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We believe stories change lives.

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We believe stories change lives.

    Episode #212: He Speaks Stories Summer with Tom Flaherty

    Episode #212: He Speaks Stories Summer with Tom Flaherty

    Are you tired? Just worn out? In this episode Tom breaks down the simple beauty of intimacy with God. It seems like a big feat, but it starts with desire and grows into something wonderful. 

    Tom, Katie’s brother, has been on our podcast a few times before because he’s a great teacher, one of Katie’s best favorite brothers and he genuinely enjoys our podcast! So that works out nicely!

    In this episode shares dreams he’s had and the transformation that came when the meaning of the dreams were revealed. 

    It’s such a good perspective on the power of valuing the presence of God. 

    Let’s get the ark back, let’s eat the spinach, let’s rest in the awesome power of his presence!

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Episode #211: Reunion with Susan Wanderer

    Episode #211: Reunion with Susan Wanderer

    SUSAN IS BACK for today’s episode!! And it’s so good! God has blown Susan away with all that he has shown her over this year! He has rekindled her love for the local church when it’s partnered with the gospel and shown her the power of community. In her new role in her church, God has showered her with goodness and perspective and this space has fueled the finishing touches on her new book (get excited! We are!) 

    If you’ve missed Susan, as we have, join us for quality connection as we hear all that God is doing in her life!

    • 57 min
    Episode #210: Reunion Episode with Portia Allen

    Episode #210: Reunion Episode with Portia Allen

    Those of you who have been long-time listeners know Portia and the goodness she brings, and though God called her to step down as host of She Speaks Stories, he called her towards some other great changes. And in this episode, Portia shares with us what she’s been up to this past year. 

    Jesus has held her, through changes, in her identity and quieted her fast pace with deep renewal. Her organization Imago Dei is growing as they learn exactly what it looks like to come alongside the church and help organize conversations about diversity. Their goal is to help leaders see what Jesus taught. That it’s not about the outcome, but about opportunities and looking around to see what is needed in the church’s community. Imago Dei is a much needed perspective. Not just sweeping these hard questions under the rug but really coming alongside the confusion to bridge the gaps and guide them through so Jesus can be seen in all cultures and corners! As they say, “Diversity is a garden to grow, not a problem to solve.” 

    To learn more about Imago Dei:


    Instagram: @weareiagodei.co

    Our Heart

    We'd love to be a part of your (all who hear this podcast) church staff development through our recorded 5 session course to help rediscover diversity through a biblical perspective. The Foundations Course is available through the website.

    Not sure where to begin? We'd love to hop on a free call with you. Click here.

    • 46 min
    Episode #209: A Conversion Story with Kim Wood

    Episode #209: A Conversion Story with Kim Wood

    Kim joins us today to share the steps she took to find Jesus. Even though she was raised to know there was a God, she didn’t see beyond him as a structured God of Wrath. Through some hard times and with many seeds planted over time, she found what she’d been missing!

    Life is hard, and it can be confusing! Questions and uncertainties come and it really is hard to see any hope in the middle of some of the hard. Kim’s story is a clear message of salvation. In her story we can see grace exemplified. When we have a life with holes, God comes in and fills in the gaps!

    Check out the episode we did with Kim's daughter, Episode #181 Finding Healing in Marriage with Dane and Brooke Lopez.

    • 42 min
    Episode #208: Transformation Stories with Sarah English

    Episode #208: Transformation Stories with Sarah English

    Sarah was a military spouse who was slammed with hard times, affairs, financial difficulties and so much unknown. But God knew her and did not leave her. Every step of the way he provided for her in the most personal ways with scraggly old strangers, kind judges, supportive churches and friendly empowering bosses. 

    This is a story of redemption. Her life exemplifies how God is always there, no matter where you are!

    • 35 min
    Episode #207: Faith Stories with Doris Lama

    Episode #207: Faith Stories with Doris Lama

    Doris is the kind of gal you want at your table. In this episode we’re getting a good introduction of the quippy Doris Lama! She’s so fun and filled with a confetti of eclectic and mosaic stories all centered around God’s answering her question: “What would you have me do?” With the Holy Spirit’s help she “moves from less than to more than” and encourages anyone who has the pleasure of her company! This is really a part one, because we’re going to have her back after hearing (too many!) teasers of some of the stories from her past, including how she met her husband. So get cozy and join us in chatting with Doris!

    • 38 min

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4.9 out of 5
109 Ratings

109 Ratings

Christfollowerapb ,

Great Podcast!!

It was so fun being a guest on this podcast! These women are genuine and full of life! I love that my mission is theirs as well - to share our stories because our stories change peoples’ lives!!

Jennie Annie Dot ,


Great podcast! Only problem is that the chatty chatty part of goes on forever and forever. I never heard anything about hope. Am I missing something here?

TammyRK ,

Add this to your must listen list!

Amazing, diverse stories of women overcoming and thriving. Thought provoking conversation led by a power house team of strong women.

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