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Promoting Worker Rights Worldwide

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Promoting Worker Rights Worldwide

    Minimum Wage Boost in Palestine Big First Step for Workers

    Minimum Wage Boost in Palestine Big First Step for Workers

    Union activist and leader Mohammad Badri describes the successful campaign by the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions (PGFTU) to raise the minimum wage, and the ongoing efforts to ensure employers pay workers what they are owed. . Find Out More!

    Episode Summary
    Photo Story: Palestinian Workers Find Strength in Their  Union
    Photo Story: 'Sometimes I Am Lucky to Get a Task for Three Days'

    Help Ukraine’s workers and their families!

    International Trade Union Confederation
    People in Need Ukraine
    Ukrainian Red Cross
    Caritas Ukraine
    Razom for Ukraine

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    Los trabajadores automotrices mexicanos ganan victoria histórica

    Los trabajadores automotrices mexicanos ganan victoria histórica

    Miles de trabajadores mexicanos formaron recientemente un sindicato independiente en la planta automotriz de GM en Silao (el centro del país), derrotando en las elecciones a otro sindicato que no luchaba por sus intereses. María Alejandra Morales Reynoso, secretaria general de SINTTIA (el sindicato que ahora representa a los trabajadores de esa planta), nos cuenta por qué esta victoria supone un hito para muchos trabajadores mexicanos que se ven forzados a afiliarse a falsos sindicatos. Morales nos describe cómo los trabajadores de GM en Silao le plantaron cara a la corrupción generalizada, una legislación en contra, y a la presión de votar por un sindicato de protección a las órdenes del empleador.

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    Mexican Auto Workers Win Landmark Victory

    Mexican Auto Workers Win Landmark Victory

    Thousands of workers in Mexico recently formed an independent union at a GM auto plant in Silao, in central Mexico, voting out a union that did not operate in their interest. Maria Alejandra Morales Reynoso, general secretary of SINTTIA, the union that now represents the workers, discusses why this victory is a milestone for many Mexican workers who are forced to be part of sham unions. Morales describes how workers at the Silao plant stood strong in the face of widespread corruption, laws tilted against them and incredible pressure to cast their vote for a protection union that did the bidding of the company. En español . Find Out More

    Episode Summary
    Mexico: Independent Union Wins Landmark Election
    G.M. Workers in Mexico Pick an Independent Union, a Trade Deal Test Case
    Alejandra Morales Reynoso will be the first female union leader at GM Silao
    How Mexico’s Auto Unions Sell Out Workers

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    Justice for Wage Theft: Campaign Champions Migrant Workers

    Justice for Wage Theft: Campaign Champions Migrant Workers

    The co-founder and director of the Plantation Rural Education and Development Organization in Sri Lanka describes the work of the Justice for Wage Theft Campaign, a global network of unions and migrant rights organizations, including the Solidarity Center, that formed during the pandemic to push for governmental and employer reforms to ensure migrant workers have access rights fundamental to all workers. 

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    Justice for Wage Theft
    Sign the petition: Say Yes To Justice Now!  The Justice for Wage Theft petition demands governments act now to respond to the need of migrant workers and immediately establish justice systems that address the large volume of wage theft justly.
    Rights Advocates Build Southeast Asia Campaign Against Wage Theft
    The Other Pandemic for Migrant Workers: Wage Theft
    Call for an Urgent Justice Mechanism for Repatriated Migrant Workers

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    ‘I Feel Strong When I See Other Women with Us’

    ‘I Feel Strong When I See Other Women with Us’

    Union women in Nigeria are not waiting for their governments to ratify Convention 190, the international treaty that addresses gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in the world of work—they are taking action now to ensure workers benefit from the incredibly powerful rights it provides. This week’s Solidarity Center Podcast looks at how Nigerian unions are reaching workplaces as diverse as garment factory floors and sprawling informal markets, connecting with workers to create the best strategies for ending GBVH at work.
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    Episode summary
    Nigerian Labor Congress
    Report: Breaking the Silence: Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria’s World of Work
    Nigerian Market Vendors Act to End Gender Violence
    NLC, Centre, Moves Against Gender-Based Violence in Workplaces
    Video: Rita Goyit on the First Anniversary of C190
    NLC’s Gender Equity Policy (adopted in 2003)


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    Thai Fast Food Workers Fight for a Fair Share

    Thai Fast Food Workers Fight for a Fair Share

    In Thailand, Apantree Charoensak, a former union leader who led a campaign to organize fast food workers at KFC, describes on this week’s Solidarity Center Podcast how workers overcame the company’s opposition to successfully form a union and win better wages and working conditions. “They said they would get me out of the company, if I still tried to help other workers.”

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    Episode Summary
    2,000 Thailand Fast Food Workers Win First Contract
    Thai Worker Rights Advocate Wins Human Rights Award
    KFC Wants to Become 75,000-Store Juggernaut: Ninety Percent of Growth Comes from International Markets
    #McDonaldsStrike: Fast Food Workers of The World Unite on Social Media

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