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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

Structure Talk Reuben Saltzman

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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

    Deck Inspections for Homeowners

    Deck Inspections for Homeowners

    In this podcast, Reuben Saltzman and Tessa Murry discuss their allergy experiences and the necessity of maintaining healthy indoor air quality. They move on to the major topic of deck safety, emphasizing the importance of correct attachment to the house as the leading cause of deck collapse. They refer to the standards and guidelines in the building code and the Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide. They emphasize the need to adhere to these recommendations to maintain ...

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Attics should always be accessible

    Attics should always be accessible

    In this episode, Reuben Saltzman and Tessa Murry cover various topics related to home inspections, attic access, and home inspectors' challenges. It also delves into the importance of accessing attics and crawl spaces during home inspections and the impact of contractual obligations on the inspection process. The conversation covers the challenges of accessing and inspecting attics in home inspections, including the resistance from sellers and listing agents, the lack of inspection by buildin...

    • 34 min
    Indoor air quality and mold in commercial buildings (with Neil Carlson)

    Indoor air quality and mold in commercial buildings (with Neil Carlson)

    In this conversation, Reuben Saltzman and Tessa Murry interview Neil Carlson, a public health specialist with expertise in indoor air quality and mold. They discuss various mold-related topics, including its causes, identification, and remediation. Neil shares insights into his work in commercial and residential buildings, highlighting common problem areas such as air handling units, basements, bathrooms, and attics. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding the building as a system ...

    • 50 min
    A tribute to our mentors

    A tribute to our mentors

    In this conversation, Reuben and Tessa discuss their professional mentors and influencers. Reuben talks about his dad, who taught him construction and home inspections, and Dwayne Erickson, a colleague who taught him to be curious and observant. Tessa mentions Pat Hellman, a building science expert who taught her about risk assessment and influenced her approach to thinking through problems. They also mention Jack Pixley, a chimney professional who taught them the importance of improving the ...

    • 45 min
    Mold testing standards and procedures (with Eric Larsen)

    Mold testing standards and procedures (with Eric Larsen)

    In this today’s episode, Reuben and Tessa are joined by Eric Larsen to discuss mold testing and inspection. They cover topics such as national standards and credentials for mold inspection, the importance of certifications, the different types of mold tests, and the limitations of mold testing. They also touch on the value of air sampling, surface sampling, viable spore sampling, and ATP testing. Overall, the conversation provides insights into the various methods and considerations inv...

    • 56 min
    Mold and health scares

    Mold and health scares

    In this episode of the Structure Talk podcast, Reuben Saltzman and Tessa Murry are joined by Eric Larson and Jaden Jaloon to discuss the impact of mold on homeowners. Jaden shares his personal experience of discovering mold in his newly built home and the health issues it caused for him and his wife. They discuss the importance of mold testing and remediation, as well as the genetic factors that can make some individuals more susceptible to mold toxicity. The conversation highlights the need ...

    • 42 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Bridgetownpdx ,

Great and informational

As a business owner and an inspector since 2019, I greatly appreciate the knowledge and the conversational approach to the inspection industry. I always get something from the pod and usually almost every time, I input something into my report or routine. I’m a better inspector because of it. I would love to hear about the business side more, but nonetheless I listen to every one.

New Guy 2022 ,

Excellent show

StructureTalk is great. Reuben, Tessa, and Bill (happy trails) make this show a fun, personable way to hear high quality information from field experts. The two-legged ladder continues!

R. Coy ,

Top Notch

Reuben is the man. Tessa is an inspiration to me and I love her story. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on a few CE classes taught by both of these industry giants at conferences over the years and I finally had the chance to meet Reuben at an IEB event in Austin! Great people. Love the podcast guys! I hope to cross paths with ya’ll soon!

Ryan Coy
ProPrecise Property Inspections

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