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Diving into Spiritual highs, how connecting with source energy takes you & your life to a brand new level.... and how you use that focused energy to live a life of fulfillment.

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Diving into Spiritual highs, how connecting with source energy takes you & your life to a brand new level.... and how you use that focused energy to live a life of fulfillment.

    Choosing Proactive Wellness: Avoiding Mental Breakdowns on the Spiritual Dope Podcast

    Choosing Proactive Wellness: Avoiding Mental Breakdowns on the Spiritual Dope Podcast

    Welcome back, spiritual dope! It's been a while since our last episode, but I'm here, Brandon Handley, ready to dive into some thought-provoking content just for you. But first, let's set the record straight - your well-being is our top priority. Spiritual Dope is still going strong, hosting a treasure trove of interviews and discussions with individuals who have embarked on their spiritual journeys. What makes our podcast unique is that we approach spirituality through the lens of integrating it into our daily lives. Trust me, you won't find another podcast quite like this. 
    Today, we're exploring the idea of awakening to yourself - growing into your spiritual being and realizing the vastness of your spiritual body beyond just your physical form. It's about creating a new model for living and doing so intentionally. Many people wait until they hit rock bottom before making this shift, but why not choose to awaken sooner? It's like proactive wellness - focusing on mental health and well-being to prevent falling apart down the road.
    We've been taught to hold it all together, to suppress and repress our emotions, but that's not the path to true happiness. What if you could learn to find joy and contentment in your current circumstances? That's the shift we're discussing today. We'll delve into the misconception that happiness has to look a certain way, driven by media and marketing. The truth is, happiness already exists within us, waiting to be realized. And hey, even an old beat-up car can bring just as much happiness as a shiny new one!
    Join me as I share personal stories and insights, discussing how embracing our true selves and acknowledging our experiences can lead to genuine happiness. We'll explore the interconnectedness of all living beings and the energy that binds us together. Get ready for an episode that will uplift your spirits and challenge your perception of happiness.
    So sit back, relax, and let's dive into this spiritual dope together!

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    Navigating the Creation Process: Insights and Inspiration from the Spiritual Dope Podcast

    Navigating the Creation Process: Insights and Inspiration from the Spiritual Dope Podcast

    Welcome to another episode of Spiritual Dope, where we explore all things spiritual and delve into the creation process. I'm your host, Brandon Handley. In today's episode, we'll discuss the concept of trusting the creation process and the power of intentional creation. From cooking a delicious meal to trying out new recipes, we'll explore how focusing on the desired outcome and aligning our intentions can lead to a fulfilling creation experience. Join me as we uncover the beauty in chaos and the importance of designing and organizing our creations. Let's dive in and discover the magic of the creation process. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation that will inspire you on your own creative journey. Welcome to Spiritual Dope: The Creation Process.

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    Colleague Questions and Burning Man Regrets

    Colleague Questions and Burning Man Regrets

    On this episode of Spiritual Dope, our guest Arcturus Eden takes us on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
    We delve into their initial perception of drugs and how it shifted after a profound experience with LSD. We explore their role as a peacemaker in their family dynamics and how human design has helped them understand their experiences better.
    Arcturus shares their experiences at Burning Man and how it shaped their spiritual journey. We also dive into their belief in the divinity of Burning Man and their connection to a higher intelligence.
    In addition, we explore the significance of their new name, Arcturus, and how it ties into their mission for world peace.
    We discuss the system of human design and the importance of being true to oneself. Arcturus shares their fascination with dreams and the divine connection they see between their childhood dream and their current work.
    We also touch upon their experiences with ayahuasca and the spiritual and emotional healing it brought.
    Finally, we explore their belief in the Arcturians, an alien civilization, and their mission for harmony and world peace.
    This episode is a deep dive into spirituality, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all beings.
    Connect with Arcturus: https://worldpeaceceremony.com/bonus-mission/

    • 1 hr
    Transformative Journeys: Healing Trauma and Overcoming Addiction with Psychedelics

    Transformative Journeys: Healing Trauma and Overcoming Addiction with Psychedelics

    On this episode of Spiritual Dope, host Brandon Handley welcomes guest Jahan Khamsehzadeh to explore the transformative power of psychedelics and their role in spirituality and personal growth. They delve into the cultural changes of the 1960s that brought about the use of psychedelics and discuss how these substances have been used in tribal ceremonies for centuries and are now being integrated into Western psychotherapy and recreational settings.
    The episode emphasizes the importance of having the right container to navigate these expansive states of consciousness safely, as well as the necessity of education and strategic planning for safe psychedelic use. Jahan shares their personal journey from a former atheist to experiencing a profound shift in consciousness through psychedelics, leading to a complete transformation in their perspective and the trajectory of their life.
    They also touch upon the challenges and rewards of working with psychedelics in therapeutic settings, including the processing of past trauma and the potential for healing and overcoming harmful behaviors.
    The episode highlights the need for set and setting and emphasizes the importance of having someone present to support individuals experiencing disorienting effects. Jahan and Brandon also explore the deep history of psychedelic use worldwide and the ongoing movement to decriminalize these substances.
    The episode concludes with a discussion on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms and the potential role they played in the evolution of human consciousness. Drawing from various psychological models and the work of pioneers like Stanislav Grof, they explore the different stages of the psychedelic experience and how understanding these stages can aid individuals in navigating challenging experiences and embracing personal growth and transformation.
    Tune in to this episode of Spiritual Dope to deepen your understanding of psychedelics' role in spirituality, healing, and human evolution.
    Connect with Jahan: https://psychedelicevolution.org/

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    Unveiling the Profound: Near-Death Experiences and Spiritual Insights with Nicole Kerr

    Unveiling the Profound: Near-Death Experiences and Spiritual Insights with Nicole Kerr

    On this episode of Spiritual Dope, host Brandon Handley is joined by guest Nicole Kerr, who shares her incredible near-death experiences and the profound spiritual insights she gained from them.
    Nicole begins by recounting the emergency surgery she underwent after a car crash, which led to multiple near-death experiences due to fluid in her lungs. She vividly describes feeling suffocated and believing her oxygen was being taken away. Thankfully, a diuretic was administered as a last resort, saving her from suffocating to death. Nicole woke up with a ventilator after one of the surgeries, deeply realizing that there is no pain at the moment of death.
    Nicole shares her belief in a dimension where angels and deceased loved ones exist on the other side. She encourages listeners to ask for help from these angels and develop a relationship with them. As a self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser, Nicole delves into the fear-based roots of people pleasing and how it was exacerbated by her time at the Air Force Academy, where she faced constant hazing and harassment.
    Nicole opens up about a traumatic car accident where she was pronounced dead at the scene but revived, leading to her struggle with an eating disorder and self-blame. She speaks about her strained relationship with her father, who blamed her for the accident and has not forgiven her. However, Nicole also shares a powerful incident where an angel saved her after another car accident, referring to the angel as "Casper the Ghost." In her soul form, she overheard a conversation between angels, who emphasized the importance of asking for help and promised that help would come.
    Describing her near-death experience, Nicole explains being engulfed in a white light that exuded love, comfort, beauty, and unconditional love, struggling to find words to fully convey the experience. She advises listeners to find what works for them, whether it's prayer, talking to their guardian angel, or journaling to reflect and connect with their soul. Nicole emphasizes the need to expand emotional literacy and express emotions instead of suppressing them.
    Nicole's personal experience of abuse at the United States Air Force Academy deeply influenced her focus on the spiritual dimension of health and her desire to change society's negative perception of death. She believes that death is often associated with doom, gloom, and negativity, and urges listeners to address their fear of death, as preparation is essential.
    Furthermore, Nicole highlights the importance of both spiritual and physical preparation for death and mentions how belief systems shape our relationship with death. She shares a poignant story about a six-year-old girl who had a negative concept of God due to fear of hell, underscoring the need to examine and change beliefs that no longer serve us.
    The episode touches on the speaker's reunion with a former roommate after 39 years, the blame they both carry surrounding the crash, and the importance of communication and rebuilding relationships. Nicole also details her struggles with soul loss after the crash and the subsequent physical and emotional issues she faced, including compulsive behaviors and chronic health conditions. She advocates for soul retrieval as a healing tool, especially for veterans struggling with soul loss, as it is often absent from their treatment.
    With her profound near-death experiences and spiritual insights, Nicole Kerr delivers a captivating episode full of hope, healing, and a deep understanding of the spiritual dimensions of life and death. Tune in to this enlightening episode of Spiritual Dope to explore the transformative power of near-death experiences and the importance of connecting with our souls.

    - Introduction to Nicole Kerr and her near-death experiences
    - The speaker's experience of emergency surgery and multiple near-death experiences
    - The speaker's belief in a dimension with angels and deceased lov

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    The Impact of Energy: Desire for Change and Personal Growth

    The Impact of Energy: Desire for Change and Personal Growth

    Join us on this episode of Spiritual Dope as we explore Ken's reflections, experiences, and insights that will leave you inspired and questioning your own spiritual journey.
    Ken traded in his corporate life and expat lifestyle overseas for a new adventure. He now travels the country with a microphone, a van, and a jar of questions, sharing his experiences. This epic trip may seem crazy to some, but to Ken, it is a brave decision. It is not the first time he has taken a bold step in his life, as he previously uprooted his family and moved from Los Angeles to Hong Kong for a two-year job opportunity at the age of 39. Returning back to his home country may not be as extreme, but it is still an exciting and unconventional choice for Ken. (connect with Ken here: www.thejar.live
    Topics covered in this audio session:
    - Reflecting on a successful leader who built a company from scratch
    - Description of the leader as an evangelist with exceptional communication skills, strategy, and ability to connect with others
    - Acknowledgment of similarities with the leader but not achieving the same level of success
    - Vulnerable moment when the leader asks who fills their cup
    - Referencing emotional support and inspiration received from others
    - Reflection and frustration about someone's actions
    - Discussion about the impact of energy on desire for change and personal growth
    - Journey overseas and facing challenges when family and connections were no longer present
    - Difficulties of constant transitions and inability to establish deep relationships
    - Desire to return home and reconnect with family and friends
    - Mention of starting to write and taking up the guitar at the age of 52
    - Importance of finding ways to receive appreciation and gratitude from others
    - Recognition of love and kindness shown by others
    - Balancing receiving and giving, comparing it to filling one's cup
    - Emphasis on finding motivation and practicing self-gratitude
    - Warning against people who expect others to fill their cup
    - Experience of someone approaching the speaker after scanning a QR code on a van
    - Discussion about making a positive impact
    - Desire to make a positive impact when the speaker is 80 years old
    - Appreciation of food, family, and friends
    - Desire to contribute to the world, society, heart, and soul
    - Acknowledgment of not knowing the answer yet, but valuing the question
    - Encouragement to meet curious people and recognize signs of curiosity
    - Love for music and appreciation of songwriters
    - Return to photography as a serious pursuit
    - Intentionality in writing, playing guitar, and doing photography
    - Realization of the impact these activities had
    - Challenge of the speaker's title preventing them from speaking in certain settings
    - Writing letters to God turned into a podcast
    - Purpose of hearing people's stories and giving them a platform
    - Fulfillment in listening to people's stories
    - Specific experience meeting a woman in a trailer park with a difficult backstory
    - Appreciation of being listened to and having her story valued
    - Reflection on taking a break after working for eight months straight
    - Limited time off and constant uploading and editing of content
    - Realization of a common theme in the work: mental health
    - Faced with a decision among multiple outcomes, excluding the red one
    - Captivation and confusion regarding the red one in a crowded room
    - Confidence gained through advice received
    - Friendship formed with a guitar teacher in Bangkok
    - Writing songs together using material from a book called "Dear God" at first, but eventually running out and having to write new lyrics

    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Skullkid1391 ,

Fun and Insightful Show

Love the passion and care that goes into these episodes. As a spaz white belt i really appreciated the recent episode on BJJ. 10/10

X108X ,


I had a fun time being interviewed on this podcast by a fellow rocker and spiritualist. Brandon streamed poignant questions and we could have rapped for hours! I love to Rock with Spiritual Dope! —Lisa S. Johnson, Photographer/Author of 108 Rock Star Guitars and Immortal Axes.

RyanM1618 ,

Antidote & Insight

This is exactly the kind of conversation the world needs: a no nonsense exploration and indulgence into meaningful and enriching aspects of life that don’t get serious and thoughtful attention in other places. This is a podcast to come to let your intrigue release and your curiosity fly, all hosted by a genuinely interested and invested host that learns alongside you. I love it.

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