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Interviews, live performances and music from local and regional artists out of Richmond, Va.

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Interviews, live performances and music from local and regional artists out of Richmond, Va.

    WRIR's River City Limits 6-1-24 - Tribute to Local RVA Legend Bob Schick

    WRIR's River City Limits 6-1-24 - Tribute to Local RVA Legend Bob Schick

    Bob Schick
    DYNAMIC TRUTHS - Understanding Is Overrated - You Take It All
    DYNAMIC TRUTHS - Understanding Is Overrated - Profit From Loss
    Coral - Pillowtalk - Figure 8
    Honor Role - So Anyway
    New stuff – released in May
    Butcher Brown - Secret House - Secret House
    Destruct – Omnicide
    Drook - America, My Window
    Bats & Mice - worst time (single released in April, album in May)
    Greg Garner - Lighthouse
    BASK - Mush! Carry Me Home
    Enforced - Kill Grid – Malignance
    Valkyrie - Fear - Fear and Sacrifice
    NIGHT BATTLES - Curse the Day 
    NIGHT BATTLES - Year Of No Days - Sub Rosa
    addy - Garden Snake
    Ant The Symbol - Names (feat. BlackLiq)
    Big Fundamental - Killing Knife
    Large Margin - Large Margin - Call Waiting
    Chris Ratterree - Established in 1971 – Computers
    Colin Phils - Trust-Fall - Trust-Fall
    Benjamin Mauch - A Moment in Time that Always Happens - Self Preservation
    Greg Garner - CH040- 20 Years of Cherub Records - Blob Factory
    Ronan Chris Murphy - Horse, Zanthus! + - 02 Another Mother for Peace
    Mark Stanley - WHAT - Hydroglyph
    DJ HARRISON - TapeCookies2 – LaDeeDahDeeDah
    Mister Earthbound - Hypnotic Rhythm - Hot Foot Powder
    Night Idea - Ocho the Cat – Ocho
    Night Idea - Riverless - Perfect Water
    Humungus - Lightning City….

    • 1 hr 59 min
    River City Limits 4-6-24

    River City Limits 4-6-24

    Crucial Rip - Forensick Malpractice - Force Fed Concrete
    Mutually Assured Destruction – Hexer
    Transylvania Stud - Dead and Bloated feat. Eddy Keyes
    -(Nashville, from RVA)
    FM Skyline - In the Clouds
    Sam Valentine - Somewhere Golden
    Tennishu - Heat To Drop - Heat To Drop
    -(written on tour with Butcher Brown)
    the Ar-Kaics - See the World on Fire – Chains
    Burn The Priest – Bloodletting
    Buzzov•en - Revelation- Sick Again – Symptom
    Weedeater - Goliathan – Goliathan
    -(Dave “Dixie” Collins from Buzzoven, started as a side project)
    Gritter - Welcome to the sinkhole - Welcome to the sinkhole
    Chalkline Beauty - Reversal of Death & Corruption
    Deathcrown - Jackals – Jackals
    Cut The Architect's Hand - The Eternity Box - Contempt As A Weapon
    Earthling - Dark Path - Dark Path
    Erik Larson - Everything Breaks - A Drop In The Bucket
    MENSREA - Twenty minutes til
    Iron Reagan - Worse Than Dead - Slightly Out of Focus
    Kepone - Virginia Creeper
    Avail - Dixie - 25 Years
    Mao Tse Helen - Circus Peanuts
    RPG - Southern Girls
    BREADWINNER – Turtlehead
    DENALI – Surface
    FARQUHAR - Mummy Wheat
    Long Arms – Horsehead/Long Arms 45 – Crazy Bet
    Suzy Saxon and the Anglos - King of the Hill
    Waking Hours - Work It Out

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    River City Limits on WRIR 4-6-24

    River City Limits on WRIR 4-6-24

    New music: 
    Angélica Garcia - Juanita
    Fidelity Jones - JOY
    New Lions - Canada
    Ohbliv - We Must Survive 
    Outer World - The Drum the Beat
    the Ar-Kaics - Dawning        
    Suburban Key Party - The Wreckage
    Bats & Mice - Worst Time
    The Mitras - Red Rover
    Prisoner - Flesh Dirge
    Omen Stones - Fresh Hell
    Enforced - Malignance
    Book of Wyrms - Keinehora
    Left Cross - Burning Raids
    B4NK M4CHIN3 - Downtown Expressway
    BUCKET - Time Anymore
    Horsehead - Quitter
    Paulo Franco - You Left Me Cold Roses
    Deau Eyes - Make Some Time
    Doll Baby - Treetops
    Lean Year - The Trouble With Being Warm
    Ward Harrison - Miranda
    Shane Cooley - Black Moon
    Sun Years - Teeth Like Stars
    Large Margin - Executive's Order
    Piranha Rama - Golden Blues
    Lance Koehler - Datura Summer
    Colin Phils - Totokon (full version)
    WRIR's 19th Anniversary Party is April 27 at Hardywood

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    River City Limits on WRIR 3-2-24

    River City Limits on WRIR 3-2-24

    NEW - released FEB. or JAN.
    ASM (Anti-Christ Seige Machine) – Sisera
    Inter Arma - New Heaven
    DJ Harrison – L’Anthropofemme
    Justin Golden - The Rain Done Fell on Me pt.1
    doll baby – Treetops
    Drook - Texas - Awful Stories
    WKNDR - All In
    Superchunk - Everybody Dies >break
    Balter Choir - Leaves Falling
    Butcher Brown - Down With The King
    Dorthia Cottrell - Price to Prey
    Midlife Pilot - Idle Themes
    Stone Woman - Near Dark
    Belly of the Heart - Texas Beach
    Cupid McCoy - Summer Sweethearts
    Dead Billionaires - Straight Shooter
    DuctTape Jesus - Press On
    Higley - 5 Minutes
    Hotspit - Cave Dweller
    Keep - Dasani Daydream
    Love Roses - 15 Minutes
    My Darling Fury - The End of The World
    Noah-O x Big No - Uncle Phil
    Righter - Bad Art
    RIKKI RAKKI - Breaking Skin
    Sun V Set - Curious Wave
    Ten Pound Snail - House Mouse
    MightyJoshua – CleanHands
    Mister Earthbound – Animal
    Municipal Waste - Wave of Death
    THUNDERCHIEF - No Compromise
    Ryan Kent - Bring Me My Monster (w- Jimmy Bower) 
    The Milkstains - Intimidator (You're Dale to me)

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    River City Limits on WRIR 9-2-23

    River City Limits on WRIR 9-2-23

    Fuzzy Prophet (Greg Garner and Steve Dingus) – Mass EvoluIon (and hidden track)
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Landon Elliott – Strangers
    Live at Poe’s Pub
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Neatly Drawn Blinds (Nathan Burns) – Compass
    The Things Before and After Me NEW
    Dorthia Cottrell – Black Canyon
    Death Folk Country
    Dorthia Cottrell - Vessel
    Ohbliv – My Freaky Thing
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Jeremy D Simmons – The Influence (Get Off You Phone)
    The Song Machine Demos - NEW
    Book of Wyrms – Blacklight Warpriest
    Released Aug 23 NEW
    Spirit of the Beehive – Tapeworm
    I’m So Lucky
    Released 9-1-23 NEW
    Butcher Brown – I Can Say To You
    Solar Music
    Due out Oct 6
    Smalltown Superstar – September 2
    Lanes 23 and 24
    Dirtball – Whiskey Go Away
    The Well

    BEEX – What I Am

    GWAR - Maggots
    Scumdogs of the Universe
    Chris Ratteree – Computers
    Established 1971

    Hotspit – Epitaph

    Tennishu – Fun Music

    I Am The Liquor – Confide In Me

    Murdersome – Smoke and Mirrors

    Thunderchief – Night Songs
    The Mitras – 19999
    Toward Space – Pity Party

    Weekend Plans – Slide

    Ringfinger – Typewriter Tourist

    Seasick Gladiator – The Hanged Man
    The Hanged Man

    • 1 hr 59 min
    River City Limits on WRIR 8-5-23

    River City Limits on WRIR 8-5-23

    This is the show that aired 8-5-23 on WRIR.  
    Toward Space – All Night Long NEW
    Bucket – World Tuned Upside Down
    Midlife Pilot – Telepathic
    Mr Earthbound – Animal
    Strawberry Moon – Grew This Way
    Sammi Lanzetta – The Villain
    Doll Baby – Perfect Posture
    Deathbirds Surf Club - Summer
    Rough Age – Every Minute, Every Mile
    Toxic Moxie – Creation Limitation
    Toxic Moxie – Bratcore (VCR cover)
    Ant The Symbol (feat Black Liq) – Names
    Armagideon Time – Foxed In The Head (edit)
    Large Margin - Smothered and Covered
    Angelica Garcia – Macorina
    Heath Haynes – Whole Entire World 
    Erik Larson – Cry In The Wind
    Caro – Alright, You Win From My Room
    DUST – Je Ne Sais Quoi
    Elabor – The Tree That Bleeds NEW
    Mighty Joshua – Clean Hands
    Moossa - Ballast
    Helgamite – Aestrosion
    Horsehead – Grains of Sand
    Sports Bar – Cut The Cord
    Lean Year – The Trouble With Being Warm
    Book of Wyrms – Sodapop Glacier

    • 1 hr 59 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

LOs10space ,

insight into the unique

- Great to see the growth of the radio show into a global force -Richmond music in the spot light for more than 20 years, with a diverse selection of genres this podcast offers insight into a unique area of the United states that produces a wide spectrum of sounds. This is the go - to pod cast for Richmond!

Dan Gravelthroat ,

Best music podcast around!

A great eclectic mix of some of the greatest musicians and songwriters out of RVA (and the surrounding areas.) Episode offers something new and wonderful; no two episodes are alike! I particularly like the host and the announcer.

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