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We know the talent business. We love the talent business. We talk talent, but with an edge. We are not ones to sugar coat the truth or dance around the hard topics. We think that is what you appreciate about our candid, free flowing conversations. Be ready for plenty of laughs sprinkled with some truth bombs.

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We know the talent business. We love the talent business. We talk talent, but with an edge. We are not ones to sugar coat the truth or dance around the hard topics. We think that is what you appreciate about our candid, free flowing conversations. Be ready for plenty of laughs sprinkled with some truth bombs.

    Why nothing gets done?

    Why nothing gets done?

    Nothing ever…. Why nothing gets done?
    Deceitful, distrust, power, control, EGO, sounds like an upcoming Drama series on Netflix. Nope, sorry folks I will be addressing the topic of managers. In this episode I’ll highlight the area of bad managers and why people are fed up.
    I want you to remember a time in which you had a horrible boss, don’t lie we all had one, two, or several managers that lack of a soul. A manager gets in their role and all the sudden their ego leads in everything they do. Right? I am not saying all managers are jerks but unfortunately the bad ones outnumber the good ones.
    Let’s chat about emotions, respect, trust, and being a good human to others. It isn’t hard. The bad managers literally overnight become a monster, well maybe within 5 minutes they become a manager. They undermined the best employees especially women more so than men. They chase people off the job. Stop doing this please!
    What does not work?
    Diversity/ Inclusion courses or group work activities since it is the employees’ fault that the manager is this awful.
    Managers and their minion’s group against you. (Flashback from first grade bully on the playground)
    Threats for calling in sick for yourself or others in your household including pets. (Passing of a loved one as well), Threats that are emotional and physical. Making your employee’s feel guilty. (This is huge)
    Writing up an employee for calling you out on your inappropriate behavior or something you weren’t supposed to do and did it anyways because you’re a manager! Threats of firing.
    Therefore, nothing gets done. Duh……. stop treating employees like crap!
    Possible solutions for horrible bosses?
    Required Implicit Bias Training for all managers/CEO’s, like the Police have.. This would be monthly sessions. If this doesn’t work, they’re fired. It is on them they caused the behavior not the employees. Shock treatment, I am kidding. Employee’s leave for several reasons but having a horrible boss has been at number 1 for decades more so now than ever.
    Here’s your homework.
    Stanford Experiment (trust me)
    Horrible Bosses, Star Wars- Darth Vader (ha, bet you didn’t see that one coming), Devil’s Advocate (yeah, that is messed up), 9 to 5, Working Girl, Weekend @ Bernie’s, The Devil Wear Prada, Office Space. Grab some popping corn and choice of beverage and enjoy.

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    Application form process, compliance and the recruiter and much more

    Application form process, compliance and the recruiter and much more

    The dreaded application form process.
    Do you remember a time in which you applied for a job? Do you remember how much time it took to fill out a paper application or electronic one? I do, it mentally time consuming it is also a waste.
    Problems with application forms

    Time, depending on the job position it can take up to 2hrs to complete application form when your resume has all the information on it.

    Highest level of education posted first then scroll to the bottom of the page to find another question. Did you graduate from High School/GED?

    Upload resume then type up all the information in a 10 font box or type on a line that does not lineup.

    GPA & Transcripts -Why?

    What college did you attend? Did you get a degree?

    Federal Gov. applications can take up to 2 to 4 hrs. to fill out. (I mean don't they already have information on people)

    These are just a few problems there are more.
    Why are we still living in the past? Did you know that newspapers still advertised for jobs; people still read those.
    Candidates don’t get the recruiting process at all. Why is it taking so long for this company to email me for the next step? It’s been 2 hours with no word. I’ll tell you why I am reading your life’s story that’s why? By the way it's the companies fault on this one. Hey companies the law enforcement are too busy to address the issue of the application form! You will not get arrested or go to jail.
    Problems recruiters run into

    Application forms too tiny to read.

    Reading through unrelated information such as college, degree, and reviewing transcripts that don't align with the job position.

    Aligning resume with application form

    Horrible non negotiable hiring managers (this should be #1) (Compliance)


    Application forms are from the past

    No personality quiz questions ( this is not a dating site)

    Ideas in place of the application form


    Candidates video with four questions RELATED to the position, and of course a bonus question about hobbies, etc.

    Remove the paper application process from companies and mom & pop shops save the trees, the forest critters will be quite happy and so will recruiters.
    P.S. Fix the problems and people could do small things and these things can get done.

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    Chats with Smart People

    Chats with Smart People

    Chats with Smart People Featuring Jeanne Achille.
    Tremendous amounts of talent are being lost to our society just because that talent wears a skirt. Shirley Chisholm (New York State Representative, educator, and author)
    Have you ever met someone and was like wow! You’re amazing! Can we be friends! Well, this is the energy that Jeanne brings. Jeanne is the Guru of the Women HR Tech conference. She is an original OG in the battle to raise the voices of women in HR technology.

    28 years ago, in 1994, Jeanne created The Devon Group which is a PR (Public Relations) agency. 

    She has supported thousands of new products, services, and companies throughout her career. 

    She is the FIRST woman chair of the HR Technology Conference. (Virtual & In person)

    Superhero powers: PR, marketing, public relations, social networking, social media, speaker bureau, analyst relations, writing, case studies, and content marketing.

    Today’s episode includes the following

    Jeanne shares her experiences of being a CEO. Pros & Cons

    Proud moments 


    Women in HR Tech Asia, Is there a different vibe?

    Internal Equity for women driving start-ups and why they don’t move up the ladder.

    Value of Diversity

    Belonging to an organization

    What women feel and think when working or going anywhere in public. Does the underlying alertness, make for better visionaries?

    The Pandemic and showing up for you. 

    The impact of women in HR Tech supporting each other.

    Expand your HR Tech network and insights by joining the HR Tech Conference. March 1-4,2022. https://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/   
    Reservations are FREE, so you have no excuse
    Find Jeanne on:
    Website: devonpr.com
    Twitter: jeanneachille and devongroup

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    Stop asking for permission for approval, Stop it now!

    Stop asking for permission for approval, Stop it now!

    Happy Friday Everyone,
    In this episode shares information about transformation. A short recap about the holiday celebrations and a candle with good advice.
    Let's chit chat about change.
    You have a change that needs desperate attention because it isn’t balancing your business or perhaps your lifestyle. You decide what that change you are planning to address to your stakeholders.  You type it up in an email and click send. Off into the universe it goes. Then you being to think was that a good idea, oh shit! I need to go and delete it. You over think didn’t you. Why are you giving away your own power? Why are you telling the whole world about the changes that you are making, stop asking for permission for approval? Why are you invested in their thoughts and feelings of what you are doing to make something spectacular? I get it is exciting news, but it can wait until you have transformed.
    “Don’t let people talk you into what they think of you.” Oprah Winfrey
    Why aren’t people doing what you want them to do?
    Honestly, people hate change, when they don’t like something their behavior changes, and they don’t want to do it. Change needs to happen we NEED TO MOVE FORWARD! It's hard and scary but it’s exciting also. You need to remove the old to make way for new ideas and growth. The world will move past you if you stay in your comfort zone.
    Here’s a Tip.
    Get out your Crayola markers, pens, and crayons, paper large enough for your amazing ideas, and brainstorm the shit out of that plan of yours.
    Or if you prefer a vision board, find pictures that you love, words, quotes things inspire, motivate you and paste, glue, and tape these on a bulletin board or put them in your journey book.
    Maybe you’re not the creative type and you prefer to use word or other writing format.
    Go find something that will work for you to execute that change! Or “F**k it” it’s up to you to decide.
    I leave you with this,
     “Never water yourself down, just because someone can’t handle you at 100 proof.” (can’t seem to find who wrote this? It is Badass!)
    P.S. Go buy that candle,

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    You Know Your Worth

    You Know Your Worth

    What has been happening?
    Worqdrive pitch fest at HR Tech in Vegas! SUCCESSFUL!!! User logging in every 9 days!
    *Q3 Voice of the Candidate Study in June: What is job seeks chatting about on SM? What’s the word of mouth on applications, job hunt, and quitting? Starting a new path. Building modules, talking to people and consulting. Job seekers, online public conversation. Pandologic- HR Tech company that does job assessments, they help with every stage of the recruitment process. Breakdown: They find the right fit for job seekers.
    You Know Your Worth Ladies!
    Word on the net driven by men is that hearing about that job offer is a dud. This is surprising since women are more engaged on social media and there’s no conversations happening. Ladies, we need to chat I know you’re angry about the workforce, but I can’t hear you.
    The study found that in the past job seekers complained about the job process but when they finally got to the job offer, they were super excited. The word on social media sites is that job offers is at a low were talking about a disappointment. Data doesn’t lie. Here is an example: Ava applied for a director in marking position for a company. She was super excited when HR called her. While the HR manager spoke about the salary, benefits, travel, vacation. Ava, we need you to start Monday, and oh here is a pen, welcome to our company glad you’re here.
    Wait, what? Where’s the welcome package that the company heavily advertises? Let’s be honest here we get you Ava, oh we get it because we have been there. So, what happened? Why aren’t job seekers excited about the finish line?
    The 3 main issues why?
    1.      PAY- women are paid less in the same position a man has
    2.      $$$- childcare, bills, etc.
    3.      Quitting – Not feeling your valued or worth
    Did you know? The pandemic has set women’s labor force participation back more than 30 years. Many women were laid off and the strain of the lack of childcare forced women out of the workforce.
    Start conversations about actions to drive women back into the workforce and stop living in the past, continue to move forward.

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    Licking Our Wounds

    Licking Our Wounds

    Allyn & Tracey break down the emotions behind navigating moments when transformation programs fails. The spawn for this article is based on Allyn's personal experiences with disappointment and feelings of failure she articulated in her article, "The Truth Is, Sometimes Good Things Go Bad".
    The best analogy came from Tracey, "They blew up your Alderann".

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