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5.0 out of 5
1.3K Ratings

1.3K Ratings

Not the only Jr ,

Back to the past

They just don’t make tv like they use too, super cool to hear both sides of the story especially when they bring back old members of the cast. Please don’t stop and seriously thank you!

Gorue ,


This show will always be one of my favourite shows and will always remain in my heart. Smallville is honestly one of my top tv shows I've ever watched. I give this podcast three roses. 🌹🌹🌹

JackieG1211 ,

Super Podcast

It is so fun and entertaining to have Michael and Tom revisit Smallville and include fans. I also enjoy hearing Ryan’s take as a first time watcher. The special guests are great and hope this podcast continues on!

The Real Blanch ,

The best part of my week !

I watched 20 years ago and now rewatching with my kiddo! Thanks for doing this.. we love it !!! And Ryan’s incites are probably my favorite part of the podcast 😊

N1ghtOfGood ,

Amazing look back at Smallville!

Michael and Tom make this rewatch podcast stand out from many of its contemporaries. Their chemistry makes the show endlessly entertaining and the insight they provide on the characters and how the show was made make this a must listen for any Smallville fan.

Nshayne2 ,


Super fun to listen to Tom and Michael talk about what they remember! Can’t wait to have more guests and really can’t wait to the later seasons when the show really gets good.

WhitneySimps ,

Great podcast!

I have thoroughly enjoyed each episode of this podcast! I especially love the episodes with the guest stars. I was so excited to hear John Schneider on this week! Such an awesome podcast for an awesome show!

Coregeek ,

First time watcher and loving it all.

I’m the same age as Rosenbaum. My wife and missed the show when it aired because we were raising two young daughters. Now we’ve been watching the show together and listen to the podcast separately. We’re enjoying it a lot and look forward to a new discussion every week. It’s a lot of fun to hear about your experiences in a world we know nothing about. Thanks for making this happen. Cheers.

Nathan Nevarez ,

The Best!!!

I just recently finished the entire series for the first time this past year. I completely fell in love with everything about the show and could not be more grateful that this show exists now. I am so excited to rewatch the series to continue with the podcast and hear more about your experiences making this wonderful show. As a long time DC fan, this show is a unique and new way to explore the life of Clark Kent. Hopefully one of my questions will make it in!!

dwalt07 ,

Great show

Man me and my buddies in the Marines used to watch this all the time deployed and stateside. Now me and one of them are rewatching together and listening to y’all. Hope you do every episode