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I interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin to an Architect.

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I interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin to an Architect.

    E22 Aligning Salesforce Architecture to Organizational Vision

    E22 Aligning Salesforce Architecture to Organizational Vision

    A clear vision leads to understanding what an organization wants to achieve as a business. Gemma Blezard joined us today to discuss aligning salesforce architecture to organizational vision.

    Gemma Blezard is the founder of The Architect Club & Ladies Be Architects. She is also a Salesforce MVP, entrepreneur, and an influencer of Salesforce architects around the world. She has talked at Salesforce and community-led conferences, including user groups, Dreamforce, Salesforce World Tour London, the Salesforce Partner Forum, French Touch Dreamin', and many more. She has won several awards, including Salesforce's Golden Hoodie (May 2018), WeAreTheCity's TechWoman100 award (2018), Salesforce MVP, BIMA100 Digital Champion for Change & Computing's ENT Role Model of the Year. In 2020, she delivered a free online salesforce training course for the unemployed and won the Digital Revolution award for Outstanding Contribution to the Salesforce ecosystem. Gemma lives in Bedford, England, United Kingdom.

    During today's conversation, Francis and Gemma discussed governance in a salesforce project, following into what empathy can do for others. Gemma shares information about building a vision for her community, The architect club. Further into the conversation, they talk about the relationships between the client and the organization, how they manage risks, and the difference between a developer and architecture. Gemma shares what it is to be a part of a community with her and her journey through years with Salesforce. Wrapping up today's conversation, Gemma shares what advice she wants to give to her 20 years old self and why.

    [02.47] Governance – Starting the conversation, Gemma explains what governance means in a salesforce project.

    [07.05] Empathy - Gemma shares the importance of having empathy towards other people because it helps them to perform better.

    [09.03] The architect club – A clear vision is a must in any organization. Gemma dives into how they take considerable time to build their vision first and then go to the others.

    [13.39] Relationships – Gemma dives into customer relationships' role in an organization's well-being.

    [19.51] Readiness – Gemma addresses 'readiness' as one of the most significant issues in salesforce projects.

    [24.52] Open-ended questions – Gemma shares what questions are better when conversing with your clients.

    [32.18] Managing risks – Managing risks is vital. Gemma shares how they manage risks and the part architecture has to play in that situation.

    [39.53] Developer vs. Architecture – Francis and Gemma shares opinions about the difference between an admin or a developer and architecture.

    [45.00] Working with Salesforce – Gemma shares how she joined Salesforce and her journey through the years.

    [49.09] Salesforce community – A community gives a sense of belonging to anyone. Gemma talks about what it is like to be a part of the salesforce community.

    [55.06] Words of wisdom – Gemma shares a piece of advice for her 20 years old self.


    Connect with Gemma

    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/gemmablezard/

    Twitter - twitter.com/ArchitechClub

    Website (Personal) - gemmablezard.com/


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    E21 The Salesforce DevOps Ecosystem

    E21 The Salesforce DevOps Ecosystem

    As the Salesforce ecosystem expands and integrates with global business technologies, the salesforce DevOps has significantly matured and grown since it started. In today's episode of the Salesforce Posse Podcast, we are joined by Vernon Keenan to talk about the Salesforce DevOps Ecosystem and the importance of Value Stream Management.

    Vernon Keenan is a Senior Industry Analyst at SalesforceDevops.net. He is an industry analyst and technologist entrepreneur who has founded businesses that use cutting-edge technology to serve customers. He is an internationally renowned Internet commerce sector analyst and thought leader. He was a pioneer in the study of how e-commerce affected the US economy. With original content and thought leadership intended to advance Salesforce app development at all levels, Vernon Keenan fills the gap between targeted market research and inspirational content. He aims to increase prospects and exposure for each participant in the Salesforce DevOps market.

    During today's conversation, we dive into the current state of DevOps in the salesforce ecosystem and what value stream mapping is. Furthermore, we discuss application lifecycle management and wrapping up the conversation, Vernon shares some sites to learn more about Salesforce DevOps.

    [00.57] State of DevOps – Starting the conversation, Vernon dives into the current state of DevOps in the salesforce ecosystem along with the key difference between developing systems based on salesforce and other SAS systems.

    [07.23] Value Stream Mapping – Vernon defines value stream mapping and what it is trying to do.

    [13.31] The platform – Vernon talks about where DevOps stand in the ecosystem, saying it's not a tool but a platform.

    [18.55] Application lifecycle management - Application lifecycle management (ALM) is an integrated system of people, tools, and processes that manages software applications development, testing, maintenance, decommissioning, and retirement.

    [22.06] Learning more – Vernon mentions some sites to discover more about Salesforce DevOps as well as a free learning resource for learning more.


    SalesforceDevops.net Industry Map
    Dora Metrics
    Value Stream Mapping: Digital.ai
    Gearset DevOps
    Salesforce DevOps Center
    Atlassian Jira
    Free DevOps Training at GearSet LaunchPad

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    E20 London Architect Community Group is a go!

    E20 London Architect Community Group is a go!

    The Salesforce Architect Group in London is a local resource that enables Salesforce architects, administrators, and developers to learn about Salesforce features and partners and network with one another. Francis Pindar, Tom Bassett and Sam Wadhwan have kicked off the new community group in London and we talk about why we started it all off and what we want the community to get out of it.

    Tom currently works for Trigg Digital as a Solution Architect. He has over five years of experience working with the Salesforce platform and is also a Salesforce application/solution architect. Tom's goal is for customers to get the most out of the CRM, maximise their return on investment, and benefit from working with him. Also, he helps to disseminate the Ohana culture by giving the broader Salesforce Community support in the form of new feature ideas and responses to questions that have been posted. On the other hand, Sam is a Salesforce-certified technical architect and the Chief Technical Architect at PwC.

    During our discussion today, Sam and Tom shared their professional backgrounds and the path that led them to become a part of the Salesforce ecosystem for the first time. In addition, we discuss the widespread misperceptions surrounding architects and their work and the numerous campaigns and initiatives undertaken in recent years to dispel these misconceptions. Also, we talk about how the work of an architect needs a great degree of imagination and how important it is to explain a complicated notion in a way that is easy to understand as an architect. Moreover, Sam and Tom share what they are looking forward to experiencing in the community group, in which they highlight that it is impossible to be an expert in everything, and we must narrow our focus to our areas of expertise. Furthermore, they state that they are looking forward to the community group since they believe it will aid the architect community in London and those individuals who aspire to become Salesforce Architects.


    Connect with Sam and Tom:

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/tom-bassett-uk/

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/samwadhwani/

    Tom Bassett: trailblazer.me/id/tombassett

    Sam Wadhwani: trailblazer.me/id/swadhwani

    Mentioned in the episode:

    Architect Group, London, UK

    Register for Meetings/Events here: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/salesforce-architect-group-london-united-kingdom


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    E19 What is Salesforce DevOps?

    E19 What is Salesforce DevOps?

    As time passes, organisations that are using Salesforce have become more and more dependent on it. Salesforce DevOps is focused on ensuring administrators and developers can release updates and go through the software development lifecycle as efficiently as possible, with the least defects and user interruption. Jack McCurdy, Salesforce DevOps Advocate at Gearset, features in today's episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast to share his experience as a salesforce advocate.

    Jack shares knowledge of DevOps throughout the salesforce ecosystem. He has spent the last few years working with businesses to establish DevOps teams and procedures, which are essential for delivering Salesforce installs successfully and fostering both business growth and customer satisfaction. His passion is supporting the creation and maintenance of outstanding cultures that serve as the pillars of DevOps best practices.

    During today's conversation, we explore what DevOps is, what it provides people, and Jack’s experience working at DevOps. Jack dives into what common problems people want DevOps to find solutions to and how they make it simpler and errorless. Furthermore, he discusses the importance of metrics when measuring success and maturity, and wrapping up the conversation, Jack dives into how communication can solve problems and make a better workplace for employees.

    [04.44] DevOps – DevOps is a set of practices combined with software development and IT operations. Starting the conversation, Jack dives into what DevOps is and how they help people to identify problems sooner and solve them.

    [06.10] Problems – Jack dives into the common problems people come to DevOps for solutions.

    [13.14] Backups – Having backups and the mental health benefits of DevOps. Jack dives into how Dora metrics are used by DevOps.

    [15.58] Metrics – Jack explains how essential metrics are when measuring success or maturity.

    [21.33] The phoenix project - A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim.

    [22.42] Mindset shift – Role changes can be difficult in the beginning. But, with the right communication, you can change the environment for employees and build a level of maturity in the organization.


    Contact Jack: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-mccurdy/
    Gearset Website
    The Pheonix Project Book

    Sponsored by: www.AdminToArchitect.com

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    E18 What's your Salesforce Value? with Qurantulain Tariq

    E18 What's your Salesforce Value? with Qurantulain Tariq

    In this episode of the Salesforce Posse podcast, we invited Quratulain Tariq; co-founder of PakDreamin’, a Salesforce Certified Sr. App Engineer at Ortoo to today’s episode we share her fascinating journey with the Salesforce community. Quratulain graduated in 2017 as a software engineer in Pakistan and expected to go into another quality assurance, but in the end, became employed by the UK company Ortoo. Then after searching for the term ‘salesforce.’ She then realised that there’s a whole community out there on Salesforce, and by joining the London’s Calling DemoJam live streaming picked up the Salesforce bug and got hooked. Then she got into Trailhead and started creating her own Trailhead internal community at work.

    Quratulain became a salesforce MVP; an award given by Salesforce to people with expert Salesforce knowledge who share their experiences to help others achieve in Salesforce. In addition, she collaborated in starting the Pakistan Dreamin’ event, where they had 700 - 1000 registrants, which was a great platform for Pakistani people to connect with trailblazers and different companies and countries and really did put the Pakistan Salesforce community on the global map. Pakistan Dreamin’ happened in August this year.

    During today’s conversation, we dive into how Quratulain learned about Salesforce and what kind of value people can get from joining a community. Then, Quratulain shares how she became a Salesforce MVP. In addition to that, we explore Pakistan Dreaming, what it is, what opportunities it gives people, how it opens doors to another level of Salesforce for people, and more. At the end of the conversation, Quratulain shares a piece of lifelong advice to people hoping to make a career in Salesforce by saying, be yourself, don’t beat yourself too much over something, and you will get there eventually, whatever your goal is.

    At Salesforce Posse, we interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin or Developer to an Architect.

    [01.45] Learning about Salesforce – Quratulain walks us through how she got into Salesforce and how she found out there’s a whole salesforce community out there.

    [04.21] The value of community  – The joy of having a community that has your back in times of need and the acceptance of anyone without concern where they come from as the value of having a community, says Quratulain.

    [11.45] Becoming Salesforce MVP – Quratulain shares the moment when she became a salesforce MVP and how she processed becoming an MVP.

    [15.35] Dreaming events – Quratulain dives into how dreaming events are organized in the US and around the world and what value those events have for those communities.

    [17.48] Pakistan dreaming – First community-led conference within the salesforce ecosystem in Pakistan.

    [24.26] Advice for Youngsters – Stop comparing and bringing value to your community in what way you can as the advice that she gives to her younger self, says Quratulain.

    Connect with Quratulain

    LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/salesforcequrat/?originalSubdomain=pk

    Twitter - https://mobile.twitter.com/iqurattariq

    Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

    Indeed Jobs: https://www.indeed.com/

    PakDreamin: https://pakdreamin.com/

    Salesforce Community Conferences: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/community/conferences

    Salesforce Community Events: https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/


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    E17 The Future of Salesforce Careers

    E17 The Future of Salesforce Careers

    This episode's a little different from the regular podcast because it is a session I hosted at London's Calling. London's Calling is a Salesforce community in-person event that I run every year where we bring Salesforce gurus and influences from across the ecosystem. The aim of the event is for all of us to better understand best practices on the Salesforce platform and to help build long-lasting relationships with Salesforce experts across the world that has helped so much in my career. So this session is a panel discussion on the future of Salesforce careers, the current demands, and tips and tricks in the ecosystem. We have Stuart Mills, VP of Trailhead & Ecosystem in EMEA, working at Salesforce. Vikky Moritz-Henry, a Salesforce Consultant and freelance Salesforce trainer from France and Martin Brown, a newly minted Salesforce Administrator, is talking about what he learned while getting his first job, as well as myself.

    So if you are interested in growing your Salesforce career and understanding some tips and tricks and stats on the current Salesforce talent economy, then you will find some value in this conversation with Stuart, Vikki, Martin and myself.

    At Salesforce Posse, we interview influencers in the Salesforce ecosystem so that we can gain a better understanding of how to excel in a career path from a Salesforce Admin or Developer to an Architect.

    Salesforce Posse Podcast Website

    Contact the Panel:
    Stuart Mills: Twitter, LinkedIn
    Francis Pindar: Twitter, LinkedIn
    Vikky Moritz-Henry: Twitter, LinkedIn
    Martin Brown: LinkedIn

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4.2 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

vinningspace ,

Zencastr recording was better imo

Usually I hear this podcast when I’m traveling in my car. Previous podcast audio was not consistent. It was low most of the times but would suddenly get loud. It was annoying. The latest episode I heard at my home on my phone speakers. I’m not sure environment change or what but i felt audio was much better.

al3550 ,

For the programmatic and declarative Salesforce user

What a great podcast. These two have really shot out of the gates at full speed. The variance of topics from preferred IDE’s to Summer releases and humorous quips in between. I am looking forward to Ep 2!!!

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