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The AthleticDirectorU Podcast features interviews with college athletics executives on a variety of topics including leadership and organizational success.

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The AthleticDirectorU Podcast features interviews with college athletics executives on a variety of topics including leadership and organizational success.

    Dynamic Leadership Podcast - Arkansas' Eric Musselman

    Dynamic Leadership Podcast - Arkansas' Eric Musselman

    Arkansas Head Men’s Basketball Coach Eric Musselman joins Coach Bob Walsh on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast to discuss his leadership approaches as a professional and college coach, keys to making an immediate impact on a program’s success, maintaining success, creating a partnership with his players and much more.
    1:24 – How does your leadership approach differ when coaching professionals versus college?
    3:22 – How did you adjust your approach when you went to college and took over at Nevada?
    5:47 –  Is there something about your leadership style that allows you to hit the ground running and make an immediate impact?
    11:59 – How do you maintain that success over a long period of time?
    16:35 – How much of your team’s leaders taking ownership is their personalities or natural leadership qualities versus you creating the opportunity to lead?
    19:29 – Do you have a definition of leadership for your teams?
    21:26 – Who are the coaches who have had an influence on your approach?
    25:25 – Who is the best leader you’ve coached and why?

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    Successful Sport Administration: North Carolina Central's Wicker McCree & Texas A&M's Brown

    Successful Sport Administration: North Carolina Central's Wicker McCree & Texas A&M's Brown

    North Carolina Central Athletic Director Ingrid Wicker McCree and Texas A&M Deputy Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Experience/SWA Kristen Brown discuss their philosophies on sport administration, access and advocacy, critical skills for the role, notifying coaches of complaints and more. The conversation is moderated by Auburn Senior Associate Athletic Director/SWA Monique Holland.
    1:05 - What is the philosophy for your sport administration
    3:02 - What is your philosophy on access and advocacy for coaches and student-athletes?
    7:15 - When you receive a student-athlete's complaint about a coach, at what point do you notify the coach of the issue?
    9:29 - What are the critical skills a staff member needs to serve as a sport administrator?
    11:31 - How do you balance coaches going through proper protocols with sport administrators and getting face time with their AD? (Wicker McCree)
    13:06 - What is your most rewarding experience as a sport administrator? (Brown)
    14:51 - Final thoughts

    • 17 min
    Self-Awareness As A Leader: Florida’s Jeremy Foley

    Self-Awareness As A Leader: Florida’s Jeremy Foley

    Florida Athletic Director Emeritus Jeremy Foley discusses his growth, from early in his leadership tenure, to care about investing in people. Foley recalls a conversation with a booster that caused him to reflect on his leadership style and realize he needed to change and how that inflection point in his career allowed him to grow as a leader.
    1:13 - Early in your leadership tenure, you realized you needed to invest in people. Can you talk to about investing in people?
    2:38 - How did you realize that your leadership style needed to change?
    5:50 - In making that change, did you have a revelation about the errors of your previous approach?
    6:24 - When did this alteration in your leadership approach occur?
    7:03 - What were some of the steps you took after this introspection into your leadership style?
    8:29 - How did that impact the overall culture of the athletic department?
    9:04 - In your 25 years as the AD at Florida, did you lead by investing in people?

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    Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Georgia State's Charlie Cobb

    Higher Ed Athletics Podcast: Georgia State's Charlie Cobb

    Georgia State Athletic Director Charlie Cobb joins the Higher Ed Athletics podcast to discuss the complete transformation of Turner Field into Georgia State’s football stadium and plans for an athletics neighborhood in downtown Atlanta, the new naming rights deal and what that means for the university and athletic department amidst the pandemic, President Mark Becker’s recently announced retirement and how Becker helped shape intercollegiate athletics at GSU, carrying over a blueprint of success from one institution to the next and how Cobb balances representing the entire Sun Belt conference as a member of the NCAA DI Council.
    1:16 – As a part of the acquisition, purchase and repurposing of Turner Field, how did the idea unfold and what were the steps in getting this project approved?
    6:03 – Walk us through the naming rights process for Georgia State Stadium and how will this help GSU coming out of the pandemic?
    11:38 – With President Mark Becker announcing his retirement, what has it been like working with him and how has he impacted athletics during your tenure?
    13:48 – What does it take to have a strong relationship between a college president and his or her athletic director?
    16:37 – What was the key to the successes at Appalachian State when you were there and how can someone bring that similar blueprint from one institution to an entirely new university?
    22:23 – As the Sun Belt’s representative on the DI Council, is it challenging representing not only GSU at those meetings but also representing every school in the Sun Belt and how does one balance that responsibility?

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    RisingADs Podcast: Columbia's Pilling & Rice's Gardner on Trillion Dollar Coach

    RisingADs Podcast: Columbia's Pilling & Rice's Gardner on Trillion Dollar Coach

    On this Book Review from the RisingADs podcast, Columbia Athletic Director Peter Pilling and Rice Senior Associate Athletic Director & Chief Operating Officer Tanner Gardner discuss Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell. Pilling and Gardner discuss coaching in a business sense, building trust, the importance of soft skills and caring about those you serve.
    1:00 – So Peter, you knew Bill Campbell, who was the former Head Football Coach at Columbia, tell us a bit about Bill Campbell.
    6:14 – We often think of coaches of our respective sports programs, but this book discusses coaches in a business sense. What do you see it to mean as being a coach for your administration and coaches?
    8:40 – How do you approach building trust among your team, both when taking over in a leadership role and in an ongoing basis?
    12:54 – What are some examples of how you respond in a way that emanates an environment of psychological safety?
    16:56 – How do you approach giving effective feedback to coaches and staff?
    21:01 – Peter, in the book in discussing hard management tactics and the “It’s the People” manifesto applied to student-athletes. How did that come about in your interactions with Bill?
    26:47 – How do you think about running meetings and what is the importance of the final chapter of the book, which discusses the Power of Love?
    32:59 – What is your favorite Bill Campbell story?

    • 36 min
    Introspective Leadership With Villanova’s Mark Jackson

    Introspective Leadership With Villanova’s Mark Jackson

    Self-Discovery and introspection is the discussion topic of this video featuring Mark Jackson, Director of Athletics at Villanova University. Jackson, talks about the questions people should ask themselves as they work on their self-awareness and personal and professional growth. He talks about the quiet time that is necessary for the self-discovery process to be successful and he gives his insight on Student-Athletes and introspection.
    1:29 - What questions should people ask themselves when they are working through a self-discovery?
    3:51 - As you grow in your self-awareness, how do you know when to evaluate the questions you ask yourself?
    4:59 - Do the people close to you ever recommend that quiet time may be necessary?
    7:12 - How much of internal thought on self-discovery is forward thinking and how much is about who the person is at the current moment?
    9:35 - Have you seen Student-Athletes adapt the mentality of self-discovery?
    11:37 - What do you ask yourself now that you’ve been in a leadership role for a few years?

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