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The Business We've Chosen (TBWC) is a podcast, produced in the DIY ethic, featuring conversations with high stakes sports bettors.

TBWC Phillip Sheppard

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The Business We've Chosen (TBWC) is a podcast, produced in the DIY ethic, featuring conversations with high stakes sports bettors.

    TBWC Ep19 ft. chattim3

    TBWC Ep19 ft. chattim3

    The now most-frequent TBWC guest joins the show for an emergency podcast. After flipping the script with some questions for Phil, Rick moves onto ranking where this Guardians team ranks historically, the tradeoffs of betting early, how to be the golf end boss, and what sorts of new sports betting media companies he's been keeping an eye on.

    • 1 hr 11 min
    TBWC Ep18 ft. deanondraft

    TBWC Ep18 ft. deanondraft

    Dean joins the show to take us for a trip inside his mind. The lover of statistics explains how he clears his mind for CBB season, what he looks for in an MMA side, when he really got into stats, and why he trusts his intuitions so much.

    • 1 hr 8 min
    TBWC Ep17 ft. ShipTheJustice

    TBWC Ep17 ft. ShipTheJustice

    Shipper joins the podcast to talk about rorts, ricks, cobbas, dinkums, growing up in New Zealand, Super Rugby, 5th tackles, reverse clv, why Joe Ingles should have won 6th Man of the Year, and why this business we've chosen is so easy for him.

    • 3 hr 14 min
    TBWC Ep15 ft. chattim3 and jimsebow

    TBWC Ep15 ft. chattim3 and jimsebow

    Rick and Sebow return to TBWC for its most informal episode yet. Mike Lombardi, Steve Fezzik, whether gambling should be legal, and which gambling twitter character is most like Amsterdam. Plus, will any of the guests survive the first edition of.... The Firing Squad?

    • 2 hr 35 min


    Jake joins TBWC from England to talk about retail betting shops, snooker, whether JORDAN can win the masters, how exchange betting works for golf outrights, and more.

    • 2 hr 23 min
    TBWC Ep13 ft. SubtleAlterity

    TBWC Ep13 ft. SubtleAlterity

    SubtleAlterity joins the podcast to discuss all things NBA, analytics v. gambling, chamath, who is the GOAT, calibrating non-perfect models, and other twitter questions

    • 2 hr 11 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Dr seanathan ,

Excellent Pod

I am also a former trader and after listening to basically the entire universe of sports betting podcasts I learned about this one. Man oh man I couldn’t recommend more. Especially if you work in finance / trading and also deal business in sports. Highly recommend to the informed individual. Far better than most of what’s out there

jaaquino01 ,

This is such a good sports betting podcast

Really enjoy listening to this pod and the guests are so good. Takes me back to the early days of online sports betting. Thanks for making this podcast.

ForeLord4 ,

Top notch sports betting content

These guys are the real deal. Actual pro bettors. Not posers, not fakes. The stories are spectacular. The checkshoved episode was great.

I am dying for more of these. So many great tidbits here and there on how to find small edges when betting. NEED MOAR. MOAR episodes please!


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