Talk Ville Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
2.6K Ratings

2.6K Ratings

SueBC ,

Outstanding Podcast!

I just found this Podcast, and proceeded to binge-listen to 84 episodes in one week. It’s a great show. A lot of insights into the characters that I wish I had back when it originally aired. Frequent guests including creators Gough and Miller. Ryan and Bryce add a lot to the show with a fresh perspective.
And speaking of perspective, the benefit of hindsight has been personally very gratifying. It’s closed some old issues, validated others. For the most part, the show holds up really well with exceptional production value.
Highly Recommended for Smallville fans.

hollywood401 ,

Enjoyable podcast!

Just listened to the ep with John Schneider this could have been an ep with just him and the guys talking it was soo good! Love hearing all the bts stories keep em coming!

Unhappylistener ,

Suppose to be a show about love for the show but….

I’m 100% about everyone have their opinion about different things. If you don’t like the same thing as me that is ok! But this podcast is suppose to be about love for the show and to discuss the show. Rosenbaum read the room! We love the show, constantly making fun of it is just making us feel insulted.
Let Tom talk more, he obviously is trying to talk about BTS moments that we want to here but Rosenbaum keeps talking over him with his weird accents and impressions.
If you want to continue then listen to what people are saying and change.

synomynously anonymous ,

Enjoyable enough

Enjoy the podcast, sometimes it feels like Michael is rushing to get through the episode. They aren’t always invested in story of the show which can make the recap feel a bit dry. It’s pretty clear they don’t particularly enjoy this type of thing and wouldn’t watch the show if they weren’t in it. Still, better than no podcast and occasionally some interesting insights, particularly into production and performance.

tr3yflip ,

Nice to see and hear Tom again

Loved the show growing up and this podcast got me back into rewatching it.

Angie, the Girl of Tomorrow ,


I stumbled across this podcast as I was already rewatching Smallville (a childhood fav) with my own kiddo and I think it’s awesome. Michael and Tom’s conversations about these episodes crack me up. Love it!

Redskittlez21 ,

New love of the Show

This podcast has made rewatching Smallville more interesting and made me more of a fan than I was when the show was on the air. I love Ryan’s favorite scene and Tom and Michaels take on the show as well as their behind the scenes knowledge. The inside jokes make the podcast and the rewatch so interesting. I love Talkville!

bagsfan_34 ,

This is entertaining

Good stuff guys. Hope it’s profitable, at least break even-ish. Really looking forward to the Lois and Supergirl episodes. The series stepped it up a notch with that talent.

CourtShort23 ,

Love it!

Have me rewatching it and bringing back my nerdy teenage soul! ☺️

MexicanNwa ,


Greatest entertainment ever such a wonderful podcast