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The Brother Leon show tackles controversial and taboo issues that effect the African American Church Body and community. We are dedicated to creating a place where faith and activism meet.

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The Brother Leon show tackles controversial and taboo issues that effect the African American Church Body and community. We are dedicated to creating a place where faith and activism meet.

    My Coming Out Sexually

    My Coming Out Sexually

    For too long we have been bound by the fear of what others think.
    That fear has even come to church, and we are afraid of coming to the altar for ministry.
    Why are we afraid to speak our truth, even when it comes to our sexual needs?
    We are afraid of being rejected and labeled.
    It's time to overcome the fear of labels.
    Open up your mouth and declare your freedom, your wants, and needs.
    A closed mouth like a closed sexuality don't get fed.

    • 17 min
    The Heff's Lifestyle Of Truth & Trust

    The Heff's Lifestyle Of Truth & Trust

    There are so many people who are ashamed to express themselves sexually or even open up about their sexual needs.
    The lifestyle of BDSM is one that incorporates truth and trust to pathways of freedom and release.
    Spearheading this movement in the black community is a legend, entrepreneur, and professional dominator Daddy Heff aka
    King Heff.
    Daddy Heff goes around the country and abroad to promote his brand The Heff's Lifestyle.
    He also gives demonstrations and teaches the art of BDSM.
    His brand of BDSM is a lifestyle that helps people attain goals through affirming discipline by pain and pleasure.
    Releasing the pain of fears and restrictions.
    Coming into a mindset of possibilities by affirmations, and feeling the pleasure of what will be when the fear is gone.
    BDSM isn't just whips, chains, and white people ish. The lifestyle is ultimate truth and trust.
    Daddy Heff is here to help you unlock, unwind, and embrace all things kinky.
    Music brought to you by Epidemic Sound.

    • 1 hr
    Sexual Freedom In God

    Sexual Freedom In God

    In this episode we are re-visiting the topic of sex. I do believe that God gives all things richly to enjoy even sex. Marriage, sex, and relationships are things that God ordains and are carried out in the Earth.
    You will not have such things when you die and go Heaven.
    So the goal now is to make sure we have God's blessing and enjoy what HE gave us.
    Sex is a gift from God.
    The conundrum comes in when all your Christian life you're told not to have sex before marriage.
    Now once you get married preachers are telling what is lawful in the bedroom without scriptural backing. If they do give you Bible it's always out of context.
    We need to be and do better.
    Don't let no man put you into condemnation for what you and your spouse do in marriage and in the privacy of your home.

    • 28 min
    Her Name Is Belize

    Her Name Is Belize

    In this episode we are celebrating an anointed lady who is no guest in my opinion.
    She is family.
    Her name is Belize.
    I had the pleasure of meeting her not too many years ago.
    She has been a friend in the midnight hour and I'm glad that God connected us.
    Today we celebrate her birthday and today is a great day because she is an asset to the body of Christ and the world.
    The work she has done is and is doing is priceless.
    She has a heart of gold and I want you guys to see it. Listen to how she helped me and has been there as a true friend.
    I give you Belize.

    • 24 min
    On The Horizon

    On The Horizon

    Ms. Cassandra Floyd is the epitome of age ain't nothing but a number.
    If you saw her on IG you wouldn't believe what her true age is.
    Exercise and in particular weight training are the keys to keeping young followed by clean eating.
    Ms. Floyd is a certified trainer as well as professional in her own right in the IFBB.
    She hits the show circuit with at least three to four shows a year. That is a lot of preparation and dedication to the sport.
    So I am pleases to have her gift and wisdom grace the stage.
    I give your Cassandra Floyd!

    • 1 hr
    F Them Kids

    F Them Kids

    I might have been late to this party, but I have an opinion.
    F Them Kids!
    When did boyfriend and girlfriend get married people entitlements?
    When did kids outside of wedlock get the same entitlements outside of child support?
    Men you must vet better.
    Some men who have a child by a woman who has multiple children by multiple men are the ones who get the smoke when they're present and good fathers. These men take the heat for the others who aren't there.
    So men watch who you lay down with. Sometimes you are expected to keep paying and doing, even when you are gone.
    Sometimes to have peace you gotta be mean, be an A-hole, and at times say...F Them Kids!

    • 18 min

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

Belize Spivey ,

Real and Raw

I love this podcast. You don’t find many podcast with a Black Man dropping gems on hard topics in our community!! Listen in!

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