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Discussing Innovative Fundraising Ideas and Resources For Schools

School Zone: School Fundraising Ideas Podcast Matt Miller

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Discussing Innovative Fundraising Ideas and Resources For Schools

    Spirit Sox USA with Lisa Riggs

    Spirit Sox USA with Lisa Riggs

    The post Spirit Sox USA with Lisa Riggs appeared first on School Fundraising Ideas Podcast.

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    Epic Entertainment with Taylor Griswold & Daniel Monplaisir

    Epic Entertainment with Taylor Griswold & Daniel Monplaisir

    Hello and welcome to the School Zone with Matt Miller! Joining Matt this week to talk about a creative, fun, and engaging learning opportunity for public schools is the dynamic entertainment duo, Taylor Griswold and Daniel Monplaisir of Epic Entertainment.

    With social media, video games, and movies that our kids have access to these days, it’s harder than ever to keep them engaged in a classroom. In addition to that, those same social media outlets, videos games, and movies that are shortening this attention span of this generation are often filled with content that is inappropriate for K-12th graders. Epic Entertainment has found a way to engage kids by means of motivational school assemblies to speak with them about hard topics like: bullying, kindness, stress, anxiety, and self-esteem, while encapsulating the positive message with skits and games.

            “We try to find a way to provide the maximum impact by mixing in the fun and putting in the                                         message at very strategic point throughout the show so that it sticks.”                                – Taylor Griswold & Daniel Monplaisir

    Although they formally allow each school to choose through their library of 8-10 different skits, they always ask schools what the kids in their school have the biggest need to hear. Then, they try to adjust the skit accordingly to fit those particular needs for the school – it’s all about the kids!

    “We don’t do it for the income, we do it for the outcome.”   – Taylor Griswold 

    If you, your school, or organization is interested in learning more about Epic Entertainment, you can get more info or email them here:

    Website: www.EpicSchoolShows.com

    Phone: 512-619-4345.

    Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing opportunity for your school! We look forward to having you join Matt in the School Zone next time!

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    Elfundo with Trevor Murray

    Elfundo with Trevor Murray

    Your organization needs to do a fundraiser, again. Do you feel like you’ve worn out your welcome with the local businesses by asking them for more money? Elefundo can take care of that with a fundraiser that benefits both the school and local businesses.

    “Smart fundraising. Massive results.” – Elefundo

    There are 3 ways to make this happen, through their Shop To Save, Silent Auction, and Donate Now programs which take little effort to set up. As people in the schools or community purchase items they would probably buy anyway, both your organization and the business benefit when Elefundo is involved. There is no start date and no end date so you can be fundraising all year round. Which means, as people come and go through your group within the year, there’s no reason to need to “start over” or “regroup” with another fundraiser. Elefundo just keeps on going!

    School Zone Podcast welcomes Trevor Murray to the Zone! Listen with us as we learn how to fundraise benefit the school and community with little effort.

    Website: Elefundo.com

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    Harlem Wizards with Eric Jones

    Harlem Wizards with Eric Jones

    The School Zone Podcast welcomes Eric “Broadway” Jones and the Harlem Wizards to the School Zone. Eric Jones has been part of the Harlem Wizards for 18 years and feels fortunate to be able to travel the country entertaining people.

    In 1962, Howie Davis started the Harlem Wizards. The team is now owned by Todd Davis his son. Five players in the hall of fame were actually Wizards. The Harlem Wizards have played in over 30 countries and do over 460 fundraiser basketball games around the country a year. The season runs October to May and the Wizards have 3 full-time teams that travel all over the world.  The Midwest has been a big territory for the teams. They hope to bring their brand of entertainment basketball to the West Coast.  Teachers and administrators need to know that this is no traditional basketball game.

    Booking a game takes cooperation from the community. We like to get a good contingent of teachers from schools in a school district as opposed to just one school so we can draw from the community in general. This helps create a general buzz as the event is advertised and then it’s natural to sell tickets in person and online. Average ticket prices are $12-$15. Concessions, souvenirs, silent auctions and sponsorship’s help increase funds as well. Participants have made up to $40,000. It is a great way to build community and raise funds for your school. When the school makes money and the event goes well, everyone wins.

    If schools want to bring the Harlem Wizards to their school, it takes up to 8 months prep time depending on the school. A committee approach to planning and marketing is recommended and it is important to have support from the superintendent and principal to have a truly awesome Harlem Wizards experience. This is more than just a fundraiser. It is a community builder and the Wizards team supports the school throughout the process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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    FireAde with JC Barb

    FireAde with JC Barb

    If schools choose to use FireAde as a fundraiser, they can expect to make up to $7 profit for each can sold. Shipping is free and there are no minimums. Keeping people safe is what FireAde does and a portion of each sale supports families who have children going through burn treatment.

    Interested in this new innovative way to earn high profited sales for your organization? Earn money, Save lives and protect our environment. Contact FireAde to learn how selling the Personal Fire Suppression Systems can help your organization raise funds. Visit the FireAde website or call 770-460-7793.

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    ChalkNation with Krishna Chabba

    ChalkNation with Krishna Chabba

    Communication is essential when dealing with any community group whether it’s family, a club, a classroom, a school, or activity. In fact, communication and community go hand in hand. ChalkNation is a free app that your group can use to stay in touch. It’s from parents, for parents, and is intentional about “keeping it simple”.

    “Helping working parents get organized and be a part of the school community” – Krishna Chabba

    ChalkNation is a social network that helps families in a school classroom, neighborhood, or activity connect, share, and build a more robust and engaged community. It will help you keep up-to-date with community news, events, and information as well as help you create sign-up sheets, invitations, RSVPs, and volunteer sign-ups. To make it even better, ChalkNation is willing to work with your group to build a communications strategy. Download this FREE app today!!!

    Website: chalknation.com

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Punkseed ,

Many voices and ideas

Really enjoy the ideas and conversations on each episode, I find a little nugget with each episode. Thanks for this!

Avocadoak ,

Great way to get to know fundraising companies

This is a great way to learn about fundraising companies. As a parent, my time is very limited. Often searching for fundraisers, I would be confused by all the fundraising companies that seem the same. I like the interview format. But the best thing is being able to listen to the podcast on my commute!

mikeblade ,

Fantastic Show

Great podcast with great ideas! Schools I know, admin friends, as well as myself use some of the ideas to raise our local PTA’s fundraising funds. If you are involved in a PTA or similar this is a great resource!

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