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Subscriptions are eating the world. Join us as we spotlight the heroes behind the world's most successful subscription businesses. Brought to you by Churnkey.

Subscription Heroes Scott Hurff

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Subscriptions are eating the world. Join us as we spotlight the heroes behind the world's most successful subscription businesses. Brought to you by Churnkey.

    The "Build vs. Buy" Debate in #saas – Making the Right Choice

    The "Build vs. Buy" Debate in #saas – Making the Right Choice

    In this episode, join Jay Nathan (COO, Churnkey), Baird Hall (Co-Founder, Churnkey) and Nick Fogle (Founder & CEO of Churnkey) as they dives deep into the perennial debate of "build vs buy" within the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS). With a wealth of experience across various types of SaaS companies, including B2B, B2C, and bootstrap ventures, the discussion explores the nuances of this critical decision-making process.
    About Nick Fogle:
    Nick is a lawyer turned SaaS Founder and software engineer who works all across the stack. He pioneered the Churnkey prototype to help one of his SaaS companies vanquish churn and reach $140k+ in MRR. When founding Casa with Scott, he co-authored the Wealth Security Protocol and built an industry-leading Bitcoin security application. Ping him on X (@nickfogle) if you ever want to nerd out about personal finance, investments, or Bitcoin.
    Here is what we cover:
    Historical context of build versus buy evaluations in the SaaS industry.
    Evolution of SaaS offerings and the impact of AI-driven solutions.
    Principles of specialization of labor and opportunity costs in decision-making.
    Analogies like the farm-to-table Chick-fil-A sandwich and the no-code movement.
    Considerations for engineering, product development, and customer success teams.
    ⏱️ Trade-offs involving time-to-market, resource allocation, and long-term growth.
    Insights from real-world examples and customer feedback.
    Sales perspectives on navigating build versus buy discussions.
    Reflections on the enduring debate between craftsmanship and pragmatism.
    Baird on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/bairdhall
    Jay on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaynathan/
    Nick on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nickfogle/
    Nick on X: https://x.com/nickfogle

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    From B2C to B2B: Strategies for Effective SaaS Marketing | Alex Nazarevich, VP Growth at Unbounce

    From B2C to B2B: Strategies for Effective SaaS Marketing | Alex Nazarevich, VP Growth at Unbounce

    In this episode, Jay Nathan (COO, Churnkey) and Baird Hall (Co-Founder, Churnkey) sit down with Alex Nazarevich, Vice President of Growth at Unbounce, for an insightful podcast discussion on marketing.
    We dive into all of the modern marketing intricacies, from balancing effectiveness/efficiency to leveraging AI and crafting actionable content. We also explore practical tips for cutting through the digital noise and staying ahead of emerging trends.
    About Alex Nazarevich:
    Alex Nazarevich is the Vice President of Growth at Unbounce, where he leads acquisition and customer marketing teams. With a background in e-commerce and digital marketing, Alex is known for strategically reducing Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) while optimizing the Lifetime Value to CAC ratio. He fosters a culture of data literacy and experimentation, contributing to Unbounce's industry success.
    Here is what we cover in the podcast episode:

    Transitioning from B2C to B2B marketing: Alex discusses the rhythm, schedules, and metrics differences.
    Selling the ideal version: They explore marketing as selling an idealized version of the customer, in both B2C and B2B.
    Avoiding feature-focused selling: The importance of focusing on customer needs and aspirations over product features.
    Establishing a brand framework: Alex emphasizes the significance of defining brand identity and customer personas for effective marketing.
    Growth strategy and segmentation: Insights into driving growth by segmenting customers and solving specific use cases.
    Leveraging webinars for engagement: The role of webinars in driving customer engagement, education, and retention.
    Financial literacy in marketing: The importance of understanding financial metrics like LTV to CAC ratio and collaborating with finance teams.
    AI as a marketing tool: Viewing AI as a tool to enhance marketing efforts, not replace human expertise, in tasks like content creation and campaign management.
    OKRs and prioritization: Alex shares insights into using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to align team priorities and foster cross-department collaboration.

    This episode provides valuable insights for marketers navigating the dynamic B2B marketing landscape and actionable strategies for driving growth and success.

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    Scaling to 200M ARR with Todd Olson of Pendo

    Scaling to 200M ARR with Todd Olson of Pendo

    In this episode, Jay Nathan (COO, Churnkey) and Baird Hall (Co-Founder, Churnkey) have a candid conversation with Todd Olson, Founder & CEO of Pendo, a comprehensive product experience platform. 
    Todd founded the company in 2013. The Raleigh, N.C.-based company has since raised $356 million in venture capital, landed more than 2500 customers, and now employs 750 people across eight offices globally. Pendo has appeared on the Forbes Cloud 100 and Inc. Best Workplaces lists for the last six years.
    In this episode we explore the intricate dynamics of pricing strategies and the balance between product-led and sales-led growth. Todd shares insights on the significance of pricing elasticity, customer commitment, and aligning pricing with value perception. Additionally, the discussion delves into the evolution of Pendo's go-to-market strategy, the challenges of product installation, and the nuanced approach to balancing product-led expansion with sales-led acquisition.
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    About Todd Olson:
    Todd Olson is the CEO and co-founder of pendo.io, a widely recognized platform focused on improving digital product experiences. His expertise lies in product management and entrepreneurship, with a strong emphasis on user-centric design and product development methodologies. Through his leadership at Pendo, Todd has played a pivotal role in helping companies understand and enhance their digital product experiences.
    Here is what we cover:

    Todd's experience with pricing strategies and the importance of understanding elasticity.
    Significance of increasing prices to filter out less committed customers.
    Importance of charging enough to ensure customer commitment and responsiveness.
    Considerations for pricing based on customer value perception rather than solely on costs.
    Todd's perspective on balancing product-led and sales-led growth strategies.
    Challenges of product installation in B2B markets and its impact on the product-led approach.
    Importance of aligning go-to-market strategies with customer needs and market dynamics.

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    How to scale customer success at every SaaS stage | Jay Nathan (EVP & CCO Higher Logic, co-founder Gain Grow Retain)

    How to scale customer success at every SaaS stage | Jay Nathan (EVP & CCO Higher Logic, co-founder Gain Grow Retain)

    Now that the days of cheap money and spending your way out of problems is over, SaaS companies are in a sudden search for newfound efficiencies. But how do you pull that off while maintaining and creating deep customer relationships? 
    Jay Nathan has the answers.

    Jay's one of the foremost customer success experts in the world, and he knows how to lead and scale SaaS customer success teams in a world where there's no more free money. On top of that, he's one of the foremost thought leaders in the CS space—having co-founded Gain Grow Retain, one of the alrgest and most vibrant Customer Success Leadership communities in the world—and through his leadership as EVP & CCO at Higher Logic. 

    In this episode, we dive into the specifics of building scalable customer success programs, the customer-centric companies he admires, and drop some breaking news: Jay is joining us at Churnkey as our first strategic advisor as we cross the $1 billion mark of protected subscription revenue. 
    How to listen

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    Here's what we cover

    How Jay uses his prolific writing to solve problems in his own life and career
    The market correction's impact on SaaS companies
    Scaling customer success teams and operations
    The power of online communities in customer success
    Customer-centricity: Amazon and Southwest Airlines case studies
    ✨ Jay’s recent appointment to Churnkey's Board of Advisors
    How he decides which companies to invest his time and money in
    Importance of being customer-centric in the SaaS industry


    Jay Nathan on LinkedIn
    Jay's email list 
    Gain Grow Retain, Jay's Customer Success community 
    Higher Logic

    This episode is sponsored by Churnkey, the world's most powerful customer-centric retention platform. 

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    Interlude: from nearly out of cash to 300% revenue growth & profitability in 8 months | Nick Fogle (CEO & co-founder, Churnkey)

    Interlude: from nearly out of cash to 300% revenue growth & profitability in 8 months | Nick Fogle (CEO & co-founder, Churnkey)

    We're taking a little break from our usual lineup of guests to peel back the curtain on our story. For our first interlude, I sit down with my business partner and co-founder, Nick Fogle. 
    He's a lawyer-turned-SaaS-founder who also happens to be an engineer, and while working together to build Churnkey, I've seen him morph into a sales leader, as well. We cover all this and more, including some breaking news about a TOP SECRET product release we're making public for the first time!
    Here's what we cover 

    A wild eight months: how we went from nearly out of cash to reaching profitability and 300% revenue growth
    How we knew we reached product-market fit 
    Managing sales, along with everything else, as a CEO 
    Avoiding burnout!
    Scaling the way we build product as we grow the team beyond the founders
    How to grow with capital efficiency 

    Learn more about us at churnkey.co

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    Scaling accessibility: from a single Sketch plugin to enterprise player | Cat Noone (Founder & CEO, Stark)

    Scaling accessibility: from a single Sketch plugin to enterprise player | Cat Noone (Founder & CEO, Stark)

    Designing accessibility into software is both a huge business opportunity and a passion that Cat Noone, founder and CEO of Stark, has embraced. I've known Cat for nearly ten years (I interviewed her for my book, Designing Products People Love, back in 2015), and her devotion to building products that materially improve people's lives is stronger than ever.
    Stark began as a humble Sketch plugin and is now a key player in organizations like FedEx, Apple, Google, NASA, Salesforce, and many others for integrating accessibility into the product development process. In the end, making products more accessible and usable is both good business and a societal good.
    We talk Stark's community-driven distribution strategy, the shift from founder-led sales to a sales team, and the valuable lessons learned from early pricing mistakes. We also explore the challenges and strategies involved in the large-scale adoption of design tools, the art of identifying the perfect product launch window, and so much more.
    What we discuss

    Cat’s journey with Stark, from a Sketch plugin to a software design giant
    Community-driven distribution strategy
    Transition from founder-led sales to a sales team
    Lessons learned from early pricing blunders in Stark's journey
    Large-scale adoption of design tools and strategies to overcome challenges
    Understanding different personas in the purchasing process
    Viewing the learning curve of sales as an opportunity
    Scaling a product and empowering account executives
    Investing in strengths rather than improving weaknesses
    Cat’s love of reading and her wish for a vacation
    Stark's mission of making software accessible to the world
    Obstacles and adaptation in enterprise adoption
    Founder-led sales and hiring account executives
    The importance of being present and supportive as a leader

    Cat's LinkedIn
    Brought to you by Churnkey
    Boost your subscription revenue, lower churn, and make customers happier with Churnkey, the only platform that handles every type of retention for you.

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

robmoo.re ,

Great listen for startup founders

Scott does a fantastic job of digging insights out of the founders that come on the show. Crazy good guest list for the first season and the production quality is top-notch.

Clw117 ,

Very valuable information

Loved listening to this. I’m already using some processes I learned about last week. I’ll definitely keep listening. Sounds like Scott has some great guests on the show.

Badgett2012 ,

Fun, Lively, and Informative

I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this podcast. The host, Scott, is endearing and asks fun questions. I wasn’t sure what they’d actually be discussing, but the conversation was fun, bouncing from business to personal life seamlessly and organically. I learned some stuff and I’ll be back for more as this podcast takes off. Thanks for a great listen!

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