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StarLady utilizes the current planetary transits and the natural principles of Evolutionary Astrology to forecast weekly. StarLady and MediaMonk will nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit while guiding you through your week.

StarLady-Soul-Reader Kim Marie, Director Evolutionary Astrology Network

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StarLady utilizes the current planetary transits and the natural principles of Evolutionary Astrology to forecast weekly. StarLady and MediaMonk will nourish your Soul and rekindle your Spirit while guiding you through your week.

    AstroCast for Nov. 27th - Dec. 11th, 2023

    AstroCast for Nov. 27th - Dec. 11th, 2023

    This Full Moon of Gemini opposes a Sun-Mars conjunction in Sag and forms a unique t-square with Saturn @ 1* Pisces.
    Are you choosing to return to Source energy or are the separating forces still holding you back?
    Venus conjunct the south node in Libra squares Pluto in late Capricorn setting up possible power struggles in relationships. Who's in charge in my world?
    Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus form a waxing sextile with that Venus-South node pairing. This is a classic Yod formation whereby evolution forces some major adjustment with these archetypes. Possible manifestations include land destruction and shifting boundaries (war) or renewed progressive visions on sharing resources. Will the current "lines in the sand mentality" in the Mideast and Eastern Europe prevail or do we embark on new frontiers of peace and mutual respect?
    Finally, join us for the full and free Mercury Retrograde webinar Dec. 13th @ 6pm MST.
    Mercury Rx @ 8* Capricorn until the New Year @ 22* Sag. Get to the essence of all communications.
    Slow down and clarify understandings. Mercury makes aspects to 7 planets during this end of the year cycle. Now is your time to discover what is truly important on this always eventful journey to the core of the Soul.

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    AstroCast for Nov. 13-26, 2023

    AstroCast for Nov. 13-26, 2023

    This is the time of year when the dual desire nature of our Souls becomes more focused.
    What in your Life now needs to fall away?
    How are you merging with others with a larger sense of your role in the Universe?
    The New Moon conjunct Mars @ 21* Scorpio may help to provide the answers for you.
    The Sagittarius mantra:
    "I understand the relativity of truth with others"
    On Nov. 18th, Mars and The Sun conjunct @ 25* Scorpio and a new two year cycle begins for this discovery of our conscious desires and alignment with Source energy. Be proactive right now and find your reasons for merging. Remember that Scorpio energy also rules confrontation.
    Mercury will then conjunct Mars three times over the next two months starting at 25* Scorpio. May your journey from the the depths of the Soul provide you with less eruptions and many more resolutions. Find and share your new healings and new modalities on this multi-layered journey to the core of the Soul

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    Lunar Eclipse AstroCast for Oct. 28 - Nov. 12, 2023

    Lunar Eclipse AstroCast for Oct. 28 - Nov. 12, 2023

    The heaviness on the planet right now reflects this Scorpio Lunar Eclipse and Pluto in direct motion squaring the nodal axis.
    This set up occurs with Saturn now also going direct @ 1* Pisces. Reality checks for all right now. That Lunar Eclipse this weekend is @ 5* Scorpio-Taurus and also highlights oppositions of the Mercury-Mars conjunction (Scorpio) to Jupiter (Taurus).
    The themes are:
    Power Over vs. Autonomy. My Resources vs. Shared Resources. Activated polarities of energies abound so as to provide a catharsis leading to initiating new ways forward.
    What are the new realities facing you?
    Find common ground and seek balance in relating with partners and colleagues.
    Finally, Jupiter in Taurus moves from new phase to crescent phase with Neptune in Pisces. This provides another transitional vibe from yang to yin, so, internal adjustments abound.
    Ripe time for growth for those willing to feel it on this unusually dramatic journey to the core of our Souls.

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    AstroCast for Oct.14-28, 2023

    AstroCast for Oct.14-28, 2023

    This New Moon will feature a Solar Eclipse @ 21* of Libra and will be partially visible in the western United States.
    This eclipse occurs at the same time Pluto is stationary direct and making a square the the Aries-Libra nodes. In addition, transiting Pluto is squatting right on the US natal Pluto @ 28* Capricorn.
    We are collectively reviewing skipped steps in our maturation processes and resolve as a nation. This includes our innate beliefs as well as our secular constructs, institutions and governing bodies. The Libra inner planets then square that Pluto (Soul) creating some internal friction and causing us to feel a bit defensive.
    The Sun in Scorpio mantra remains:
    "I metamorphose myself with evolving self-reliance"
    The veil is thin now. We are always evolving and a powerful window to the Soul has opened on this New Moon. May your progress be reflected back to you in all your relationship efforts this fall.

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    AstroCast for Sept. 30 - Oct. 14, 2023

    AstroCast for Sept. 30 - Oct. 14, 2023

    The Full Moon arrives @ 6* Aries-Libra and we begin south node eclipse season soon in October. The lessons are all about relationships and we look in the mirror to review, initiate new efforts, and see events from another perspective. All outer planets remain retrograde and the three inner planets change signs coloring our experience.
    Mercury and Venus aspect Uranus providing Ah-Ha moments and other mental revelations. Lastly, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto form a wonderful trine in the earth signs and Pluto will be stationary direct in Capricorn smack dab on the USA Pluto inspiring our collective Soul to evolve and renew.
    Resource rewards come more easily now on this always spiritual, yet definitely material journey to the core of the Soul.

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    Forecast for Sept. 14-29, 2023

    Forecast for Sept. 14-29, 2023

    The New Moon opposes Neptune retrograde in Pisces providing the energetic mojo to shed old, deep unconscious belief patterns blocking our progress. The Virgo palette, with Mercury and Mars' transits, helps us to balance the practical with the intuitive. Six planets retrograde. Use your dream diaries and meditative awareness for clues as to what has been holding you back.
    Uranus will have 5 waxing trines to Pluto in the fire signs. Venus direct makes waxing squares to Jupiter in Taurus inspiring creativity and propelling you forward with new resource appreciation and strategies. Sun in Libra Sept. 23rd - this resource theme becomes the new veneer onto our relationships with others. Your inner work now pays off. Resource appreciation = relationship peace then prosperity follows.

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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

MediaMonk@EAN ,

Mars Pluto Planetary Pair

This really helped me understand Evolutionary Astrology better. Kim has a clear speaking voice that was as easy to listen to as her words.

PrivateAccount333 ,

Another TDS Sufferer

Most ppl dismiss astrologers as quacks, and this lady gives them good reason to. Rather than coherently presenting her forecast, she yammers on and on and on, aimlessly, mixing accounts of her vacations, political hysteria and bits of astrology into a gsbbled jumble of nonsense. If you’re looking for information from an instable source, this is perfect.

unehistoiredeplage ,

one of the very best

This is one of my go to podcasts. Kim Marie is an incredibly talented astrologer and her way of discussing it really brings extra insight, clarity, and depth to what’s happening in the sky. Her forecasts really make you think and are quite illuminating. Also I like that the podcast is designed for anyone with some interest in astrology, in other words one does not have to be an expert to understand what she is saying. Finally I really enjoyed the synergy between her and media monk.

p.s. for those who believe the podcast is too political, they can continue to sleep at the wheel and let us navigate into a better world.

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