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Tabletop tomfoolery-- wizardly wisecracks. The makers of Let\'s Play Dungeons and Dragons bring you tabletop gameplay and discussion with a panel of lighthearted players.


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Tabletop tomfoolery-- wizardly wisecracks. The makers of Let\'s Play Dungeons and Dragons bring you tabletop gameplay and discussion with a panel of lighthearted players.

    Bonus Feat - Celestial Crescent

    Bonus Feat - Celestial Crescent

    In today's bonus feat, we played Celestial Crescent, from the Far Horizons Co-Op. A game about spacefaring in ancient Sumeria, Celestial Crescent is a world where magic is real, gods and monsters patrol the space lanes, and ancient cities like Babylon and Ur are galactic regions of space where people live, with several planets and spaceports to their name.

    From the regular crew, we have the celestial witch Hanazu (Vel), the nomad not-golem Lilac (Riley), the unstoppable warrior Wardum (Grant), and the alcoholic priest Eristu (Yao). We have two special guests from the co op to play with us: Magnus T. Hanson as the mighty sorceror Kindattu, and James E. Barton III as our games master. This band of space pirates is ready to sail the galactic rivers in search of treasure to claim and sorcerers to mock.

    Celestial Crescent is available in the Far Horizon Anthology (Collection 2, Volume 1), found here: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/377530/Far-Horizons-Anthology-Collection-2-Volume-1

    For other games by this creative group of tabletop designers, visit the Far Horizon store page on DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/15006/Far-Horizons-Coop


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    • 1 hr 26 min
    Mouse Guard 85 - Search Patrol Starts The Winter War

    Mouse Guard 85 - Search Patrol Starts The Winter War

    The first battle of the Winter War comes to an end.

    • 1 hr 37 min
    Mouse Guard 84 - Militia Patrol Goes Beyond The Territories

    Mouse Guard 84 - Militia Patrol Goes Beyond The Territories

    Our militia patrol of Lily, Sable, and Francisca has finally caught up to the militia they have been tasked with corralling. They have gone beyond the scent barrier, in their efforts to pick a fight with the weasels. Disaster is looming, as the militia patrol heads in.


    Francisca is played by Riley. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden.

    Our Games Mouse is Grant. Mouse Guard’s art is drawn by Cataegory. Mouse Guard’s music is performed by Thylacinus.

    This episode was edited by Riley. 

    • 1 hr 36 min
    LPDnD Encapsulated Bonus Episode - It's Joey's Birthday!!!

    LPDnD Encapsulated Bonus Episode - It's Joey's Birthday!!!

    Straight from the bonus recordings comes a double-feature presentation!

    In the first part of this episode, during Wolfshirt's birthday the party decides to have a three-team brawl with Kensington and Joey vs. Miriam and Bananaramawicz vs. Algernon and... a Medusa. The results are what you'd probably expect of them trying to figure out a PvP system in D&D.

    The second half (Starting at 1:07:10) has three of the players sent into the world of Paranoia, where players are encouraged to not know how the mechanics work going in. Do your best and do not commit treason. Friend Computer is watching, Troubleshooters.

    • 1 hr 56 min
    Mouse Guard 83 - Search Patrol Strikes By Sea

    Mouse Guard 83 - Search Patrol Strikes By Sea

    Rosard has been kidnapped and taken into the bowels of a weasel fortress. With the help of criminal privateers, and under the cover of a rain storm at night, Tander, Zeke, and Granny lead an invasion force to destroy the palace and take him back.

    • 56 min
    Mouse Guard 82 - Militia Patrol Stumbles Into Town

    Mouse Guard 82 - Militia Patrol Stumbles Into Town

    Militia Patrol has reached their destination of Ferndale... and they find the city in lockdown. The only mouse in the streets is a woman in the stocks, there's a bomb threat, and everyone is locking their doors at the mere sight of the guard.

    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

mikedaws0n ,

Perhaps one of the best actual play podcasts currently going.

Six Feats Under is an actual play tabletop gaming podcast that explores lesser-known tabletop RPGs as well as crafting wonderful tales in a way you might not get out of a more grognardy, rules-lawyering, bunch of people or crunch-heavy fighting-focused mainstream RPGs.

As of this date (July of 2018), there are two main campaigns, although there have been plenty of others, both long and short, in the past, as the project that formed the podcast you listen to today goes back nearly a decade. The current campaigns are Fellowship: To Winter's End and Mouse Guard.

Fellowship: To Winter's End, GM'd by Gnome, is an adventure of a ragtag bunch of heroes in a world collectively crafted by the players and the DM (who, by the way, is the game's creator). The main cast are Yuria Bloodtongue (played by Riley), a red panda with 0RC cybernetics, lost and struggling to deal with her self-doubt and the trauma that made her the cyborg she is, Poptart (played by Joey), a childlike river spirit who wants to make a difference in the world, only to find the world is much bigger than just their river, Friar Pan (played by Clove), a young, new variety of dragon, lost and confused and trying to make the best of their mistakes and their origin, and Harbinger (played by Ikks), a mysterious cloaked figure with incredible magic, an odd sense of humor, a strange pet semingly made entirely of tentacles, and a mysterious point of origin. Together they must stop a terrifying being with immense power over ice known as Aurorealis who wishes to engulf the world in an unending winter. Along the way they must deal with 0RC monstrosities, a corrupt king, and their own personal issues. Additionally, all of the hosts of this campaign are from the LGBT community and one of the underlying themes of the podcast is the struggles of being LGBT in a hostile world.

Mouse Guard, based in the setting of the graphic novel series of the same name, and hosted by Grant (also known as General Ironicus in certain Let's Play communities) deals with a collection of mice sworn to protect the mouse territories from dangers and strife within and without. The campaign has these mice divided into two different partols, shifting and changing along the way. The heroes are Tander (played by Drakkel), a tenderpaw seeking a life of swashbuckling adventure, Francisca (played by Riley), Tander's mentor who despite her long experience as a guard mouse, must still learn there is more to being a protector than brute force, Lily (played by Eliza), a tenderpaw seeking to find a new, exciting life away from her past life as a street urchin, Sable (played by Arden), Lily's mentor, who is like a caretaker to her companions with a history she'd rather not remember, Zeke (played by Devious Vacuum), one of the survivors of a village destroyed by an owl and now believes he bears a curse, Isolde (played by Poor Weather), a mouse of science who must deal with the fact that she can't always live a life of solitude when on patrol, and Marx (played by Gnome), a mouse with a past of rebellion and insight who always puts the needs of those around him above himself. As they go through the trials and tribulations of the life of a guard mouse, tensions between the mice and their natural enemies, the weasels, bubble under the surface and speak of something far greater than they would have ever expected in the coming seasons.

The show also features a fantastic custom soundtrack written by Thylancinus, which can be hear throughout the show, amplifying the impact of the stories immensely.

If you are a new listener I personally suggest starting with the short campaigns and oneshots, such as Law's Out, Monsterhearts, and the recent Final Bid, to get a feel for things and then going into the above mentioned main campaigns, and perhaps digging into 13th Age, the previous main campaign, when you've caught up.

You can learn more about the shows from the creators at sixfeatsunder.com. Perhaps join the discord chat!

Garrett.J ,

Absolutely Recommend

Incredibly fun, silly, and at times, heartbreaking, this podcast has something for everyone. I found myself getting sucked into the adorable world of Mouse Guard before diving into the complex and moving narrative of To Winter’s End. Bonus points for fantastic LGBT characters and stories told by a diverse cast.

AliDrinksCoffee ,

It's so goofy and fun!

I like it

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