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Your favorite podcaster's favorite podcast. I do it all.

    in our 20s with eclectik pt 2

    in our 20s with eclectik pt 2

    In this conversation, 12Kyle and eclectik share their experiences and reflections on living in Atlanta and Washington DC, respectively. This is part 2 of a 2 part episode.


    00:00 Kickin It

    12:20 - Enjoying Life and Friendship

    25:39 - Expectations and Disappointments

    26.32 - Chillin

    28:00 - Scary Encounters

    33:08 - Misunderstandings and Awkward Situations

    36:18 - Overrated and Underrated Food Spots

    39:25 - Favorite Restaurants and Bars

    42:31 - Online Communities and Social Media

    46:48 - Atlanta Food Scene

    49:01 - Finding Love and Relationships

    50:06 - The Birth of Online Communities

    52:43 - The Rise of Twitter

    57:03 - The Early Days of Social Media

    59:49 - The Changing Landscape of Social Media

    1:01:05 - Podcasting and Personalities

    01:02:46 - Future Plans and Wrap-up



    • 1 hr 4 min
    in our 20s with eclectik pt 1

    in our 20s with eclectik pt 1

    In this conversation, 12Kyle and eclectik share their experiences and reflections on their 20s while living in Atlanta and Washington DC, respectively. This is part 1 of a 2 part episode.


    00:00 - Introduction and Background

    03:06 - Moving to Virginia

    12:17 - Navigating the DC Area

    17:17 - Nightlife in DC

    20:51 - Living in Virginia

    27:26 - Dating and Relationships

    31:14 - Attending Weddings and Funerals

    01:01:31 - Being Single and Content



    • 1 hr 7 min
    what does success look like...

    what does success look like...

    In this podcast episode, 12Kyle reflects on the concept of success and how it evolves over time. He shares his own experiences and observations, discussing what success looked like for him at different stages of his life. 

    12Kyle emphasizes the importance of defining success for oneself and not letting society's standards dictate one's sense of achievement. He also highlights the role of relationships and personal growth in shaping one's perception of success.


    00:00 - Introduction and Questioning Success

    02:17 - Success at Age 20

    06:06 - Changing Definitions of Success

    10:59 - Success Now

    15:53 - Success and Relationships

    17:19 - Success and Society

    20:42 - Conclusion





    • 21 min


    In this episode, 12Kyle discusses the concept of doomscrolling, which refers to the excessive consumption of negative news and its adverse effects on mental health. He shares personal experiences of being consumed by COVID-related news during a trip to Los Angeles. 

    12Kyle emphasizes the need to be mindful of the information consumed on social media platforms and the impact of who we follow. He highlights the brain's tendency to process negative thoughts more intensely and the importance of protecting mental peace.

    12Kyle also discusses the negative effects of starting the day with bad news and provides strategies for finding balance in staying informed.


    00:00 - Introduction: What is Doomscrolling?

    01:27 - The Negative Effects of Consuming Bad News

    03:24 - Personal Experience with Doomscrolling

    05:16 - Social Media and Information Consumption

    07:13 - The Influence of Who You Follow on Social Media

    09:30 - The Brain's Response to Negative Thoughts

    10:29 - The Impact of Local News on Mental Health

    13:14 - The Importance of Starting the Day with Positive News

    15:12 - The Dangers of Overconsumption for Depressed Individuals

    17:37 - The Insanity of Seeking Bad News

    20:30 - Navigating Political Talking Points

    23:56 - Finding Balance in Staying Informed

    27:48 - Taking Control of Information Consumption

    28:17 - Conclusion and Call to Action





    • 29 min
    you can only pick 5...

    you can only pick 5...

    In this episode, 12Kyle plays a game called 'You Can Only Pick Five' where he has to choose five TV shows to watch for the rest of his life. He shares the list of 31 TV shows and discusses the ones that didn't make the cut. 12Kyle then reveals his top five TV shows. He provides personal insights and reasons for choosing each show. 12Kyle's choices are influenced by personal preferences, nostalgia, and the impact the shows had on his life.

    The discussion highlights the importance of representation and diverse storytelling in TV shows.

    you can only pick 5


    00:00 - Introduction

    00:32 - The Game: You Can Only Pick Five

    04:06 - Reading the List of TV Shows

    05:44 - TV Shows That Didn't Make the Cut

    08:10 - TV Show #1

    09:21 - TV Show #2

    11:43 - TV Show #3

    13:45 - TV Show #4

    17:27 - TV Show #5

    20:23 - Conclusion





    • 25 min
    The Prime Effect pt 2...

    The Prime Effect pt 2...

    In this episode, 12Kyle discussed The Prime Effect... the coaching career of Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime. The episode explores his move from Jackson State University to the University of Colorado and the early success and national attention he received.

    However, the episode also highlights the challenges and criticisms faced by Coach Prime, including issues with the offensive line and his handling of the team. The episode concludes by discussing the future of Coach Prime and the need for improvement in order to achieve success.


    00:00 - Introduction and Background

    01:31 - Deion Sanders' Coaching Career

    04:26 - Deion Sanders' Move to Colorado

    09:17 - Early Success and National Attention

    21:26 - Loss to Oregon and Humbling Experience

    26:00 - Loss to Stanford and Chinks in the Armor

    31:50 - Offensive Line Issues and Criticism

    38:14 - The Honeymoon is Over

    46:09 - The Future of the Prime Effect

    47:32 - Conclusion





    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

jr3650sp ,

Experienced and polished podcaster

Experienced podcaster who gets you into a mood with he nostalgia he brings up in his shows and the genuine idea of how he has lived a long time and seen a lot of…

Shelly @momfiles ,

So relatable

I am the same age as Kyle, so I relate to a lot of his content. This has been the podcast I needed in my life. Some episodes leave me laughing, while others make me reminisce or think on a deeper level. Keep up the great content!

Baylorthegreat ,

Podcast bro

The older, wiser, smoother brother we all need.

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