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    Episode 100 - American Pie

    Episode 100 - American Pie

    EPISODE 100 BABY!!* This week, we return to form to cover the raunchy teen comedy of our generation, 1999’s AMERICAN PIE! We talk the Stiflers, the larger National Lampoon saga, and inevitably make Metal Gear Solid comparisons. * restrictions apply @swimfanspod swimfanspod.com 

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 3

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 3

       If you’re avoiding your family this holiday, Swimfans is your family now. In the thrilling conclusion to Duet City Stories, Jennifer breaks her foot, Manx gets a British accent, and everyone develops the full Bulb Mindset. See you on the other side!

    Swimfans Mini - Promare

    Swimfans Mini - Promare

     On this Swimfans mini, the princesses cover the gay firefighter movie, PROMARE. We talk Studio Trigger and the mastery of their craft, discuss the film's plot and message, and how CATS was the hot-bloodedest movie of 2019.   @swimfanspod  swimfanspod.com

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 2

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 2

     On this week’s DUET CITY STORIES, Manx tries to seduce some guards, Bulb glows bright red and sips some Cris, and Jennifer Paradise almost doesn’t tip her delivery guy. Can our heroes accomplish their mission?! swimfanspod.com @swimfanspod

    Swimfans Mini - Mardock Scramble

    Swimfans Mini - Mardock Scramble

    Folks, it’s the long-awaited Mardock Scramble discussion. The prettiest Universal Items talk about the few things they liked, a lot of what they didn’t, and how good Oeufcoque is. #OeufcoqueGang  @swimfanspod  swimfanspod.com

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 1

    Swimfans: Duet City Stories - Episode 1

      It is the year 2XXX in Duet City. Unlikely compatriots Jennifer Paradise, Bulb, and Manx accept a job from a shady character and attempt to infiltrate a hotel while dodging beheadings, Neo-Doritos and ex-wives.  (Part 1 of 3)   swimfanspod.com  @swimfanspod

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5.0 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

Carbontrap ,

They’re a Scream!


I listen to this podcast while I work in an office cubicle, and I will frequently be heard cracking up, because these guys are so dang funny.

I have a notebook by my desk where I have to write down quotes from these fellas.

Here’s a few,

‘She’s the reason we have the word ghoul right?’

‘She goes to the most LIT veterinary school. It’s basically Harry Potter but vet school’

‘It makes me feel Terrible, I love it!’

‘And by fun, I mean Misery Parade’

‘I like to see Italian Men in distress

That’s just your Grindr profile’

‘I’m a daddy and I write medical fiction’

And so many more off the wall worm holes.

But not just humor, they bring honesty and genuine feelings to you. Some of their episodes are incredibly touching.

The best of all worlds.

stutterbot ,

Hilarious, Charming, Clever, Raw, and Vulnerable

This podcast is incredible.

These three guys bring you hilarious commentary on the movie their watching, the film industry, and art as a whole. And many other things.

Their point of views are great to see. They’re passionate while still understanding the realities and harshness of society but still remaining genuine and caring.

They’re not afraid to go to certain places and though they take jabs at film, art, society, etc they have no ego about themselves. They’ll rip on themselves as much as the content. All in good faith of course. These hosts all love eachother and you can tell.

You won’t be disappointed, give it a listen.

Ss230706 ,


You can’t go wrong with 3 pals discussing movies and giving their honest and uncensored (for the most part) opinion. The occasional skincare talk is a delightful and refreshing surprise.

I do have a favorite Swimboy but I’m not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings - if you know you know.

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