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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.

The Archers BBC Radio 4

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An intense and gripping week of events unfolds in Ambridge. Listen to all the drama here.



    Writer: Keri Davies
    Director: Dave Payne
    Editor: Jeremy Howe
    Tony Archer…. David Troughton
    Lilian Bellamy…. Sunny Ormonde
    Harrison Burns…. James Cartwright
    Alice Carter…. Hollie Chapman
    Justin Elliott…. Simon Williams
    Mick Fadmoor…. Martin Barrass
    George Grundy…. Angus Stobie
    Jakob Hakansson…. Paul Venables
    Joy Horville…. Jackie Lye
    Adam Macy…. Andrew Wincott
    Paul Mack…. Joshua Riley
    Azra Malik…. Yasmin Wilde
    Kirsty Miller…. Annabelle Dowler
    Fallon Rogers…. Joanna Van Kampen
    Oliver Sterling…. Michael Cochrane

    • 13 min


    When Alice turns up at The Stables, Lilian thanks her for dropping by, it can’t have been easy. She offers to go to the court hearing with Alice tomorrow, but Alice declines. Justin checks if Lilian’s told Alice about recent developments, while Lilian’s encouraging Alice to leave so that she doesn’t see Carlotta arriving for her interview. Lilian’s saved by Jakob appearing to discuss Duke’s emergency treatment and Alice is keen to see the horse. Later Justin reckons they should be honest with Alice, but Lilian thinks she’s still too fragile. Justin agrees to wait to see how things go with Carlotta.
    Alice thanks Jakob for covering for Alice when he discovered her drinking – he’s a good friend. But when Jakob tries to reciprocate, saying Alice is a good stables manager and her replacement will have big shoes to fill, Alice is shocked by the news.
    Fallon’s trying out Kirsty’s Bushcraft event at the Rewilding site. Fallon admits she nearly didn’t come because of how things are with Harrison. Her birthday was awful because she discovered he’d had a prayer meeting with Alan but hadn’t told her. Joy arrives and they start by making a shelter before learning how to make a fire. Chat turns to Roy and whether love is in the air again with Lexi. At the end Fallon and Joy have had a great time – it feels like they’ve been on holiday. It’s made Joy think of fresh start; things are good with Mick, but she could be more open with him. Fallon agrees – she really needs to sort things out with Harrison.

    • 13 min


    It’s Fallon’s birthday and she and Harrison look forward to their takeaway later. The atmosphere’s broken by a text from Alan to Harrison about the memorial prayers last week. Fallon’s furious but Harrison can’t understand why. They were private prayers with Alan. But Fallon thinks it’s another example of Harrison not respecting her feelings.
    Adam drives Alice to her GP appointment with Azra. In the car park Adam and Alice chat about Friday’s court hearing. Alice is terrified about the outcome and really needs a drink, but Adam’s reassuring. If Azra can prescribe something that helps Alice stop drinking, then maybe she could chat to Lilian tomorrow about her Stables job. But Alice doesn’t think she can face Lilian after all she’s done. Alice suddenly gets cold feet about seeing Azra, so Adam’s left to convince Azra to come to the car. If Alice can keep off alcohol, Azra will prescribe a short course of medication to reduce the effects of withdrawal. Alice agrees, but Azra warns it’s only a short-term fix.
    Mick’s delighted that Joy’s come to his rescue by ironing his work clothes. She’ll do his laundry once a week and he can use her bathroom as the motorhome’s so compact. In return Mick offers to do Joy’s garden. Later Mick can’t thank Joy enough for saving his job by helping with his appearance. To show his gratitude he takes her up on to the Grey Gable’s roof to watch the setting sun. Mick apologises about messing up over Rochelle. If Joy is ever ready to talk about it, he’ll be there to listen.

    • 13 min


    Joy wakes up in Mick’s motorhome and they chat about last night’s after-hours venture into the Grey Gables Spa. Joy hopes Oliver doesn’t check the CCTV as the spa is out of bounds at night. Unfortunately they’re interrupted by Oliver ringing - a guest’s ring has been stolen and he needs to review the CCTV footage. Mick needs to get to his office asap.
    At The Stables, Lilian’s shocked when Justin explains he’s interviewing Carlotta Mayfield. Lilian thought they were going to discreetly sound people out, not start a formal recruitment process. Justin clarifies that they don’t know if or when Alice will be in a fit state to return to work. In the meantime, Carlotta, or whoever they appoint, can be a stand-in temporary manager. Then if Alice doesn’t come back, someone’s already trained up.
    Jakob successfully carries out an emergency procedure on Oliver’s horse. Justin passes on the news to Oliver, but they’re interrupted by Mick who’s found the missing ring. Oliver criticises Mick’s rumpled appearance, reminding Mick that he’s still on probation.
    Later Oliver turns up at Mick’s motorhome explaining that he’s discovered that the Health Club CCTV has a blind spot and wants Mick to sort it. Afterwards Joy and Mick agree that they’ve had a narrow escape.
    Jakob let’s Lilian know that Duke is responding well to treatment and along with no new cases of Strangles, it looks like The Stables outbreak has been contained. But Jakob wonders whether with Alice off, Lilian might share the management workload. Lilian says he’s not the first to mention that.

    • 13 min


    Tony’s irritated when George is late for his farm shift. George says it’s because he couldn’t sleep last night and fudges that it’s because the family’s selling Bartleby. Whilst Tony is sympathetic, he needs George to be focused at work. Later he discovers George napping against a bale and is furious.
    At a GP appointment with Azra, Paul explains about feeling itchy recently and how he now has spots in an embarrassing place. He’s worried that Etienne’s open relationship may be the cause. He’s relieved when it turns out to be insect bites, but Azra advises that Paul and Etienne might need to revisit safe sex in light of the open relationship.
    Adam’s surprised when Alice appears unexpectedly at Bridge Farm when he thought she was still in London. She needs to go to Borchester Police Station to be formally charged and wants Adam to go with her. Alice is glad to be back from Ruairi’s, though there’s lots of people she wants to avoid. At the police station Adam checks whether Alice had a drink when she went to the toilet, and she’s forced to admit she did. Later Alice is charged with dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drink or drugs - the hearing’s on Friday. Alice is scared she’ll end up in prison. It makes her want to drink even more. Adam decides to make a GP appointment to see if Alice can be prescribed a short-term fix and Alice realising there’s no choice, agrees to it.

    • 12 min


    At the Tearoom, Paul’s surprised to see Fallon looking so well after her drunken night out last week. That is until Fallon explains that she spent most of yesterday in bed at Kirsty’s. But now she feels like a reset button has been pressed and is feeling much better about everything. When Fallon notices Paul looking a bit uncomfortable, he says he’s fine. But later when Kirsty asks him if he’s got fleas or something, he brushes it off as sunburn. Later, Fallon starts to get flashbacks from her night out – and Kirsty’s forced to remind her of rapping and being thrown out of the club. Although Fallon’s embarrassed, it was also just what she needed, and she now feels she’s drawn a bit of a line. And Harrison seems much happier in himself too. Fallon was dreading her birthday, but now she’s looking forward to it with Harrison.
    Justin mentions to Fallon that there’s been no further cases of Strangles at The Stables. Things are still fraught there though with Oliver’s horse still struggling. Justin’s worried about Lilian which is why he’s insisted she take a lunch break. When Lilian talks about how stressed she is, Justin broaches finding a replacement for Alice. Lilian’s defensive, pointing out that alcoholism is a disease. And anyway Alice didn’t do anything wrong, any horse can get Strangles. Justin concedes that they do at least need to look at the practicalities. He’ll compromise by sounding out a few potential replacements on a no obligation basis, just so they’re prepared for the worst. Lilian agrees as long as Justin’s discreet.

    • 13 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
905 Ratings

905 Ratings

Brenda H. In Carlsbad CA ,


Can tell you how much I love this podcast. You can’t get more wholesome than this. The writers do such a good job at keeping all of the scenarios, realistic, and relatable. They aren’t ridiculously sensationalized. They pink such a lovely picture and I really appreciate it.

Filly Bu$ter ,

A nice pastime

Lots of interesting storylines suddenly drppoed, lots of really boring storylines drag on & on & on.

VTdairyfarmer ,

The most authentic depiction of farming anywhere

I’ve been married to a fifth generation small scale dairy farmer for 42 years and I can say with certainty that the ag consultants on this show know what they’re talking about. It is, by far, the most authentic and real depiction of farming I have ever encountered, apart from, maybe, the original TV series of All Creatures Great and Small, from the 70s. I’m consistently blown away by everything from the attention to detail, the realistic situations, the veterinary issues, and the financial struggles. Lately, their depiction of land access is of huge relevance! Even though I’m in the US, and the political landscape is different, the struggles of farmers dealing with a messed up food and ag system is universal. This whole program gets it astoundingly right.

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