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SOMA is an exploration of exceptional people through the lens of their encounters with the divine, mediated by sex, substance, and spirit. It’s an invitation for guests and listeners to analyze their mystical, ecstatic, and revelatory experiences free of inhibition and with a healthy dose of twenty-first century hedonism.

SOMA - Stories of Modern Awakening Aaron Chi & Rachel Rumstein

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SOMA is an exploration of exceptional people through the lens of their encounters with the divine, mediated by sex, substance, and spirit. It’s an invitation for guests and listeners to analyze their mystical, ecstatic, and revelatory experiences free of inhibition and with a healthy dose of twenty-first century hedonism.

    Frontiers of Psychedelic Therapy w/ Steve Thayer

    Frontiers of Psychedelic Therapy w/ Steve Thayer

    The horizons of psychedelic supported psychotherapy are constantly being expanded and reimagined, and this weeks’ guest is at the forefront of the research and clinical trial effort. Meet Dr. Steve Thayer, co-host of the Psychedelic Therapy Frontiers podcast, who joins us today to discuss the current psychedelic renaissance, where it’s going, and his unique role within it as a therapist specializing in PTSD and former member of the LDS church.
    Introducing Dr Steve
    Steve’s background in the Mormon church and how he began to question his religion after experiencing a crisis of faithSteve makes a practical decision to pursue therapy over philosophyAfter researching psychedelics, Steve's first mushroom trip puts him in contact with his authentic selfSteve considers how his psychedelically informed understanding of mindfulness could be applied to his therapy practice

    Awakening and Religion
    The intellectual culture of Judaism and its emphasis on the spirit of inquiry and how it compares to the LDS church’s support of contemplative practicesSteve describes where Mormonism “runs off the rails” for him - when you need a middleman between yourself and GodAaron shares his experience of camping with a group of ex-mormons at Burning Man

    Psychedelics as Therapy
    LSD and psychedelics as tools to study the mind and learn about consciousness.How we can access an container of compassion of psychedelics where all things are permitted because they are humanThe importance of set and settings and psychedelics as “non specific amplifiers”Steve's experience of facilitating clinical trials for psychedelic treatment, including a life changing  psilocybin experience

    Approaches to Psychedelic Therapy
    The role of the psychedelic therapist in holding space with an agendaHow to approach resistance during a psychedelic journeyHow to get started with psychedelic therapy and how triggers serve as opportunitiesThe inner healing wisdom and how it applies to psychedelic therapy

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    Mushrooms & the Pursuit of Infinity w/ Josh Leonard

    Mushrooms & the Pursuit of Infinity w/ Josh Leonard

    In 1962, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert bridged the spiritual and psychedelic discourse, introducing the concept of reliable entheogens to the contemporary psychedelic research effort. Today’s guest, a former staunch atheist, tells us how he stumbled into God Consciousness via a mushroom journey and his passion for sharing that experience with others.
    Join our survey of psilocybin through various historical, cultural, and religious lenses as we interview Josh Leonard, co-host of the Pursuit of Infinity podcast. Is the iconography we experience under the influence of psychedelics inspired by ancient cultures? How do western religions and eastern philosophies align with mystical experience? And how can we make use of psychedelics to heal and deepen our connection with our romantic partners? 

    Explore these questions and more in this week’s episode.

    Mushrooms & Awakening
    Rachel recounts how psilocybin brought attention to her internal dialogue and negative self talkAaron talks about using journeywork to process relationship breakupsJosh starts his psychedelic research with Terrance McKenna, Rick Strassman and Alan WattsJosh shares his first mystical breakthrough experience on  mushrooms blew the doors open on his understanding of reality, values and god
    Mushrooms in History, Culture & Religion
    Are the visuals on mushrooms influenced by ancient cultures or did these cultures influence the mushroom experience?How Josh's awakening on mushrooms aligns with western religion and eastern philosophiesAtheism and the conception of God as the acknowledgement something larger than yourselfApproaching mysticism from a scientific perspective and how your religious and cultural background influences your psychedelic experience
    Mushrooms Saved My Relationship
    Josh describes the mushroom that saved his relationshipThe importance of set and setting and how Josh approached his partnered mushroom journeyThe telepathic experience of love and how we can experience the connection to our partners more deeply with the assistance of psychedelics
    Reflections on Mushroom Journeys
    Aaron describes his gentle introduction to mushrooms that gave him insights into how his senses workedRachel’s impression of her psilocybin experiences being suffused with divine energyBad trips,  why they happen, and how to navigate them skillfully
    The Pursuit of Infinity Podcast

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    Consciousness in a Nutshell w/ Jay & Lindy Nelson

    Consciousness in a Nutshell w/ Jay & Lindy Nelson

    For many, intuition labels psychedelic experiences as threatening, knowing that character defects and shameful behaviors are bound to confront them under the influence. But what happens if we lean into that fear? What do the molecules have to teach us, and how can we heed their teachings?
    After years of dissatisfaction and a cynical world view leading to psychological and emotional struggle, Jay Nelson was catapulted into the vulnerability of a life curiosity by way of an unintentional LSD overdose. From there, Jay became obsessed with the hard questions of consciousness, and began devoting his life, in partnership with his wife Lindy Nelson, to finding and sharing answers.
    What is consciousness? What is its purpose? And how can we function most skillfully knowing its influence? Join us for this week’s episode as we sit down with authors and explorers Jay and Lindy Nelson to discuss their forthcoming creative nonfiction, Consciousness in a Nutshell.

    Intro to Consciousness
    Jay’s recounts the near death experience that that cracked his brain open and started him on his quest to explore the nature of consciousness350 micrograms of LSD and the experience of the never-ending momentJay comes face to face with death and resists surrendering to his egoJay’s brains reboots and he sees the layers of consciousness stack up

    The Photoshop Layers of Reality
    Exploring the layers of consciousness and how psychedelics increase the permeability between the unconscious and conscious selvesHow the majority of our reality is constructed from memories and past experienceUnderstanding the malleability of our internal experience and how to use that knowledge to rewrite our identity and past experiencesThe similarities in psychedelic accounts of dissolving ego identity and experiencing unity consciousness

    Depression & Healing Through the Shadow
    The default mode network, how it helps us to navigate the world, and the dangers of getting stuck in the pastSeeing depression as a disconnect between the feeling body and thinking mindHow altered states serve to surface subconscious information that the conscious mind doesn’t want to faceAccessing “possibility space” through altered states of consciousness and how to bring that awareness into daily life
    Other Resources
    Consciousness in a NutshellJay's Theory of Depression

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    The Mystic in the Float Tank - Spontaneous Awakening & Integration w/ Beni Summers

    The Mystic in the Float Tank - Spontaneous Awakening & Integration w/ Beni Summers

    So you’ve had a psychedelic or psychedelic adjacent experience. What comes next? This week we sit down with Beni Summers, Rabbinic Intern at Shefa: Jewish Psychedelic Supports, to discuss psychedelic integration, float tanks, Buddhist psychology, and Jewish mysticism as we cultivate a deeper understanding of ecstatic states and the fruits they bear.

    "Something that floating taught me was that I have, or that we as people, have the whole keyring with every key attached to our being. I used to think that you had to go out and find the keys, in a book, in a pill, in a song - and yes, they're out there but they are already inside of us." - Beni Summers

    Jewish Psychedelic Integration
    Rachel intros Shefa and the Jewish Entheogenic Society and how it supported her during her psychedelic explorationsAaron shares his early experience with floating and how it reminded him of his first mushroom journeyBeni explains Shefa’s origins in a John Hopkins study where high doses of psilocybin were given to clergy of different faiths

    Beni’s Story of Awakening
    Beni shares an early experience of spontaneous awakening that occurred after getting lost in the Sahara desertBeni’s horrific experience with hash cookies and how it led to a deep curiosity around the nature of consciousnessHow Beni turned to the contemplative arts of mindfulness and meditation in order to integrate his experiences of expanded consciousness

    Floating into Revelation
    Beni’s introduction to float tanks, his initial disappointment, and the opening he discovered after his third floatHow Beni became interested in altered states of conscious through doing research on Dr John Lily, the investor of the float tankHow the Buddhist orientation to the mind describes what is happening to the self when we have spontaneous endogenous awakeningsHow the sensory deprivation of the float tank allows the mind to focus on areas that are normally attention deprived areas and allow for personal revelationBeni shares his advice on how to have a powerful float tank experienceRachel and Aaron share their own experiences of spontaneous awakening

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    Coming Together - Healing Through Sex & Intimacy w/ Celeste Hirschman

    Coming Together - Healing Through Sex & Intimacy w/ Celeste Hirschman

    Does sexuality hold the key to healing our deepest wounds? Join us as we dive into the roots of our sexual identity to understand how our core desires originate from early traumas, and explore ways to heal through sex and relationships.
    This week we sit down with, Celeste Hirschman, a sex therapist and co-creator of the Somatica Method. Celeste draws on her training in attachment psychology, sociology, gender studies, and body-based modalities to help individuals deepen into their experiences of pleasure, and realize their full potential.
    Sex & Energy
    Aaron discusses his introduction to sexual healing and his background in sexological bodyworkThe Daoist perspective on sex & energy, and how men can learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation
    Celeste's Journey into Sexuality
    How Celeste’s upbringing in a “hippie cult” gave her freedom to explore her sexuality and the power within itCeleste’s journey through higher education, and how it led her to human sexuality studiesHow taking responsibility for one’s own emotions in relationships contributes to long term intimacyHow our core sexual desires originate from our deepest woundsCeleste discusses her research on oral sex among teenage girlsSexological bodywork and how it can be used for trance and emotional integrationCeleste’s transition from sexual bodywork to a modality that included intimacy and relationships
    Practical Advice for Sexual Empowerment
    Celeste talks about how to get in touch with core desires around sex and how to navigate that with a partnerRachel shares about her experience drawing connections between childhood wounds and corrective experiences and how that has played out in her relationshipsAaron shares his experience and conflicts around spiritual sexuality, Tantra and energyKink/BDSM and what dominant and submissive types get out of playing those rolesHow to explore safely when one has experience sexual abuse or trauma
    Books by Celeste Hirschman
    Cockfidence: The Definitive Guide to Being The Man You Want To Be And Driving Women WildMaking Love Real: The Intelligent Couple's Guide to Lasting Intimacy and PassionComing Together: Embracing Your Core Desires for Sexual Fulfillment and Long-Term Compatibility

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    A Psychic Moment - Metaphysical Healing Through Light and Chaos w/ Joseph Grayshock

    A Psychic Moment - Metaphysical Healing Through Light and Chaos w/ Joseph Grayshock

    This week, we share the tale of a divine encounter with a psychic who weaves his wisdom in unique ways - and discuss how light and chaos work together in the process of healing and awakening.

    Joseph Grayshock is a metaphysical healer whose craft was born of chaos and honed through difficult life experiences. We talk to Joseph about his personal story of awakening to psychic abilities and how that now informs his healing practice.

    Whether it be crystals and chaos magick, yoga and meditation, psychadelics and spirits, or shamanism and voodo, we explore the myriad of tools that can be used to develop our psychic sensitivities - and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of being called to the healer's path.

    Meeting Joseph Grayshock
    Aaron and Rachel share how they crossed paths with Joseph during an MDMA journeyRachel reflects on her previous experience with psychics

    Developing Psychic Abilities
    Joseph describes the mind-body-spirit balance and how that opens us up to psychic abilitiesJoseph and Aaron discuss the balance between learning from a teacher and developing abilities though intuitive knowledgeTales of dubious healers and “the idea of being spiritual” vs being a clear channel

    Healing Through Light and Chaos
    Joseph shares a story of healing trauma through his chosen modalityAaron describes the “karmic layer” and how it affects our life pathJoseph discusses how choice, accountability and action contribute to our spiritual evolutionHow being in acceptance of both light and dark allows us to work with our shadowFinding a balance between bringing in light and working through chaos

    Changing the World with Loving Awareness
    Rachel describes being able to access presence and acceptance through her meditation practiceBrining prayer into meditation and how that creates a ripple effect of healingThe nature of being healers who are called to do our part to wake up the world

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