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Interviews, live performances and music from local and regional artists out of Richmond, Va.

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Interviews, live performances and music from local and regional artists out of Richmond, Va.

    River City Limits on WRIR 9-2-23

    River City Limits on WRIR 9-2-23

    Fuzzy Prophet (Greg Garner and Steve Dingus) – Mass EvoluIon (and hidden track)
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Landon Elliott – Strangers
    Live at Poe’s Pub
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Neatly Drawn Blinds (Nathan Burns) – Compass
    The Things Before and After Me NEW
    Dorthia Cottrell – Black Canyon
    Death Folk Country
    Dorthia Cottrell - Vessel
    Ohbliv – My Freaky Thing
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Jeremy D Simmons – The Influence (Get Off You Phone)
    The Song Machine Demos - NEW
    Book of Wyrms – Blacklight Warpriest
    Released Aug 23 NEW
    Spirit of the Beehive – Tapeworm
    I’m So Lucky
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Butcher Brown – I Can Say To You
    Solar Music
    Due out Oct 6
    Smalltown Superstar – September 2
    Lanes 23 and 24
    Dirtball – Whiskey Go Away
    The Well

    BEEX – What I Am

    GWAR - Maggots
    Scumdogs of the Universe
    Chris Ratteree – Computers
    Established 1971

    Hotspit – Epitaph

    Tennishu – Fun Music

    I Am The Liquor – Confide In Me

    Murdersome – Smoke and Mirrors

    Thunderchief – Night Songs
    The Mitras – 19999
    Toward Space – Pity Party

    Weekend Plans – Slide

    Ringfinger – Typewriter Tourist

    Seasick Gladiator – The Hanged Man
    The Hanged Man

    • 1 hr 59 min
    River City Limits on WRIR 8-5-23

    River City Limits on WRIR 8-5-23

    This is the show that aired 8-5-23 on WRIR.  
    Toward Space – All Night Long NEW
    Bucket – World Tuned Upside Down
    Midlife Pilot – Telepathic
    Mr Earthbound – Animal
    Strawberry Moon – Grew This Way
    Sammi Lanzetta – The Villain
    Doll Baby – Perfect Posture
    Deathbirds Surf Club - Summer
    Rough Age – Every Minute, Every Mile
    Toxic Moxie – Creation Limitation
    Toxic Moxie – Bratcore (VCR cover)
    Ant The Symbol (feat Black Liq) – Names
    Armagideon Time – Foxed In The Head (edit)
    Large Margin - Smothered and Covered
    Angelica Garcia – Macorina
    Heath Haynes – Whole Entire World 
    Erik Larson – Cry In The Wind
    Caro – Alright, You Win From My Room
    DUST – Je Ne Sais Quoi
    Elabor – The Tree That Bleeds NEW
    Mighty Joshua – Clean Hands
    Moossa - Ballast
    Helgamite – Aestrosion
    Horsehead – Grains of Sand
    Sports Bar – Cut The Cord
    Lean Year – The Trouble With Being Warm
    Book of Wyrms – Sodapop Glacier

    • 1 hr 59 min
    WRIR's River City Limits 4-1-23, Jay Smack Host

    WRIR's River City Limits 4-1-23, Jay Smack Host

    This episode was originally broadcast on WRIR's local music show (one of them anyway) River CIty Limits, which runs every Saturday evening at 5 and hosted by a revolving line-up of DJs.  This episode of RCL features new music from Bucket, Cream Dream, Jonathan Vassar, DUST~, McKinley Dixon, Crucial Rip, Horsehead and Honest Debts and more local music that's not as new.  It also features a single by Deau Eyes, the recent winner of the Newlin Prize for Richmond area music.  
    Much of the music played on River City Limits and the Studio B RVA podcast can be found on my Bandcamp page.  As much of the music as possible played on both shows is purchased.  
    Full playlist:
    BUCKET – World Turned Upside Down – NEW
    CREAM DREAM – No Answer – NEW
    twain - King of Fools
    JONATHN VASSAR – A Thousand Miles a Minute - NEW
    DUST – Gourmetsh - NEW
    McKINLEY DIXON – Run, Run, Run (Kitchen Table Session) - NEW
    CRUCIAL RIP – Violent Retribution - NEW
    Erik Larson - Nomen Est Omen none
    DEMONS – Inauguration Day
    GNAWING – Gimme Tinnitus - NEW
    SPOOKY COOL – I Lick The Sweat off Your Back
    V.E. - I Started A Joke -Bee Gees cover
    SAMMI LANZETTA – The Bordlerline
    DEAU EYES – Make Some Time -won the Newlin Award
    STRAWBERRY MOON - You, Me, and Mystery
    PPIRANHA – Placate

    PRABIR TRIO - Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva
    CANARY OH CANARY – Dreamshark
    HORSEHEAD – Grains of Sand - NEW

    HORSEHEAD – Quitter - NEW
    WKNDR - Color of Your Love

    HONEST DEBTS – Not So Sure - NEW


    BEARSTORM – Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

    ANTHONY CURTIS – Saturnalia
    EARTHLINK – Dark Path

    ATOM EVE ECLIPSE - Majestic

    • 1 hr 59 min
    From the archives: StudioB 2016 0228

    From the archives: StudioB 2016 0228

    By request we're re-releasing an old episode.  This is from 2016 when Studio B was still on terrestrial radio at 102.1 The X, aka XL 102, aka ALT 102.1 and probably several other monikers.  The station named changed several times over the years, as they do.  The playlist and show notes are below as they appeared in 2016.  Enjoy, and support local music!
    SLEEPWALKERS - Breaking My Heart
    -Greenwood Shade
    -touring with The Lumineers
    DAVID BROOKINGS - Sand In The Hourglass
    -End Of An Error
    -Davey Guitar
    -from Richmond, no win Cali working for Apple
    -came back to play at Hardywood with some of his old bandmates
    MATT BOLEA - Move On
    SELMA HIJACK - Friends
    LUCY DACUS - I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore
    -No More
    -Egghunt Records (DC)
    -touring with Houndmouth in April
    -lots of good press
    LUCY DACUS - Pretty Girl
    -Girls Back Home
    -previous release
    HORSEHEAD - Last Word Wins
    -Casual Dracula
    -at The Camel March 26
    LEAGUE OF SPACE PIRATES - Elegant Universe
    -Precognitive Universe of Emergent Desire 
    THOSE MANIC SEAS - Outlier
    BARONESS - Chlorine And Wine
    -originally from Lexington Va
    GRITTER - Welcome To The Sinkhole
    -Welcome To The Sinkhole
    -“Vultures” due out in April
    KEPONE - Jimmy Spit
    -Kepone (97)
    -reunited to play the GWAR-B-CUE
    CANNABIS CORPSE - From Wisdom To Baked
    -From Wisdom To Baked

    • 53 min
    Merciful Zero, B4NK MACHIN3, Omen Stones, Ryan Kent

    Merciful Zero, B4NK MACHIN3, Omen Stones, Ryan Kent

    New Richmond music from: 
    B4NK M4CHIN3 - Days Like These (new)
    -members of The Seymores, Dynamic Truths, Coral, Fudge, Dark Little Rooms.
    Merciful Zero – Melonite Kingdom
    No Filter Through the Vortex
    Live at The Camel Wed. Sep 21
    WITH: Darkness Is Falling, The Saturn Death Cult, Earth Dog Mothership
    EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/643944286930430
    At Another Round Bar and Grill Oct 8
    Omen Stones – Black Cloud (new)
    -Erik Larson (ATP, AVAIL, Lord By Fire) – drums, Ed Fierro (Tel, Desert Altar) – bass, Tommy Hamilton (Druglord) – vocals, guitar
    Ryan Kent (with Chris Farmer) – Dying Comes With Age (new)

    • 20 min
    Doug Nunally - Newlin Prize

    Doug Nunally - Newlin Prize

    Doug Nunally runs the online Richmond-area music magazine The Auricular and has spearheaded the creation of the new Newlin Music Prize,  "an award given to the best full-length album from the Richmond-Petersburg, VA metropolitan area based solely on artistic merit without regard to style or popularity.
    Named after musical prodigy, VCU professor, and performer Dika Newlin (1923-2006), the prize launched in 2022 to award its first ever award for albums released in the previous calendar year. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize in the hope of fostering future recordings and performances."
    Newlin Music Prize short list
    The Auricular

    • 54 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

LOs10space ,

insight into the unique

- Great to see the growth of the radio show into a global force -Richmond music in the spot light for more than 20 years, with a diverse selection of genres this podcast offers insight into a unique area of the United states that produces a wide spectrum of sounds. This is the go - to pod cast for Richmond!

Dan Gravelthroat ,

Best music podcast around!

A great eclectic mix of some of the greatest musicians and songwriters out of RVA (and the surrounding areas.) Episode offers something new and wonderful; no two episodes are alike! I particularly like the host and the announcer.

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