The Beautifully Broken Podcast Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
208 Ratings

208 Ratings

The Real OG Sasquatch ,


Freddy- loved this episode. You took your listeners on your journey with you. This was particularly relevant as some family members are beginning their own EMDR journey(s). After listening to your podcast, I’m contemplating beginning my own journey.

Keep it up Freddy !!

Jimmyday24 ,

Casey West Episode

Absolutely loved the two episodes with Casey West. He gives hope and is inspiring to all those who have cancer or a loved one with cancer.

myra farmer ,


I’m so happy I gave this podcast a try. I have really enjoyed it and love the host!


Great Podcast

I recently found this podcast and have enjoyed it a great deal

karindyokorr ,

Knows the minutia and still keeps it human

Freddie takes us through the maze of medical details, practice styles in lifestyle and biohacking concepts, then pulls us back into the present through humor and connection. I enjoy this as someone who has a tendency to get pulled away into all the nerdy details. Freddie knows the nerdy details about these biohacking concepts (as well as whatever concept/device is competing with the topic at hand) and can talk in depth about these points but grounds it in practical application. Keep them coming Freddie! Thank you!

Lolayed ,

Incredible podcast!

Freddie is truly passionate about wellness and health and his podcast is simply awesome.

So much great education shared!

I highly recommend it!

lovecajunsnowboarder ,

Radiance that shines a light constantly

Freddie’s energy in his podcast brings out the best of his guests. I feel so deeply resonated with the messaging and the rabbit holes of information I am able to go down! He embodies the spirit of renewed hope and listening to this podcast is a weekly shot of hope.

PepeTiger22 ,

Great listen

Freddie is an incredible curator of conversation and information. I love learning about this human experience through the lenses of experts he invites to conversation!

LetitiaG10 ,

AMAZING Podcast!

Beautiful broken is such an amazing education source for all things health! The information Freddie gives is next level. This podcast is definitely worth your time and will expand your education and your thinking! Thank you Freddie!!

abrasher2000 ,

A must

Beautifully broken Podcast is a must for…. Everyone! I’m a working class mom in my 40’s living In Brooklyn. Im not a biohacker or a wellness guru follower . But Freddie came up in my podcast mix here just as I was dipping my toes into learning about longevity and fertility for women over 40. Beautifully broken has opened up a world of discovery for me in all areas of life. I’ve been a long time fan of fruitful talk therapy and basic physical fitness . But Freddie goes further here to encourage curiosity and growth that I didn’t know was possible in all areas of physical and emotional wellness . I want to be around for a long time for my kid. Beautifully broken has been showing me a life in which that is possible.