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Open the Newtcase and explore the world of Fantastic Beasts!

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Open the Newtcase and explore the world of Fantastic Beasts!

    Episode 154: Ominous Vibes

    Episode 154: Ominous Vibes

    Welcome to our special guest, Chris!  Thanks to our Patreon Supporter this week, Jen M.!  Phoenix Register: America is not the entire world.  Secrets of Dumbledore is releasing on DVD/Blu-Ray in France on 8/24. It's also performing very well on HBO Max! A new Harry Potter experience, Harry Potter: Magic at Play is opening this fall, potentially in Chicago.  The SDCC-exclusive Zouwu Loungefly backpack is very cute. Owl post: no owls :( send us your thoughts! Main Discussion: The election: what happened and how can we fix it? "Wizards just perceive time differently." What year is it?? Maybe we discover an answer. We want all the lore, please. Wizarding elections are extremely complicated.  New theory about what happened in Florida in 2000 just dropped. The German newspaper we use as reference can be seen here.  Grindelwald’s playing 4-D chess and we're just trying keep up. Do Tao and Dumbledore know each other? Can we have more of that? You can't hate Muggles if you're wearing a sharp suit. "And now, the fanfiction portion of the show." Leave it to Marjolaine to come up with a gorgeous, cinematic magical voting system.  SpeakBeasty officially endorses Santos.* *according to Ann. This is not actually a dictatorship. If you want more Chris content, you can follow him on Twitter @chrislysy, on Instagram @lysyc12 (cute dog pics!), or go to his website www.chrislysy.com. Podcast Question: We created a magical voting system. How do you think wizards would vote?

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    Episode 153: Thally?

    Episode 153: Thally?

    Happy Pride from all of us at SpeakBeasty!  Thanks to our Patreon supporter this week, Jamie! Phoenix Register: Secrets of Dumbledore is available on streaming and the DVD is out 6/28! Universal debuted dark chocolate Chocolate Frogs, perfect for Lizzie to drink red wine with. Owl Post: Yael, Jan, and Martina write in and share their thoughts on Credence, Jacqueenie, and embarrassing fan videos. Amy has Owl Post directly addressed to her! It’s a birthday month miracle! We’re all fired. Main discussion: the one, the only, Eulalie Hicks! The interview Amy references throughout is here. Can we please go to Wizard Harlem? Lizzie isn’t pronouncing Millettia laurentii. More information here. “We date, and then we’re still friends, and then we married a pair of brothers.” We get to make up multiple ship names. So much power. Newtcase: fire crabs! We just want to gently give lettuce to sparkly turtles. Where are the fire crab plushies?? It’s SpiceBeasty tonight, apparently. Podcast Question: What are you most interested to learn about Eulalie in future films?

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    Episode 152: Never Enough Kissing

    Episode 152: Never Enough Kissing

    It's not gonna be May, but it is gonna be Amy’s birthday month!
    Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, VlightPhase! Couldn't do it without you!
    Phoenix Register: we cover box office intake for Secrets of Dumbledore.
    Shannen covered Secrets of Dumbledore merchandise for Universal Orlando.
    Ann gets into her deeply specific Harry Potter dreams.
    WB has a new CEO that's allegedly prioritizing Potter.
    "Don't try new things. Ever." - Geoff
    Owl Post: we have a lot!
    Albert sent us a "wall of logos" of potential HBO Max Wizarding World series.
    Geoff was on Care of Magical Shippers talking about the Marauders!
    It seems pretty unanimous what the best Grindelwald scene is.
    There were also a ton of responses about Credence being Aberforth's son!
    "Sit down for a nice dinner and then Credence can die."
    Main Discussion: Jacob and Queenie's relationship!
    We love that Queenie gets to be an unapologetically feminine hero.
    Geoff is referring to Episode 135, "Am I the Drama?"
    Shannen ships Jally!
    Everything about Jacqueenie in movie 3 feels rushed.
    Getting married in a bakery is pretty sweet.
    Tax fraud is SO EASY if you're magical.
    "We finally get a time card and place card and it says "England, 1945.""
    We're gonna talk ALL THE RELATIONSHIPS.
    Kowalski's Half-Baked Theories: does Dumbledore's wand have a twin core to the Elder Wand?
    Grave-robbing = very cool
    Podcast Question: What is your favorite Jacob and Queenie scene?

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    Episode 151: Mads' Magical Moments

    Episode 151: Mads' Magical Moments

    SpeakBeasty is an essential service.  Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Ali F.! Phoenix Register: Marjolaine was on Alohomora! Check it out here. The WB Studios Tour in Hollywood has added Fantastic Beasts costumes. UK store EMP has lots of cute Fantastic Beasts merch too. Secrets of Dumbledore will be on HBO Max in late May! Owl Post: Hadley and Jeri share their thoughts about the timeline, Yusuf, and various grains. Main Discussion: Mads Mikkelsen as Grindelwald! The interview Marjolaine references is here.  "Some actors couldn't, but Mads can." Mads has a whole backstory for Grindelwald and we need it, please. YouTube links:  Grindelwald and Queenie: 1, 2, 3 Grindelwald and Vogel "He's gentle and soft but in a manipulating way." Grindelwald is surprisingly chill about not killing Dumbledore. Was Yusuf chillin' with the qilin? (Boy, that joke doesn't work in text.) If only we'd gotten more of the Nurmengard set. Do dark pools come standard in castle basements? We talk our favorite Grindelwald scenes.  BATTLE OF THE BEASTS! Shannen takes on Ann! Podcast Question: What is your favorite Grindelwald scene?

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    Episode 150: A Ragtag Army of Friendship

    Episode 150: A Ragtag Army of Friendship

    150 episodes and still looking good! Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Jasmine! Phoenix Register: The movie is out and the internet has lots of hot takes! Should Lizzie reread Twilight? Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is incorporating some beasts. Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore Movie Magic is out and there's an interview with the author on MuggleNet.  Owl Post: Our listeners rate Secrets of Dumbledore.  Main Discussion: Everything SpeakBeasty almost got right! It's been six months in the making! We're discussing Lizzie's notes from her chat with an insider back in November.  Chillens? Aberforth has two (2) human wives and one (1) goat wife.  We got the qilin! "I remember because I was wearing nylon pinafores." Lizzie and Geoff have INCREDIBLE restraint.  Where's Tina? We finally know. No one expects a murderous Muggle. Who what why when Credence? Wait, none of the beasts are real?! Time-Turner: Castle Hochosterwitz in Austria "Boiling oil … or spiders…" How many beef jokes can we make?

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    Episode 149: Newt's Boots

    Episode 149: Newt's Boots

    SPOILER ALERT Welcome to our special guest, Carolyn Thanks to our Patreon sponsor this week, Allee!  We saw the movie  There are thoughts, mostly disjointed  Podcast Question: How would you rate the movie?

    • 1 hr 19 min

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84 Ratings

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Didn’t know a lot about fantastic beasts. Came here and wow I know a lot

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Listen as often as I can!

Can’t wait for the new movie. Loving the theorizing and sleuthing as we get closer. Love the Newtcase. Miss the old owl sounds for owl post.

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Slythering around Hogwarts

what are the different criteria for being awarded the different classes of the Order of Merlin? Why did Lockhart get awarded Third Class while Pettigrew got first? What do you have to do to get Second?
Do you think that Snape was posthumously awarded the O.M. for his actions during the course of the books as a spy? Would Harry make sure that he was given some recognition for what he did behind the scenes?
I want to see other Wizarding schools and locations like Brazil and Castelobruxo, Uganda and Uagadou, and Japan and Mahoutokoro shown off in the FB films. Or at least more background and general information on them.

"The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure. Thoughts are not etched on the inside of skulls, to be perused by any invader. The mind is a complex and many-layered thing... It is true, however, that those who have mastered Legilimency are able, under certain conditions, to delve into the minds of their victims and to interpret their findings correctly."
-- Severus Snape

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