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Each week Dr. Steven Lawson works verse by verse through the Bible to help equip and teach those following Christ.

The Bible Study with Steven Lawson Steven Lawson

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Each week Dr. Steven Lawson works verse by verse through the Bible to help equip and teach those following Christ.

    Matthew 5:13 - Salty Saints

    Matthew 5:13 - Salty Saints

    In this episode of Dr. Steven Lawson's Bible study, we explore the powerful metaphor of "Salty Saints" from Matthew 5:13, focusing on the profound influence Christians should exert in the world. Dr. Lawson emphasizes the significance of maintaining our spiritual zest to effectively preserve and enhance the world around us. He warns against the dangers of becoming "tasteless" through conformity to secular values, urging believers to remain impactful through genuine Christ-likeness. The episode concludes with a call to personal and corporate reformation, highlighting the necessity for Christians to engage deeply with Scripture, prayer, and community to fulfill their God-given roles as the earth's preserving salt.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Matthew 5:10-12 - Reviled and Rewarded

    Matthew 5:10-12 - Reviled and Rewarded

    In this episode of Dr. Steven Lawson's Bible study, he delves into the profundity of the Beatitudes, specifically focusing on the blessings that come with persecution for righteousness' sake. Dr. Lawson elucidates the paradoxical nature of the Beatitudes, where true happiness is found in what the world may perceive as unfavorable conditions—poverty in spirit, mourning, and here, persecution. He underscores Jesus' candid disclosure of the cost of discipleship, which doesn't promise a life devoid of problems but guarantees divine rewards and eternal blessings for those who endure. By examining Matthew 5:10-12, Dr. Lawson provides an insightful exposition on being "reviled and rewarded," illustrating how persecution for Christ not only aligns believers with the prophets who faced opposition for their faith but also secures for them a great reward in heaven. He emphasizes the importance of responding to persecution with grace and peace, reflecting Jesus' teachings on loving one's enemies and leaving vengeance to God. Through this study, listeners are encouraged to steadfastly follow Christ, embracing the trials that come with discipleship, comforted by the assurance of heavenly blessings.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Matthew 5:9 - A Kingdom of Peacemakers

    Matthew 5:9 - A Kingdom of Peacemakers

    In this enlightening episode, Dr. Steven Lawson embarks on a profound journey through the Beatitudes, with a special focus on the role of peacemakers in the Kingdom of Heaven. Dr. Lawson skillfully unpacks the transformative power of embracing and spreading peace, both within our own lives and in the broader community. He elucidates the biblical perspective that peacemakers are not merely passive but actively engage in reconciling conflicts, promoting peace based on truth and righteousness, and embodying the characteristics of the Kingdom of God. Through his verse-by-verse teaching, Dr. Lawson challenges listeners to reflect on their own roles as peacemakers, encouraging us to extend the peace of God to others and to seek reconciliation in a world often marked by strife. Join Dr. Lawson for a compelling discussion that not only deepens our understanding of the Scriptures but also inspires us to live out the profound and peace-filled teachings of Jesus Christ.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Matthew 5:8 - Holiness of Heart

    Matthew 5:8 - Holiness of Heart

    In this episode of the Bible study podcast, Dr. Steven Lawson embarks on a deep and enlightening exploration of holiness of heart through the lens of Matthew 5:8, emphasizing the paramount importance of purity in heart for a transformative relationship with God. Dr. Lawson intricately dissects the beatitude, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God," underscoring the critical role of the heart in governing one's life, choices, and deeds. He challenges listeners to examine the authenticity of their faith and the pursuit of holiness, which is essential not just for moral conduct but as a reflection of a genuine, regenerated relationship with God. Dr. Lawson's message serves as a compelling call to introspection, urging believers to cultivate a religion of the heart, grounded in love for God and evidenced by a life of holiness.

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Matthew 5:7 - A Kingdom of Mercy

    Matthew 5:7 - A Kingdom of Mercy

    In this episode of the Bible study podcast, Dr. Steven Lawson takes us on a profound journey through Matthew 5:7, exploring the powerful theme of mercy in the Sermon on the Mount. Dr. Lawson emphasizes how receiving divine mercy transforms believers, compelling them to show mercy towards others, mirroring the character of the kingdom of heaven. Through insightful exposition and relatable anecdotes, he illustrates that mercy is not just a feeling but an actionable compassion that reflects the heart of Jesus Christ. Join Dr. Lawson as he unpacks the depth of mercy's role in the Christian life, highlighting the blessedness of those who are merciful, for they shall receive mercy in abundance from God. This episode is a compelling reminder of the transformative power of divine mercy and the call for believers to embody this mercy in their daily interactions.

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Matthew 5:6 - Hungry Hearts, Thirsty Souls

    Matthew 5:6 - Hungry Hearts, Thirsty Souls

    In this insightful episode of Dr. Steven Lawson's podcast, we delve deep into the heart of Matthew 5:6, exploring the profound spiritual hunger and thirst for righteousness. Dr. Lawson unpacks the transformative beatitude from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, emphasizing the intense longing for divine righteousness that marks a true citizen of the kingdom of heaven. He illustrates the stark contrast between the fleeting satisfactions of this world and the eternal fulfillment found in Christ's imputed righteousness. Through verse-by-verse examination, Lawson explains how this spiritual craving not only signifies an entrance into God's kingdom but also shapes the believer's life within it, fostering a continuous pursuit of holiness and sanctification. This episode is a compelling call to recognize our spiritual bankruptcy, mourn our sinfulness, and humbly seek the righteousness that satisfies our souls and aligns us with God's holy standard. Join Dr. Lawson for a journey into understanding how the blessedness of hungering and thirsting for righteousness leads to ultimate satisfaction in Christ alone.

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
809 Ratings

809 Ratings

Joe schmooze el niño ,

Dr Lawson is the best

Steve is so good at squeezing every ounce out of a text. One of the best expositors.

Deal $ grabber ,

Wonderful teaching

Dr. Steven Lawson is clear in his teaching. He has such a great passion for God and His Word. I have listened to many of them twice just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Yayaof8 ,

Greatly Edified by this Bible study.

I am presently studying Romans with this group via this podcast. I just completed chapter 8:19-22 and I must say that this is the best Bible study I have the pleasure of listening to that breaks down each and every passage with such insightfulness and depth and passion as Dr. Lawson does. I became a born again believer 30+ years ago and this the first time I am experiencing a person of God dissect the Gospel as Dr. Steven Lawson does. Thank you for your teaching and inspiration in God’s word to us listeners. I am listening from Northern New Jersey, USA. Miriam 02/26/2024

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