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Part of the Underdog Podcast Network - The Atlantic Division has three of the most historic teams in the NBA, so it's only right that the division has its own show. The Atlantic Files is home to everything Atlantic Division with your hosts, Alex Fischbein and Mike Bash, breaking down all of the latest news, games, and rumors. For advertising opportunities on this show, or any of the other shows on our network, feel free to reach out to us at: advertise@underdogsportsnetwork.com

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Part of the Underdog Podcast Network - The Atlantic Division has three of the most historic teams in the NBA, so it's only right that the division has its own show. The Atlantic Files is home to everything Atlantic Division with your hosts, Alex Fischbein and Mike Bash, breaking down all of the latest news, games, and rumors. For advertising opportunities on this show, or any of the other shows on our network, feel free to reach out to us at: advertise@underdogsportsnetwork.com

    #304: Dennis Schroder, Buddy Hield, NBA Trade Reviews

    #304: Dennis Schroder, Buddy Hield, NBA Trade Reviews

    On episode 304 of The Atlantic Files, Dmitry Bergen of the Plan C Podcast joins the show again! We review the trades that went down at the NBA Trade Deadline, Dennis Schroder's first action with the Brooklyn Nets, Buddy Hield and Cam Payne's abilities for the Philadelphia 76ers, Deandre Ayton crumbling in Portland, and the Jusuf Nurkic versus Draymond Green beef continues!

    The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers both made some moves right before the trade deadline. The Sixers made some head-scratching ones but also brought in the likes of Buddy Hield who provides the type of shooting and scoring that they've needed for a long time. The Nets, on the other hand, got rid of an underperforming Spencer Dinwiddie and brought in a better shooter in Dennis Schroder.

    Then, there were all of the other trades that took place before the deadline. The New York Knicks were the hands-down winners of the trade deadline and they have improved their team greatly. Now, they have to put all of the pieces together on the court. Did the deadline help or hurt the top teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Minnesota Timberwolves though?

    Finally, we look at some of the "background" things happening in the NBA. Jusuf Nurkic and Draymond Green are still beefing and it doesn't look like that's going to end any time soon. It does make for great television! Then, there have been some bad reports coming out of Portland on the mentality of Deandre Ayton. He was once regarded as a top big man, but has fallen off that podium a long time ago.

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    Threads - https://www.threads.net/@theycallmedmitry
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    00:00:00 Intro
    00:09:26 Food service industry and tipping practices
    00:15:13 Buddy Hield trade and 76ers rookies
    00:30:01 Chicago Bulls and trade deadline reviews
    00:35:05 Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics are opposites
    00:58:48 Brooklyn Nets trades and Dennis Schroder
    01:19:06 Jusuf Nurkic vs Draymond Green beef
    01:32:37 Bad reports about Deandre Ayton
    02:01:16 Origins of the Plan C F1 Podcast
    02:18:30 Outro and closing thoughts

    • 2 hr 22 min
    #303: Ben Simmons Returns Again!

    #303: Ben Simmons Returns Again!

    On episode 303 of The Atlantic Files, Ben Simmons finally returns to the court again after more issues with his back, Joel Embiid misses another game against Nikola Jokic in Denver, the Los Angeles Lakers are getting extreme favoritism from the refs, and the Golden State Warriors look at potential trade targets to get themselves back into title contention.

    Ben Simmons has finally returned from his back issues and played his first game since November. He is on a minutes restriction but he still almost posted a triple-double against the Utah Jazz. How long will he remain on the court for the rest of the season and will his back issues keep him off of the court for most of his career?

    Joel Embiid put on a masterclass in the first of two matchups against Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets. He was set to play in the rematch that took place in Denver but then was surprisingly downgraded to questionable and eventually was sidelined. He hasn't played in Denver since 2019, so now fans think he's scared and ducking Jokic. What happened to the regular season not meaning anything?

    A stat has been found that proves the Los Angeles Lakers shoot the most free throws out of any team in the NBA. Not only that, but they have the biggest difference in total free throw attempts compared to their opponents. Something seems a bit fishy here, but the Lakers aren't even turning it into wins. So, should we all be mad about it?

    Finally, the Golden State Warriors are trying to salvage something out of this season after they found themselves in 12th place in the West after half of the season has gone by. The question is who they should be trading away and if it's worth trading for what's out there right now. We dive into some options they have and whether or not they should even mortgage their future before the trade deadline.

    00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:45 WWE Royal Rumble thoughts
    00:15:09 Ben Simmons first game back against Utah Jazz
    00:29:46 Golden State Warriors trade targets before the deadline
    00:40:59 Is Joel Embiid ducking Nikola Jokic
    00:46:25 Lakers getting way more Free Throws
    00:54:21 Outro and final thoughts

    • 1 hr 2 min
    #302: Doc Rivers Coming Back To Haunt Us

    #302: Doc Rivers Coming Back To Haunt Us

    On episode 302 of The Atlantic Files, Doc Rivers reportedly is the leading candidate to take over the Milwaukee Bucks head coaching vacancy after Adrian Griffin was fired, Terry Rozier was traded to the Miami Heat for Kyle Lowry, Joel Embiid asserts his dominance over Nikola Jokic and the NBA, and is trouble brewing for the first-seed Minnesota Timberwolves?

    In the biggest news going around the NBA, Doc Rivers is returning to the NBA sidelines as a coach instead of a commentator. It didn't take too long for him to get the itch to coach again as the Milwaukee Bucks fired Adrian Griffin after the team started the season with a 30-13 record. Rivers was reportedly helping out in a consulting format, but that will lead to an actual coaching job now.

    The other biggest news is probably that Terry Rozier has finally escaped the Charlotte Hornets and was traded to the Miami Heat for a first-round pick and Kyle Lowry. Rozier brings a scoring point guard who can actually get out on the floor without being on the injury report 24/7. Hopefully, the rest of the team can now stay on the floor.

    Joel Embiid had quite the week. He destroyed Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets, then went on to become the ninth player in NBA history to drop 70 points in a game. If he wasn't the leader for MVP before, he's definitely at the top of the ladder for every outlet now. This is Embiid's world and we're just living in it.

    Finally, the Minnesota Timberwolves tried to get the ball to Karl-Anthony Towns on the same day that Embiid scored 70 so that he could beat his point total. The issue is that Towns only scored four points in the fourth quarter and the team ended up losing. Then, head coach Chris Finch ranted in the post-game press conference about the immature play from his star forward and the lack of defense from the team. Yikes!

    00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:36 Trip to South Carolina and NBA Threads
    00:15:15 Terry Rozier traded to Miami Heat
    00:30:39 Coach Finch rips the Minnesota Timberwolves
    00:41:43 Doc Rivers takes Adrian Griffin's job with Milwaukee Bucks
    00:58:06 Joel Embiid vs Nikola Jokic
    01:16:06 Final thoughts and outro

    • 1 hr 22 min
    #301: Pascal Siakam To Indiana ft Dmitry Bergen Of Loose Ball Boy

    #301: Pascal Siakam To Indiana ft Dmitry Bergen Of Loose Ball Boy

    On episode 301 of The Atlantic Files, Dmitry Bergen of the Loose Ball Boys podcast joins the show! The Toronto Raptors have been in active talks with the Indiana Pacers surrounding a Pascal Siakam deal, the Washington Wizards dropped a player for allegedly stealing from Target, Erik Spoelstra signs a contract extension after divorce, and coaches going off on NBA referees.

    First and foremost, we get to know Dmitry and how the Loose Ball Boys podcast first started. We also go over how he became a Brooklyn Nets fan and his love for basketball in general. Then we get into the real meat of his story by talking about favorite foods, Richard Jefferson encounters, and more.

    The big basketball news is obviously Pascal Siakam getting traded from the Toronto Raptors to the Indiana Pacers. We go over how it changes the Pacers' outlook for this season, especially since they had to give up Bruce Brown in the process. Three first-round picks are a lot for a guy who isn't guaranteed to re-sign. Also, how is the Toronto Raptors rebuild going at this stage?

    Then, we get into the weird news that starts with coaches ripping into NBA referees and huge disparities in free throws. A lot of the time it's the bigger market team getting the calls and these coaches are absolutely sick of it. To be honest, we're getting tired of it too!

    Finally, Ryan Rollins was allegedly waived for stealing things from Target on multiple occasions. It allegedly was even the same exact Target every time. Then, at the opposite end of the spectrum, there's Erik Spoelstra getting a contract extension right after his divorce was finalized. That's Heat culture right there!


    00:00:00 Intro
    00:03:23 Dmitry Bergen on his Nets fandom and start of Loose Ball Boys
    00:14:00 Russian women, Threads, and fast food
    00:37:45 Pascal Siakam traded to the Indiana Pacers
    01:04:57 NBA Coaches disagreeing with refs
    01:13:19 Ryan Rollins waived for allegedly stealing?!
    01:21:25 Erik Spoelstra finalizes contract after divorce
    01:30:24 Random closing thoughts and outro

    • 1 hr 42 min
    #300: OG Anunoby and The Knicks ft Scott "The King" Engel

    #300: OG Anunoby and The Knicks ft Scott "The King" Engel

    On episode 300 of The Atlantic Files, we're joined by a special guest, Scott "The King" Engel. He's an FSWA Hall of Famer, Senior Writer at The Game Day and RotoBaller, Fantasy Writer for seahawks.com, and a Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio host. We talk about OG Anunoby moving to the New York Knicks for RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley, the Memphis Grizzlies' plan with Ja Morant out, the Philadelphia 76ers with Joel Embiid's injuries, and the initial 2024 NBA All-Star voting returns.

    Scott Engel has been in the fantasy sports writing business for over 20 years and is one of the industry's pioneers. We go over how he got into journalism, his favorite athletes of all time, and how he began playing fantasy sports. Engel gives a lot of great nuggets of information and talks about some of the people he's met along the way.

    Then, we got into the OG Anunoby trade and how he's fared with the New York Knicks so far. Anunoby has been a great fit and the team has gone undefeated since he joined the starting lineup. Do the Knicks need to make any more moves to be serious title contenders?

    On the flip side, RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley joined the Toronto Raptors and took another step in their young careers. Is this the best place for their development? Also, we talk about a potential Pascal Siakam trade and how the Raptors will go about building for the future with Scottie Barnes.

    Finally, we go over the initial voting returns for the 2024 NBA All-Star game. We talk about those who have been snubbed, some surprise names, and why fans can't ever get it fully correct when it comes to voting the right guys into the game. Also, are there any good All-Star games anymore in any of the major sports?

    Check out Scott Engel's work!
    The Gameday - https://thegameday.com/author/scott-engel/
    RotoBaller - https://www.rotoballer.com/author/scottetheking
    Seahawks.com - https://www.seahawks.com/news/fantasy-insider/

    00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:58 Scott "The King" Engel joins the show
    00:11:49 Scott Engel talks New York Mets and baseball fandom
    00:15:33 Dr. Pepper Zero vs Coke Zero and favorite food
    00:25:50 OG Anunoby and the New York Knicks
    00:49:49 RJ Barrett, Immanuel Quickley, and the Toronto Raptors future
    01:03:28 2024 NBA All-Star voting returns
    01:12:41 Closing thoughts

    • 1 hr 21 min
    #299: NBA Christmas Reactions, Jalen Brunson The 1A

    #299: NBA Christmas Reactions, Jalen Brunson The 1A

    On episode 299 of The Atlantic Files, we react to the NBA Christmas day games, give our thoughts on Becky Hammon saying Jalen Brunson is too small to be a 1A, Kevin Durant expressing frustration with the Phoenix Suns health and role players, and the Detroit Pistons losing streak.

    Becky Hammon was on ESPN as their panel talked about the New York Knicks and whether or not they can seriously compete for the NBA Finals. She said they didn't have that 1A player and explained that Jalen Brunson is a great player but he's too small to be a 1A. Does she make any good points there or is Brunson a lot better than she gives credit?

    The 2023 NBA Christmas Day games gave a mixed bag of entertainment while some superstars didn't even play and other gave us the performance of a lifetime. Dennis and Alex give their thoughts on the outcomes of each game and whether or not these are signs of things to come for the rest of the season.

    Speaking of Christmas games, Kevin Durant is apparently now getting frustrated with the health of his new big three and the talent of the supporting cast. No one is really sure what else he expected when the team went out and got Bradley Beal and traded all of their assets to get him and Beal in the first place. Does anyone actually feel bad for him as well?

    Finally, the Detroit Pistons made history for the wrong reasons. They're now the owners of the longest losing streak in a single NBA season and they could potentially add on to that streak. Is this team actually that bad or are they just hitting some really bad luck?

    00:00:00 Intro and Christmas movies
    00:18:43 The Detroit Pistons historic losing streak
    00:43:25 Becky Hammon's comments about Jalen Brunson
    01:00:22 2023 NBA Christmas game reactions
    01:15:28 Kevin Durant upset in Phoenix
    01:32:13 Outro

    • 1 hr 34 min

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4.5 out of 5
325 Ratings

325 Ratings

dbianchini ,

Entertaining Podcast

The Atlantic Files always has an entertaining spin on the season. Even during a pandemic!

tjthegoat1 ,

Go sixers!

TJ > Joe Harris, Alex is right a lot more than Mike is but the show overall is great

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Amazing NBA podcast

This is an great and entertaining podcast on the NBA, love to hear someone talk about my Raptors and from an American perspective! We The North

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