such as aggression and fear.” And, apparently, that “evolved” into a more complex brain that included the limbic system.

    Of course, if you’re just another reptile, then you’re just a work in progress. And that removes the right and wrong aspect. Because you’re just a work in progress. And a work in progress will have problems. Revisions will be needed. The system will require more development.

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    Longest bridge span isn’t part of my plan

    Longest bridge span isn’t part of my plan

    The longest bridge in the world spans over 100 miles. Can you imagine driving that far, and it’s all on one bridge. Well, that’s all I’ll do. Because I’m never gonna drive on any bridge that long. Much less this particular one.

    Because the longest bridge in the world is in China.

    And I have no desire to visit China just so I can say I was on the longest bridge in the world. For that matter, I wouldn’t visit parts of America just to say that. But that’s just me. Feel free (as much as anybody can feel free anymore) to go drive on any bridge you like.

    According to an article I read, the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge, the name for the longest bridge in the world, is an impressive feat of engineering. And apparently it’s part of the Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway. That article included these interesting facts about the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge. Directly from the article:

    1. Length: 164.8 kilometers (102.4 miles) long, making it the longest bridge in the world.

    2. Location: Between the cities of Danyang and Kunshan in Jiangsu Province, China.

    3. Construction Time: Started in 2006 and completed in 2010. The bridge officially opened in June 2011.

    4. Purpose: It was built to support high-speed rail travel, allowing trains to travel at speeds up to 300 km/h (186 mph).

    5. The bridge was constructed by a workforce of around 10,000 people. It used 450,000 tons of steel and 2.3 million cubic meters of concrete. The construction involved extensive planning and engineering to ensure stability and safety over various terrains, including rivers, lakes, and rice paddies. Prefabricated sections were used to expedite the building process and ensure structural integrity.

    6. Design and Engineering Challenges: Soft ground, water bodies, and varying terrains. Incorporating modern engineering techniques and materials to ensure durability and safety. Ensuring the bridge can withstand natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons.

    7. Economic and Social Impact: The bridge significantly reduced travel time between major cities, boosting economic development and connectivity in the region.

    Sounds like quite an accomplishment.

    And I’m still not going there. Even though, my guess is, to a HUGE degree, most of the cost to build it was paid by Walmart, Costco, and Hobby Lobby customers.

    If that includes you, don’t feel too bad. Because good luck trying to find something that’s NOT made in China. Of course, that’s no big deal because their government luvs America. So, what do we have to fear but fear itself?


    These kinds of stories, combined with stories about American border invaders, atrocious abortion activists, a despicable criminal justice system that’s just a system, and more, inspire me to encourage you.

    And, just in case, because things can go wrong SO fast, I encourage you to share more than a coke and smile with your loved ones. Share more than a dinner and a movie. Share more than a wink and a nod. Matter of fact…

    I hope you’ll tell someone you love, today,

    Something they will not soon forget,

    A little something they can take through life,

    A memory. A love vignette.  © 2023

    And while you’re at it, you and your loved ones should jump on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon. And be part of the growing band of believers who know life has Rhyme and Reason because God is Real.

    Stay tuned,

    Nerve health and wisdom wealth

    Nerve health and wisdom wealth

    This is something good to share with the kiddos. I talked about this over 10 years ago. But since this kind of nerve health is an ongoing issue, it’s just as relevant as ever.

    And here’s what I mean by “this kind of nerve health.”

    Have you ever heard someone say “you got a lotta nerve?” Usually they don’t mean that in a good way. It’s usually someone thinking you shouldn’t have said or done what you just said or did.

    Like maybe you just told a guy his purple mohawk looks goofy. And he says, “Hey, you got a lotta nerve.” Here’s a helpful tip. When you see some dork, who has a purple mohawk, just do like Dionne Warwick sang. Walk on By. Let the dork have his purple mohawk. And act as though you never saw it.

    Same thing goes for someone who has one yellow shoe and one pink shoe. Or someone who loves prunes. Let ’em wear their mismatched shoes and eat their strange fruits. Because other people’s mismatched shoes, strange fruit, and weird hair should have NO effect on YOU. And when you get down to it, the world is full of much stranger things.

    I know you got a lotta nerve. And you’re bold for the Lord.

    But, as the saying goes, don’t sweat the small stuff.

    You can think whatever you want, about their dorkiness. But keep it to yourself, and don’t say it out loud. You’ll either make ’em mad or make ’em sad. Either way, it’s best to just keep on walkin’ and whistlin’.

    The best side effect of taking my advice is your own good nerve health. And besides that, when you have more “regard for good things,” it’ll be more of an insult to dorks than all your verbal criticisms. Plus, you can focus your boldness on self-improvement. Like this:

    You Got A Lotta Nerve

    You got a lotta nerve sayin’ you’re gonna climb that tree,

    And run that race,

    Or ride that bike,

    And camp out in your own teepee.

    You got a lotta nerve sayin’ you’re gonna read that book

    And learn that math

    Or clean your room

    And hang your coat on the coat hook.

    You got a lotta nerve sayin’ you wanna be your best

    And dress real sharp

    Or stay real clean

    And be happy and not depressed.

    You got a lotta nerve sayin’ you wanna do what’s right,

    But keep that nerve

    And don’t give up

    You’re a winner in God’s good light.

    © 2013

    Just use a little bit of nerve, and jump on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon. And be part of the growing band of believers who know life has Rhyme and Reason because God is Real.

    Stay tuned,



    Go solar right now, and they’ll show you how

    Go solar right now, and they’ll show you how

    “The State of Colorado Will Compensate Local Residents To Go Solar as Part of a Statewide Program (RPS).”

    That was the headline to a short advertorial I recently read online. And I have a long history with Colorado, starting at birth, so it piqued my curiosity, of course.

    But when “they” say “Go Solar,” it’s not a suggestion.

    No, they’re not looking to get you to consider solar. Uh-uh. It’s a mandate (which is not two guys going to dinner). Here’s what “they” (the state of Colorado) said about it.

    The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a regulatory mandate to increase the production of energy from renewable sources like solar throughout the state of Colorado. This new, statewide renewable electricity standard is given to every state as a goal to have a percentage of its power come from renewable energies like wind and solar.”

    Funny (odd, not ha-ha) how they never include oil when they talk about renewable energies. But, as I’ve shared right here on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon, oil IS, and always has been, a renewable energy. And as bad as the mandate sounds, there’s something even more sinister at work in this so-called “initiative.”

    For example, here’s more about their “goal” from that advertorial:

    “With the goal of being 30% solar dependent by 2030, the state of Colorado has introduced big incentives and is pushing all local utility companies to compensate their customers to switch to solar through Energy Buy Back programs like Net Metering.

    These new, state-wide solar incentives help Colorado homeowners take advantage of all federal, state, and local solar programs and rebates, and can completely eliminate their power bills with $0 upfront costs.”

    When a state “has introduced big incentives,” that should be a red flag for you.

    Your first thought should be, “Hmm, where did the state get the money to introduce “big incentives?” And, your lightning-fast reply to yourself should be, “TAXES!” Because “free” is only a concept. Nothing is EVER free.

    And any government that increases taxes on hard-working people in order to give “big incentives” to other people, is a tyrannical government.

    Jesus wasn’t particularly fond of tax collectors. And He said a tax rate of 10% is tyrannical. I hope you don’t believe, even for a second, that your tax rate is 10%. Because it’s at least five times that much.

    If you believe the government has your best interest at heart when they say “go solar,” then you’ve accepted their matrix. And I fear for your eternal soul. It might be in jeopardy of everlasting confusion and torment.

    Because unjust taxation is stealing.

    Those who implement it are revealing

    Their contempt for what’s right. Pay attention, you might

    Find an answer that’s much more appealing.

    That’s all I’ll say on it for now. While you wait for my next sound-off, jump on the Rhyme and Reason Bandwagon. And be part of the growing band of believers who know life has Rhyme and Reason because God is Real.

    Stay tuned,

    Wizard of Oz might have had a cause

    Wizard of Oz might have had a cause

    When I was a kid, way back before gigantic TV screens (and even remote controls), the Wizard of Oz movie came on once a year. I don’t know exactly what my parents thought about the movie. But the kids sure got a kick out of it.

    But who knew the Wizard of Oz had so many double meanings?

    I certainly didn’t. Plus, I just never gave it much more thought than how imaginative and colorful the movie was. And, unless you’re someone who thinks there’s hidden messages in everything, chances are you were the same way. The Wizard of Oz was just a movie that especially entertained kids. Right?

    Well, I saw an article this morning that takes some of the main characters, in the Wizard of Oz, to a whole ‘nother level. And I haven’t spent any time trying to verify or nullify the validity of this article. I’m not going to either. Just thought it sounded interesting. And I thought you might, too. Here’s the article.

    “The Straw Man represents that fictional ALL CAPS legal fiction, The PERSON. He wanted a brain but got a Certificate. The Birth Certificate.

    The TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) Man. He was a robotic avatar, who worked tirelessly until his body literally froze up and stopped functioning. The heartless and emotionless robot creature who worked himself to death. Because he had no heart or soul.

    The Cowardly Lion was a bully, but was actually a true coward when someone stood up to him, like most bullies. He lacked true courage. And, in the end, the Wizard gave him an Official Recognition Award: Authority and Status.

    The Wizard of Oz used magic, smoke, flames and holograms. But all of it were tricks and illusions to push fear and compliance to make people do what he commanded. The truth is the Wizard has NO real power and only used illusions to create false power and authority.

    The Wicked Witch pushed fear through intimidation.

    She was after Toto. And she controlled the flying monkey police, the policy enforcers, and the mischievous demons. Those also represent the BAR Association who attack and control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the crooked Bankers of Oz, obsessed with gold.

    In the field of poppies, they were not REAL humans. So drugs had no effect on them. But Dorothy was drugged.

    The Wizard of Oz was written at the time when Rockefeller and the Big Pharma began to take over medicine and education.

    The Crown was actually the largest drug dealer. And, after their take-over of drug distribution in China, they began to expand all around the world.

    Toto was what the Wicked Witch was really after. Toto in Latin means ‘in total.’ Toto exposed the Wizard of Oz and had no fear, despite being very small compared to the Great Wizard. So, no one noticed him. 

    Toto pulled the curtain on the Wizard and his magical scams. And that ‘curtain’ also signifies the End of an Act or scene! He pulled the curtain. And started barking until others paid attention, hypothetically giving everyone the ‘Red Pill.’

    The curtain hid the corporate legal fiction and its false courts. 

    So, no matter how small your bark is, it can be heard!” -end of article-

    OK, the best conspiracy theories are the ones that seem plausible.

    And knowing how the powers that be, in the world of arts and sciences, love to push their narrative du jour, this Wizard of Oz entrée isn’t so far-fetched. And here’s my poetic narrative of the day, for the kiddos:

    Rainbow Riders

    Riding on a rainbow after all the raindrops fell,

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

keithgreen ,

No Greater Love.....

I’m thankful for theses segments with Tony. I’ve been looking for a means to decompress. I can’t think of anything but listening to Rhythm and Reason to decompress. The combination of words and songs focusing on Godly wisdom are just what GOD has ordered! Thank you!

Elgielene ,

A Great Tool for the Entire Family

Tony takes information in the Bible and explains it using songs, poems, and easy-to-understand stories. His style is relaxed and friendly. You should listen to every episode and share the podcast with every family you know.

Dittos ,

I'm so GRATEFUL to have found Mister Tony!

I've been enjoying each and every episode. Once I heard a few, I went back to the very first episode and played them each through. That's like 100 episodes, so I'm serious when I say these are fantastic! One of the most varied podcasts I listen to, out of 18 or so I regularly subscribe to. Rarely can someone sing, read prose, AND teach God's truths! But Tony does a perfect balance. I'm sort of a hardcore, black-and-white guy when it comes to Scripture and Tony helps soften me around the edges where my witness needs it without sacrificing one bit of the Sword of the Lord's effectiveness. Thank you Mr. Funderburk, I look forward to the next 100!

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