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A weekly current affairs podcast featuring the editors & leadership of The American Conservative. Emile Doak, Helen Andrews, Micah Meadowcroft, and Sohrab Ahmari discuss the news of the day from a decidedly TAC perspective: one that is suspicious of big business as well as big government, and localist rather than globalist.

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A weekly current affairs podcast featuring the editors & leadership of The American Conservative. Emile Doak, Helen Andrews, Micah Meadowcroft, and Sohrab Ahmari discuss the news of the day from a decidedly TAC perspective: one that is suspicious of big business as well as big government, and localist rather than globalist.

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    RIP Henry Kissinger

    RIP Henry Kissinger

    Emile, Micah, Helen, and Sohrab bid farewell to Henry Kissinger. Plus, Liz Cheney has a new book out, and Elon Musk's latest controversy has the podcast divided. 
    Picks of the week:
    Emile: "Vivek the Warmonger?" Bradley Devlin
    Micah: "Butchers, Brewers, and Bakers," Bradley Devlin
    Helen: "Cowering in the Amen Corner," Declan Leary
    Sohrab: "Dream, Baby, Dream," Jude Russo

    • 53 min
    Xi Visits Frisco

    Xi Visits Frisco

    Emile, Sohrab, Helen, and Micah talk about Xi Jinping's visit to San Francisco and its magical effect on the city's homeless encampments, plus a flurry of fisticuffs on Capitol Hill and Nikki Haley's war on anonymity. 
    Picks of the week:
    Micah: "Mastery and Command," Santi Ruiz
    Helen: "A Great Film that Wasn't," Peter Hitchens
    Sohrab: "Good Riddance, Pandas," Nic Rowan
    Emile: "The Travesty at Arlington National Cemetery," Jeremy Carl

    • 48 min
    Pro-Life Strategy after Ohio

    Pro-Life Strategy after Ohio

    Emile, Helen, Sohrab, and Micah talk about the election results out of Ohio and what it portends for the pro-life movement, plus the GOP debate in Miami. Is the establishment consolidating around Nikki Haley? Finally, Citibank gets hit with a big fine for discriminating against Armenians in Glendale. 
    Picks of the week:
    Helen: "Mass Madness at Three," Helen Andrews
    Sohrab: "Trump Wins Again," Jude Russo
    Micah: "Shelter from the Swarm," James P. Pinkerton

    • 52 min
    Zelensky: Resolve or Delusion?

    Zelensky: Resolve or Delusion?

    Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab check in on the Ukraine war now that most attention has turned to the Middle East, and a revealing TIME magazine interview with Zelensky that may not bring the sympathetic press that the Ukrainian president would like. Plus, Josh Hawley draws the ire of his fellow Republicans by taking on Citizens United, and a new biography of Mitt Romney shows the Utah senator doesn't hold his colleagues in too high esteem.
    Picks of the week: 
    Emile: The Conservative Movement's Long Way Home, Kevin Roberts
    Helen: Notes From a Baltimore All Souls' Day, Jude Russo
    Micah: The Right Finds Its Spine, Nate Hochman
    Sohrab: False Orthodoxies on the Right, Frank DeVito

    • 50 min
    We Have a Speaker

    We Have a Speaker

    Sohrab, Helen, and Declan evaluate the views of Mike Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the House, and the intelligence of Jamaal Bowman, the Democratic fire alarm vandal. Plus, two planes finally collide after a year of increasing near-misses on American runways. Is the competency crisis to blame?
    Picks of the week:
    Helen: "The Utopia of the Nuclear Family," Steve Sailer
    Sohrab: "President Normal," Matthew Schmitz
    Declan: "The Church of Bill Watterson," Nic Rowan

    • 47 min
    Biden Visits Israel

    Biden Visits Israel

    Emile, Helen, Micah, and Sohrab discuss President Biden's visit to Israel in the wake of the explosion at a hospital in Gaza. Plus, the judge in the federal case against Donald Trump imposes a gag order on the former president, and we still don't have a permanent Speaker of the House.
    Join us on 10/26 for our Annual Gala featuring Kevin Roberts, Michael Knowles, and Amb. Jack Matlock!
    Picks of the week:
    Emile: Jim Jordan Wrestles With a New Twenty, Bradley Devlin
    Helen: The Autocrat of Boston University, Peter W. Wood
    Sohrab: Maintaining Balance: Remembering Dwight D. Eisenhower, Anastasia Kaliabakos
    Micah: Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Jude Russo

    • 51 min

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4.6 out of 5
168 Ratings

168 Ratings

Francis, Samuel ,

March 17, 2023 Show: Who owes Whom?

(About 29 minutes in) Reparations (SF & nationwide) & Civil War: 650K blood spilled means nothing to the Affirmative action Americans because they are simply fueled by murders envy and resentment. The blood libel isn’t even enough. Let’s check facts: 1) Criminality has a personal, as well as a societal cost, but let’s look at the economic costs: “The estimated annual cost of crime is $4.71-$5-76 trillion including transfers from victims to criminals and $2.86-$3.92 trillion net of transfers.” (“The aggregate cost of crime in the United States.” journal of economics. volume 64. No. 4) Safe to say that net approximately 3.5 trillion is predominantly funded by White people. 2A) Criminality: Looking at 2021 FBI online criminal database, can you guess who is responsible for approximately 44% of all violent crime in the year in question? Hint: their population percentage is less than 13%. 2B) when it comes to violent crime, is it predominantly intraracial or interracial? For the demographic that commit to plurality of violent crime, the offenses are majority interracial. This is backed up by over 50 years of crime data and holds fairly consistent. •”Three notable findings emerge from our inquiry: (1) racial segregation substantially increases the risk of homicide victimization for blacks while (2) simultaneously decreasing the risk of white homicide victimization. The result of these heterogeneous effects is that (3) segregation plays a central role in driving black-white differences in homicide mortality. These findings suggest the declines in racial segregation since 1970 have substantially attenuated the black-white homicide gap.” (“Segregation and Violence Reconsidered: Do Whites Benefit from Residential Segregation?”. American sociological review. 2019.) 3) this really could be number one, but I wanted to leave the best for last: the great society. The point is best summed up in the book by Seymour Itzkoff, The Decline of Intelligence in America: “In the United States, we have invested our inheritance of wealth and philanthropy in an attempt to dissolve the barriers, to extend a helping hand. The universally acknowledged failure of all these programs, after almost forty years and the expenditure of over *five trillion dollars*, has not dissuaded ideological liberals.? We see the old knee-jerk responses in the present Democratic administration. Ever a familiar refrain: more summer programs for "needy youth," make-work jobs for the urban poor, a few $89,000-per-year jobs for a year, temporary "infrastructure* jobs to repair our city streets. All these in the face of decisive theoretical and experimental evidence that no amount of tax monies is going to change the situation.” (*Emphasis mine*) And the cultural impact, well, we’re still living in it: “ These are a few of the statistics presented, comparing our welfare today with 1963: Violent crime has increased over 500 percent. • Illegitimate births have increased 400 percent. Divorces have increased 400 percent. Children living in single-parent homes have increased 300 percent. Child abuse has increased 340 percent since 1976. Teenage suicide has increased 200 percent. S.A.T. scores have dropped almost 80 points, despite huge increases in support for education. Focus on the Family, Newsletter, May, 1993 What is culture? It is the ways of thinking, living, and behaving that define a people and underlie its achievements. It is a nation's collective mind, its sense of right and wrong, the way it perceives reality, and its definition of self. Culture is the morals and habits a mother strives to instill in her children.” (Dr. William J. Bennett, U.S. Secretary of Education, Report 1993)

>>tom_joad<< ,

Just a bunch of whiny Trumpists

I am surprised at how shamelessly these hacks profess their desire to see Trump re-elected. Just bizarre. I guess they are “ok” with all of Trump’s attacks on our Democracy (not to mention his 91 felony charges).

G Dolan ,

Look forward to it every week

Gives by far the most interesting commentary on the right of US politics.

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