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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society through sport for development and peace. Specifically looking at sport policy how we can use it for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society. Check back monthly for new episodes.
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Sports for Social Impact seeks to explore and educate on the power that sport has to create a positive impact on society through sport for development and peace. Specifically looking at sport policy how we can use it for maximum impact. The hope is that these conversations and ideas will help achieve the maximum benefit of sport in our society. Check back monthly for new episodes.
Contact: sportsforsocialimpact@gmail.com
Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SportsSocImpact

    Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

    Grassroots Sport Diplomacy

    Mogens Kirkeby is the President of the International Sport & Culture Association (ISCA) since 2007. He holds a Master of Science in Sport, organizational development, sport policies, social sciences and international politics from Copenhagen University, Denmark. Mogens is a member of the Council of Europe’s Consultative Committee of the sport collaboration EPAS and a board member of the Danish sport for all organisation DGI and the Danish Outdoor Council. 
    The International Sport & Culture Association (ISCA) is an umbrella association for grassroots sport organisations. ISCA consists of 290 member organisations from 90 countries. Their mission is to empower organisations worldwide to enable citizens to the enjoy their Human Right to MOVE. ISCA delivers Grassroots Sport Diplomacy and organizes the bi-annual MOVE Congress gathering grassroots sport leaders from across the world. ISCA host the Now We MOVE Campaign including MOVE Week.

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    Sport and the Active Economy

    Sport and the Active Economy

    Heather Chapple is a community builder who is passionate about bringing people, tools, and technology together to build adaptive ecosystems.
    She holds a Master’s in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics and is trained in design thinking, data analysis and public engagement. Her career has spanned international humanitarian response coordination with the United Nations, leading a civic innovation lab to build smart city prototypes, and partnering with industry-leading clients to develop agile data solutions. With ActiveCITY, she's thrilled to be bringing together partners in the active economy to strengthen this important sector. You can contact her at: heather@activecitycollective.ca
    ActiveCITY is a collective of agencies and organizations focused on connecting the active economy to help all Calgarians live happier, healthier, more active lives. The active economy contributes 3.3 billion to Calgary's economy and is a vital cornerstone of the story of our city. Learn more at: https://www.activecitycollective.ca/

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    Sport and Indigenous Reconciliation

    Sport and Indigenous Reconciliation

    Serene Porter is a Halifax-based multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and facilitator from the Six Nations of the Grand River territory (Mohawk Nation) in Ontario. In her work as an art therapist, as well as in the Integrated Learning workshops she has developed and delivered, Serene has helped people of all ages to explore healing and creative expression through art, nature, and cultural connection.

    Most recently, Serene serves as Director of Culture, Engagement and Legacy for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), where her artistic talents, engagement experience, facilitation skills, and abiding passion for Indigenous sport and culture make her an integral part of the NAIG leadership team.

    With a strong foundation of personal and professional experience, Serene Porter holds a unique skill set and perspective that allows her to act as a catalyst for others, as they seek to discover their own resiliency, determination, and boundless creativity.

    NAIG 2023:

    Kjipuktuk, as it is called by the Mi’kmaw Nation will host competitions in 16 sports over seven days and within 21 venues across Kjipuktuk (Halifax), Dartmouth and Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia.

    NAIG 2023 will bring together more than 5000 athletes, coaches and team staff from 756 Indigenous Nations celebrating, sharing and reconnecting through sport and culture with the help of 3000 volunteers.

    NAIG 2023 will take place from July 15-23.

    Find out more about NAIG 2023 and how you can volunteer on their website: https://naig2023.com/
    Find out more about the NAIG Council and it's history: http://naigcouncil.com/
    Read more about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and their Calls to Action (CTA) (the sport-specific CTAs are 87, 88, 89, 90, 91): https://nctr.ca/records/reports/

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    Sport and Athlete Power

    Sport and Athlete Power

    In this episode we explore the immense power that athletes have by using their voice to talk about challenging issues in society. From Simone Biles talking about mental health at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to Lebron James speaking out on social injustice, to over 300 British Olympians and Paralympians signed a letter to United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson calling on the government to lead a green recovery as the UK deals with the coronavirus pandemic. These issues that athletes are passionate about are real and very serious.  

    We speak with Anastasia Bucsis who is a Canada Games alumni, 2X Olympic Speedskater, and born and raised in Calgary. In the lead up to Sochi 2014 Anastasia came out publicly in opposition to Russia's anti LGBTQ+ laws, and competed as the only 'out' athlete from North America. Following her athletic career Anastasia joined the CBC Sports team where she launched and hosted the Player's Own Voice Podcast. She is a host and analyst at CBC, hosting on multiple platforms while still staying connected to her speedskating roots, by providing colour commentary on Road to the Olympic Games. Anastasia is a passionate advocate for mental health issues, eradicating homophobia in sport, and telling the stories of Canada's High Performance athletes.

    Be sure to check out the Player's Own Voice Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts!

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    Sport and Plastic Pollution

    Sport and Plastic Pollution

    Val de Falbaire is the founder of Precious Plastics Mauritius and one of the IOC Young Leaders (2019-2020). Val grew up with sport and had a career in swimming and triathlon for about 15 years. In 2014, he was elected by the Mauritius National Olympic Committee as a Young Change-Maker and started his project called AgingWell which is focused on tackling the high levels of diabetes and obesity in Mauritius through sport activities. He has since started Precious Plastics Mauritius. 

    Precious Plastics Mauritius (PPM) started with a team of volunteers, who constructed two recycling machines and some moulds. Today there are seven recycling machines that can make beach tennis racquets, sport medals, swimming paddles, rock climbing grips and other non sport related products.  Every two weeks, beach cleanups are organized and volunteers and school kids are invited to join and realize the impact of plastic pollution. The beach cleanup always starts with a visit to the recycling hub and fisheries with some beach games using recycled sports equipment. 

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    Sport with Social Purpose (Commonwealth Sport Canada)

    Sport with Social Purpose (Commonwealth Sport Canada)

    Ryan Pelley currently leads Commonwealth Sport Canada’s SportWORKS Program, which integrates sport development and sport for development programming to promote individual and community social development, and build national sport system capacity, throughout the Commonwealth. He  grew up in a small community on the northwest coast of British Columbia. The town of Kitimat is on the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation. Like many rural living youth, he played all the sports that were available to him. He feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate and understands that this is not the case for all youth in Canada, especially nowadays. Sport played a role in shaping who he is and what he does through the values he gained. Working in sport and sport for development over the past 12 years has provided Ryan the opportunity to live and work in some of the world’s most unique locations, including as a Canadian SportWORKS Officer on the remote island of Saint Helena.
    Commonwealth Sport Canada (CSC)
    Founded as a legacy of the inaugural Commonwealth Games in 1930, CSC is a founding member of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) and is responsible for the growth and development of the Commonwealth sport movement in Canada. CSC is a registered non-profit, private charity, comprised of 40 Members (16 individuals and 24 national sport organizations), governed by an elected Board of Directors, and supported by a small cadre of staff. Their vision is Commonwealth sport inspires and unites Canadians by championing excellence, inclusion and human rights. 
    Commonwealth Sport is “Sport with a Social Purpose”:

    First International Games to achieve Gender Equality, with more medaling events for women than men.
    First, and only, international Games to have a Reconciliation Action Plan, respecting and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and leave a lasting and meaningful legacy through employment and training, procurement, and showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and cultures.
    First, and only, international Games to integrate a Para-Sport program as full medal status.
    First International Major Games franchise holder to embed Human Rights across all operations and programs.

    Commonwealth Sport Canada: https://commonwealthsport.ca/
    SportWORKS: https://commonwealthsport.ca/sportworks/sportworks-home.html

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