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The only Milwaukee sports talk show with two former Packers! The Wendy's Big
Show - Afternoons - 2pm-6pm

The Wendy's Big Show The Wendy's Big Show

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    • 3.6, 18 Ratings

The only Milwaukee sports talk show with two former Packers! The Wendy's Big
Show - Afternoons - 2pm-6pm

Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

Fan4romIA ,


I love the show and the chemistry with everyone. Unfortunately the show doesn’t download all of the time. Don’t know if Brewers are on on afternoon all the time now, or just episodes just aren’t available through iTunes.

Terrell From Northside ,

Pure Embarrassment

As a resident of Milwaukee I am embarrassed that this show is considered to be one of the “premier” afternoon sports radio shows in the city. They attempt to be a poor mans local budget version of ESPN First Take but fail miserably. The show pollutes nothing but ill informed “hot takes”. Leroy Butler is by far one of the worst co-hosts of any shows I’ve heard. The man has absolute no idea what he is talking about when it comes to anything other than the Packers. He is unfunny and always needs to interject his idiotic “takes” when it comes to any topic. He is clueless when it comes to basketball and baseball. The same can be said about Gary. Gary’s only contribution is to preface every sentence with “this joker”. Sparky is someone who tries hard to be taken seriously but he is nothing but loud and wrong. I can promise you that none of these 3 have NBA “League Pass” or MLB “Extra Innings”. They literally only watch the few natl broadcast games + some local games and read box scores for everything else. Their Bucks coverage is flat out embarrassing. Their resident “basketball analyst” is Gery Woelfel who is by far one of the least credible “insiders” in the industry. Woelfel is a blatant liar who writes blogs on his own website where he makes up stories from thin air and precedes all his lies with “an executive/source/official told me” in an attempt to make his lies look real. I can truly say that this show contributes in making the public less informed and dumber. If you like sensationalized and illogical hot takes then this is the show for you.
If 1057 TheFan had any decency and cared about the public then they would require all their hosts to purchase “League Pass” and “Extra Innings” before they being allowed to give any opinions on basketball or baseball. Otherwise if you are a fan of this show I beg you to start a “GoFundMe” campaign to raise money so Sparky, Gary, and Leroy can purchase “League Pass” and “Extra Innings”

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