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Unconventional business advice for the highly creative, secretly sensitive, wildly ambitious entrepreneur.

Soul-Sourced Business Podcast Christine Kane

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Unconventional business advice for the highly creative, secretly sensitive, wildly ambitious entrepreneur.

    The 5 Phases of the Entrepreneur

    The 5 Phases of the Entrepreneur

    Starting, running, and growing a creative business - what I call Soul-SourcedTM - can be tricky waters to navigate. Then we throw in comparisonitis and all the should’s of entrepreneurship, and we begin to blindly follow the white rabbit down the trail. But there is good news, my friend. Over the years in working with clients here at Uplevel, I've identified phases we experience, and with this clarity, we're put back into the driver's seat of our business!
    We've all heard from the old school business drowns that creating a business plan is the first thing you must do as a business owner. This mentality doesn't take what I call the Soul Track of business into consideration. 
    This includes the mindsets that, very naturally, get us stuck in place and unable to move forward or even make a decision.
    Now there is nothing wrong with business plans, yet for example what a solo-business owner needs when they begin is to get clients and put some other things to the side, until they're ready for those elements - and that's the tricky part.
    That's where the five phases of the entrepreneur come in. They help you identify not only the right strategies for where you're at, but there will be a huge weight lifted from your shoulders as you let go of all the shoulds you've been carrying around.
    These phases determine your needs, highlight the obstacles, and the mindset blocks that prevent you from making money and getting to the next level. 
    Phases aren't steps, and they're not defined by revenue! Listen in and feel the liberation when you finally find your entrepreneur phase.

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    The 6 P’s of Coaching

    The 6 P’s of Coaching

    Being a coach is a skillset based on knowledge, experience, and practice. Some entrepreneurs have a hard time labeling themselves as  “coach,” but in reality, we all coach our clients in some fashion. Coaching happens in all types of businesses. Let’s take a look under the hood and find the truth about the mechanics of coaching.
    What you hear in today’s episode isn’t a guide to being a great coach, or something you might read in countless eBooks found all over the Internet. These are six core components that I’ve developed while working with clients.
    Coaching is unique to each individual. Even when two business owners are in the same field, their coaching will be vastly different as they’ve faced different challenges and overcome them in their own way.
    And honestly, that’s the beauty here. You serve as a source of personalized information and guidance. It isn’t about telling people what to do. It’s about being a place of support as you help others navigate obstacles you’ve previously conquered. 
    As you listen to the 6 P's of coaching, check-in with yourself, and see which principles you connect with. Cheers to coaching clients!

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    Cringe-Worthy Requests and What to Say

    Cringe-Worthy Requests and What to Say

    Let’s face it. These awkward moments are gonna happen. Sometimes, they make us laugh. Sometimes, they piss us off. Either way, you can remain calm and clear - and maintain your standards and boundaries. Today, we’re going to look at this all-too-common occurrence from every angle. Think of it as a full-body workout, and let me share a framework to navigate these conversations with ease.
    When was the last time someone put you on the spot? Maybe a dear friend asked you for a discount. Maybe your sister volunteered your time and ignored the fact that you just started a business. 
    These scenarios can feel defeating and frustrating, and sometimes stop us in our tracks. Those lovely Gremlins pop up in our heads and in an instant our attention is diverted into a blackhole of self-doubt.
    That’s exactly why I created something for myself - five steps in fact - so when on-the-spot questions came up, I could respond clearly and confidently.
    I share the experience from a recent client as an example of how an awkward discount request was turned into a confident response. 
    You’ll never get stuck wishing you knew what to say with these strategies in your hip pocket. Cheers!

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    Intention Reset: Getting Back on Track

    Intention Reset: Getting Back on Track

    We hit the midway point of 2020 - let’s acknowledge our journey towards mastering uncertainty. And perhaps that entrepreneurial intention you set at the beginning of the year needs some attention. On this episode of The Soul-Sourced Podcast, let's do an intention reset for the second half of the year. 
    Here’s the thing, we’ve always been navigating uncertainty - it’s just that now there is less illusion about the ideal of certainty and control.  And - no matter what happens in our world, if you own a business, it’s a good idea to revisit your intention - especially when things go off course.  
    Let’s acknowledge together this may be tender territory, and agree to forge ahead as soul-sourced entrepreneurs despite the disorder happening around us.
    I sprinkled in a few stories, to keep you grounded as we go through the four steps of an intention reset; revisit, reframe, realign - and reset.
    I’m going to touch on ego… briefly… just so we don’t get stuck.
    I’ll wrap up this episode with four intention traps. These pesky thangs will subtly interfere with your energy and enthusiasm - and most importantly, your integrity.
    Enjoy your Intention Reset. This is a time for yourself, to accept, release, and move forward without baggage. Thanks for being here today.

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    How to Get Scary Things Done

    How to Get Scary Things Done

    I've heard a lot about the fears of entrepreneurs over the last 10 years, and oftentimes, they’re shared by everyone, but we tend to believe we're the only ones facing them. Let’s talk about this mental chatter on this episode of The Soul-Sourced Business.
    First things first, the size of your business does not matter here… stepping outside your comfort zone is always where the next big thing happens.
    Ask yourself, what stops you when you reach the edge of your comfort zone?
    Perhaps it’s meaningless distractions. Or you're trapped in the why of being stuck. Or perhaps it's the size and scope of the mountain you’ve created in your mind.
    My friend, we’re not facing dark forces here. We’ve simply become master distractions in order to remain in our comfort zone - I mean, it's comfy cozy there, right?
    In this episode, I’m going to share about retraining your brain. I’m not going to insist you must be passionate about every task involved in reaching your big goal… nope, let’s don’t get sucked into that wormhole. 
    Cuz I won’t lie to you, that first s****y draft of the email you’ve been dragging your feet on isn’t going to be full of passion as you put pen to paper… you just need to start!
    Together let’s explore how you’re using your energy each day and how the Universe really wants to support your priorities. The hashtag my clients created years ago says it all: #doitscared. The results will astound you.
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    Books:Pre-Order The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur on AmazonThe War of Art by Steven Pressfield Bird by Bird by Anne LamottDial Down the Drama by Colleen O’GradyOverjoyed, from the Right Outta Nowhere Album

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    The New Money Mindset Paradigm

    The New Money Mindset Paradigm

    Welcome to the Soul-Sourced Business Podcast! I’m kicking off the show with an important topic during challenging times as an entrepreneur. So here we go… let’s talk about your money mindset.
    This money mindset approach may not be what you’ve typically heard… I won’t be pushing you to think positive thoughts, to have a positive mindset, or to play big or home.
    Here’s the thing… the minute you become a business owner, looking at your mindset around money is the opportunity that’s handed to you. Surprise!
    So let me ask you, how do you think about money?
    Now I know money can be a trigger-y topic, so in this episode, I’ll take it one step at a time. And I have few stories to share, so you have some real-life context.
    As with most growth opportunities, this is something you get to choose, and in the oft-quoted words of Yoda, “Choose wisely you must.”  
    Whether or not there’s an economic shit-show happening -read, COVID 19- you have the chance to examine your relationship with money and the value you place around your services. 
    This isn’t about judging or fixing anything. These methods, that I’ve personally used for years and now my clients have as well, will create shifts and release burdens so you can happily grow your business.
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    Pre-Order The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur on AmazonEverything Green, from the Rain and Mud and Wild and Green Album

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5.0 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

GaryLHenderson ,

The podcast we’ve been waiting for!

I’ve known CK for years as a client on numerous occasions and am so glad to finally see this podcast released! I can’t wait to see where this journey leads!

astrozlisa ,

Expert coaching and guidance for free!

Christine Kane taught me how to create a successful business in 2011-'12 when I was a member of her year-long Platinum program. It was a life-changing experience and once I became empowered, it allowed me the freedom to create a professional life that could grow and change with me. Now everybody can have the benefit of her expert guidance and coaching for free via this podcast! An amazing gift. Pay attention, enjoy, learn and grow. I’m forever grateful for all I learned from Christine.

veryded ,

Love love love this podcast!

In a world of podcasts that can talk “at you” instead of “to you”, this one is so refreshing. It’s incredibly insightful and real. Christine isn’t about forcing concepts on you, she meets you where you are in your business. Her concepts are logical and geared towards helping you grow. I wish she would release an new episode every day!

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