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Each month, The Hodges Partnership and friends engage in conversation on a specific topic from across the public relations, communications and marketing industries.

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Each month, The Hodges Partnership and friends engage in conversation on a specific topic from across the public relations, communications and marketing industries.

    Cookies and Cookies with Lilie Malaeb

    Cookies and Cookies with Lilie Malaeb

    In episode 27 of Teaming Up, Paulyn Ocampo teams up with Lilie Malaeb to explore the intriguing world of cookies, both edible and digital. While munching on a variety of cookies from Crumbl, they delve into how digital cookies play a crucial role in advertising and the implications of upcoming changes in digital privacy.

    Episode Highlights:

    Understanding Digital Cookies: They discuss the function of first-party cookies in enhancing user experience and the extensive use of third-party cookies in tracking and advertising across the web.
    Impact of Third-Party Cookie Deprecation: Lily explains the consequences for advertisers with the phasing out of third-party cookies, emphasizing the challenges in tracking and targeted advertising.
    Adapting Marketing Strategies: The conversation covers strategies for adapting to the loss of third-party cookies, highlighting the shift towards first-party data and consent-based marketing.
    Emerging Technologies: They discuss new technologies like Google’s Privacy Sandbox and server-side tagging, which could help mitigate the impact of losing third-party cookies while respecting user privacy.

    Paulyn and Lily’s discussion provides valuable insights into the significant shifts occurring in the digital advertising landscape, making this episode a must-listen for marketers and anyone interested in the future of online privacy and advertising.

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    What is PR? With the Hodges Interns

    What is PR? With the Hodges Interns

    In episode 26 of Teaming Up, Anna Friesen engages with current Hodges interns—Jackson Amirshahi, Rachel Spiller and Peggy Stansberry—to answer the question, “What is PR,” while dissecting common misconceptions surrounding PR and the broad spectrum that the term covers. Each intern shares their unique journey, detailing personal misconceptions and how their experiences at Hodges has reshaped their understanding of agency life.

    Episode Highlights

    Common Misconceptions in PR: Jackson and Rachel delve into their initial misunderstandings of the PR world, discussing how their internships at Hodges provided them with invaluable, hands-on experience.
    Personal Backgrounds: An exploration of the diverse academic backgrounds of the interns, highlighting how their distinct majors and life experiences have converged in the PR field.
    Examining the Representation of PR in Media: Peggy breaks down the expectations versus reality in a discussion on the portrayal of PR roles in the media, spotlighting characters like Emily Cooper, Samantha Jones, Shiv Roy and Olivia Pope as case studies.
    Advice for Future Interns: The trio offers pragmatic advice for aspiring Hodges interns and PR professionals on navigating their entry into the industry and carving out a successful career path.

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    Igniting Innovation with Kelly O'Keefe

    Igniting Innovation with Kelly O'Keefe

    In episode 25 of Teaming Up, Jon Newman engages with Kelly O'Keefe, CEO of Brand Federation, in a thought-provoking conversation about sparking innovation within organizations. They explore both macro and micro aspects of workplace innovation, emphasizing the importance of observation and understanding human behavior to meet unmet needs.

    Episode Highlights:

    The Essence of Innovation: Kelly O'Keefe discusses innovation as a response to human behavior and needs, stressing the value of simple yet impactful ideas like the DoubleTree Hotel's warm chocolate chip cookie welcome.
    Fostering Creativity: Tips on how organizations can cultivate an innovative mindset, including stepping away from distractions and focusing on the needs of those you're innovating for.
    Brainstorming Do's and Don'ts: Insights into effective brainstorming practices that encourage free-flowing ideas without premature censorship.
    Innovative Examples: The episode covers a range of innovations, from Amazon's one-click ordering to Oreo's resealable packaging, highlighting the variety and impact of different types of innovation.
    Strategic Implementation: Advice on how to pitch innovative ideas successfully, emphasizing the importance of preparation and presenting a comprehensive plan to decision-makers.

    Kelly's insights provide a roadmap for tapping into the potential of innovation in any organization, making this episode a must-listen for those looking to drive creative solutions and strategic advancements.

    Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into these topics and more, available now on the "Teaming Up" podcast.

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    Uncovering Stories in Our Back Yard with Ron Carey

    Uncovering Stories in Our Back Yard with Ron Carey

    In the latest installment of "Teaming Up," Hannah Robinson sits down with Ron Carey, master storyteller and CEO of the Richmond-based creative and production company, Tilt. This episode dives into the art of storytelling through a local lens, circling around the significant yet often overlooked stories nestled within our communities.

    Episode Highlights

    The Birth of a Planet: Carey delves into Tilt's groundbreaking documentary, which brings to light the compelling story of John Mitchell Jr. and the Richmond Planet. Premiering at the Richmond International Film Festival in 2022, the documentary is a testament to the enduring impact of Mitchell's legacy and the newspaper on Richmond's community.
    The Power of Local Stories: The conversation underscores the importance of local narratives in enriching our understanding of history and community. Through the example of John Mitchell Jr., Carey highlights how stories from our past continue to shape our present.
    Collaborative Creativity: The episode sheds light on the collaborative efforts behind the making of "The Birth of a Planet," showcasing how diverse perspectives contribute to telling a compelling, nuanced story.

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    Peaks and Valleys of 2023

    Peaks and Valleys of 2023

    Episode Notes:
    In this year-end episode of "Teaming Up," Tony Scida and Casey Prentice step out from behind the scenes of the podcast and discuss the peaks and valleys of marketing and communications in 2023. They each came to the table with one marketing high point and one low, plus a few bonus picks. Then the pair looked ahead to 2024 briefly and highlighted what challenges and opportunities may face marketing and communications professionals in the coming year.
    Key topics covered in this episode include:

    Marketing successes and failures in 2023
    Marketing campaigns and their impact on business
    Twitter's decline and purpose-driven marketing strategies
    Marketing trends and authenticity in 2024

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    Creative Communications with Christine Coffey

    Creative Communications with Christine Coffey

    Episode Notes:
    "Teaming Up" takes a creative twist in our latest episode, focusing on the fusion of strategy and creativity in communication. Aidan Newbold, THP’s Director of Creative Services, welcomed Christine Coffey, Creative Director of Karnes Coffey, to share her insights.

    Aidan and Christine dive deep into the world of creative projects, exploring how strategy plays a pivotal role in driving impactful communications. From Christine’s journey in graphic design, starting at Syracuse University to co-founding Karnes Coffey, to Aidan’s insights on collaborative models in the industry, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone interested in the creative process.

    Key discussions in the episode include:

    The evolution of creative branding and the importance of strategy in building robust identity systems.
    The trend towards specialized talent and collaborative models in the creative industry.
    The role of AI in creative endeavors: its potentials and limitations.
    Advice for clients in choosing the right design partners for long-term collaborations.
    Navigating post-pandemic industry trends, especially the resurgence of traditional marketing materials.

    Christine and Aidan's conversation is not just about the 'what' of creativity but also the 'how' and 'why' behind it. They shed light on the importance of adapting to new trends and technologies, like AI, while emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human creativity and strategic thinking.

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