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We believe stories change lives.

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We believe stories change lives.

    Episode #183: Finding Healing with Jennie Lusko

    Episode #183: Finding Healing with Jennie Lusko

    Jennie Lusko is a mother of five, and she pastors Fresh Life Church alongside her husband, Levi.
    She is also a best-selling author of The Fight to Flourish, a book written to show her readers that there is the ability to thrive in this life, even after traumatic experiences or hard seasons. There is grace, and with grace and hard work you can flourish!
    She is also a podcast host of the Hey It’s the Luskos podcast, which is an incredibly fun peek into the real, unfiltered life of Jennie & Levi’s marriage, ministry, faith, grief, and growth! Listening to this couple chat about both the silly and hard elements in their life, is both lighthearted and encouraging! 
    It’s clear that her message to the world is encouragement and hope. She loves to empower the world, reminding them they are beautiful, they are made for a purpose, and they are deeply loved by God. 

    Where can people find you? 
    Instagram: @jennielusko

    • 54 min
    Episode #182: Finding Healing with Jada Edwards

    Episode #182: Finding Healing with Jada Edwards

    Jada is an author, speaker and fellow podcaster! She is passionate about God as well as studying and teaching the Bible. This passion led to her writing books that include bible studies, books on marriage and leadership. 
    It’s not at all surprising that Jada has written these books, she excels at communicating clear, helpful, realistic steps that motivate and encourage! All of these aspects are helpful as we study the Bible, work on our marriage and develop leadership. She clearly knows the book she loves: The Bible, because her wisdom is all based on its Truths!
    She takes this gift of communication and shares it with everyone and anyone! And though she goes and does frequently, she is happy to be planted at her local church that she and her husband started in 2008. She is very active in serving her church, using her abilities and blessing all those around her.
    We are SO glad she’s here with us and cannot wait to hear some of her story!
    Where can people find you? 
    Instagram: jada_edwards
    Website: jadaedwards.org


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    Episode #181: Finding Healing in Marriage with Dane and Brooke Lopez

    Episode #181: Finding Healing in Marriage with Dane and Brooke Lopez

    Dane and Brooke have been married for 12 years and throughout those years have experienced very desperate and dark days in their faith and in their marriage. They learned so much about what marriage is and who God is to them. They seemed to be the perfect church couple, but they successfully hid deep brokenness. Brokenness that seemed to be some of the ‘unforgivable sins’ in the church.  When everything fell apart, outwardly they pretended to be fine but in reality, they were alone, frustrated, confused, angry, hurt and in hiding. They found ways to cope that only temporarily numbed the truths they were hiding and the hopelessness they felt. 
    Unbeknownst to them, throughout all of this God saw them even though they didn’t feel like it. Slowly but surely, He led them to himself-- towards redemption, in ways they weren’t expecting. 
    He took their pain and turned it into hope.
    He healed the holes in their hearts with an unshakable identity and relationship with Christ. 
    And because of that healing they were able to experience true healing and redemption in their marriage! They are here to share this story of how they discovered who God is and how He took them on a journey from hopeless to healed…
    * I couldn't live up or live out this fantasy.-Dane
    * Facts are not feelings.- Brooke
    * When we each started doing our own work, God started to align our journeys.
    * The best thing we found outside the grave was Jesus.

    #sexual addictions
    #Love Like You Mean It Cruise
    Where can people find you? 
    Email- lopezbrooke@yahoo.com or lopezdne@yahoo.con
    Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/brooke.c.lopez.3 

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    Episode #180: Finding Healing with Katie Sanchez

    Episode #180: Finding Healing with Katie Sanchez

    Katie was raised on the East Coast in a good American family. When she went to college it was confirmed in her heart that she needed more than just that “goodness.” As she pursued her faith, she grew spiritually and discovered a calling to Russian orphanages. Little did she know that this time was preparing her for a non-stop life God had planned for her. When she moved to California, met her husband and started her family, God brought her close to Himself with a chaotic newness that emptied her self-defined identity with healing.

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    Episode #179: Finding Healing with Rachel Faulkner Brown

    Episode #179: Finding Healing with Rachel Faulkner Brown

    Rachel Faulkner Brown is a returning guest to our podcast! If you didn’t have a chance to listen to her past episode (Episode #22) give it a listen, but without giving too much away, Rachel’s story is full of heartbreak and hope. She has lived through the passing of two husbands and in the past episode she walks us through these tragedies showing how God showed up and carried her through. She has since been remarried, and has thrived as a wife, mother, author and founder of ministries. Be Still is a ministry created to encourage and equip women through gatherings, a podcast and online resources! It’s impossible not to get excited as she cultivates a space for women with such depth and fun! She also has a specific ministry created for widows called Never Alone. Here she has similar elements available (gatherings, conferences and online connection) but with specific topics and support for those who have lost their husbands.
    Needless to say her work is dynamic, her impact is evident and we’re just thrilled to have her with us today!
    We are in union with Jesus. You cannot get out of union.
    What you activate your mind to, you will see.
    The more you can behold [Jesus], the more you become [like him].#Returning Guest
    #Christian writer
    #Never Alone, Be StillWhere can people find you?

    bestillministries.netInstagram: rachelfaulknerbrownBooks: Father's House: The Path that Leads HomeHis Name: Our Hope in Grief

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    Episode #178: Finding Healing with Mikayla Munn and Linda Znachko

    Episode #178: Finding Healing with Mikayla Munn and Linda Znachko

    The world needs more true and vulnerable stories of loss and struggle woven through with healing and hope, so that those who have gone through tribulation can then see the suffering of others and express the truth of God to the world. In this episode, Mikayla Munn and Linda Znachko share how, even through their own personal hardships, God is using them as instruments of healing for others.

    • 44 min

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4.9 out of 5
109 Ratings

109 Ratings

Christfollowerapb ,

Great Podcast!!

It was so fun being a guest on this podcast! These women are genuine and full of life! I love that my mission is theirs as well - to share our stories because our stories change peoples’ lives!!

Jennie Annie Dot ,


Great podcast! Only problem is that the chatty chatty part of goes on forever and forever. I never heard anything about hope. Am I missing something here?

TammyRK ,

Add this to your must listen list!

Amazing, diverse stories of women overcoming and thriving. Thought provoking conversation led by a power house team of strong women.

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