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Welcome to The Business Warrior Within, where we uncomplicate business skill by skill! I'm Andy Olen, your guide to unleashing your inner Business Warrior. Join me as I help talented professionals like you master crucial skills overlooked by businesses. Let's conquer challenges and fast-track success together!

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Welcome to The Business Warrior Within, where we uncomplicate business skill by skill! I'm Andy Olen, your guide to unleashing your inner Business Warrior. Join me as I help talented professionals like you master crucial skills overlooked by businesses. Let's conquer challenges and fast-track success together!

    Leading With Optimism Carestream's Kendall Ryerson

    Leading With Optimism Carestream's Kendall Ryerson

    Leading With Optimism Carestream's Kendall Ryerson
    In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen welcomes Kendall Ryerson, Carestream's Vice President of Sales for North America.

    With an illustrious career spanning 23 years across pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets, Ryerson's expertise in sales strategy shines through.

    Kendall shares insights into Carestream's journey from its Kodak origins, emphasizing its innovative digital x-ray and imaging products while maintaining a robust film business. Ryerson discusses the importance of customer-centricity in navigating the evolving landscape of medical device sales, highlighting the value of relationships and differentiation in an era of AI advancements.

    Through her experiences in federal contracting and corporate accounts, she underscores the significance of patience, reliability, and accountability in building successful sales teams. As she delves into career management advice, Ryerson emphasizes the importance of finding joy in one's work, leveraging mentorship and networking, and embracing flexibility in career aspirations.

    She stresses the need for hard skills, such as time management and financial acumen, and soft skills, including communication and innovation, to drive success in sales leadership roles. Ryerson's wisdom offers a comprehensive guide for aspiring sales professionals navigating the complex terrain of the healthcare industry.

    Learn More About Carestream: https://www.carestream.com/en/us/

    Connect with Kendall on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendall-ryerson-15682433/

    (A) Learn more about Kendall Ryerson's insights on navigating federal contracts and corporate accounts.

    (B) Discover how CareStream Health stays ahead of the curve in medical sales through innovation and customer-centric strategies.

    (C) Explore the importance of balancing joy and productivity in a career.

    D) Kendall's comments on financial acumen for evaluating deals, from sales reps to executives. It ensures solid business justifications and helps one understand margins, ongoing revenue, and long-term commitments.

    E) How sales strategies have evolved from physician-driven preferences to corporate-based and now towards contract-based models, especially with the consolidation of health systems and the emergence of IDNs.

    F) Despite challenges in the healthcare landscape, including hospital closures and financial restructuring, there is optimism for stabilization and eventual growth, particularly with a focus on preventative care and patient capture rates.

    G) Sales professionals must control controllables, prioritize health and well-being, and find fulfillment in their careers by appreciating sales roles' autonomy, variety, and impact.

    H) Prioritizing personal time and setting boundaries is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that individuals can give their best to work and personal commitments.

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    Strategy Sprints and Service with Simon Severino

    Strategy Sprints and Service with Simon Severino

    Strategy Sprints and Service with Simon Severino

    Introduction:In this episode of The Business Warrior Within, host Andy Olen welcomes Simon Severino, the mastermind behind the Strategy Sprints phenomenon. Simon is not just your average CEO; he's the architect of a method that has empowered numerous businesses to skyrocket their revenue in 90 days.

    Key Highlights:

    Turbocharged Strategies: Simon's Strategy Sprints method has propelled countless businesses to achieve remarkable revenue growth quickly. His focus on actionable strategies and lightning-fast execution sets him apart as a powerhouse entrepreneur.

    Family Life: Despite his professional accomplishments, Simon's mastery extends beyond the boardroom. He shares insights into his juggling act of managing a successful career while being a devoted father to three kids, often resorting to clever tactics to encourage outdoor activities.

    Endurance Mindset: Simon's passion for endurance events like triathlons mirrors his approach to business. He discusses how running became his entry point to a disciplined lifestyle and the parallels between endurance training and entrepreneurial success.

    Building Recurring Revenues: Simon emphasizes transforming one-off deals into recurring revenues and passive income streams for sustainable business growth. Businesses can navigate market challenges more effectively by leveraging membership communities and stacking revenue streams.

    The Strategy Sprints Method: Inspired by agile principles, Simon's coaching method provides real-time feedback and actionable insights to entrepreneurs, helping them significantly improve win rates, sales frequency, and pricing power within a 90-day sprint.

    The Power of Serving: Simon underscores the significance of clarity in identifying one's mission to serve. He emphasizes the key to enduring success is staying committed to service, whether in personal relationships or professional endeavors.

    Conclusion:Simon Severino's blend of entrepreneurial acumen, endurance mindset, and commitment to service offers valuable lessons for businesses seeking sustainable growth in today's dynamic landscape.

    Connect with Simon:

    Website: Strategy Sprints
    YouTube: Simon Severino
    LinkedIn: Simon Severino

    Connect with Andy:

    Website: AndyOlen.com
    LinkedIn: Simon Severino

    Additional Notes:

    The episode highlights Simon's unique approach to business, drawing parallels between endurance training and entrepreneurial success.
    Listeners can learn more about Simon's coaching methodology and access free resources on the Strategy Sprints website.

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    Navigating Sales Leadership in Healthcare w/ Chris Leach

    Navigating Sales Leadership in Healthcare w/ Chris Leach

    Navigating Sales Leadership in Healthcare w/ Chris Leach

    Welcome to the show, Chris Leach, Vice President of Sales for the Americas at Endologix. Endologix is a pioneer in innovative vascular solutions. In this episode, Chris shares:

    - His journey and insights into sales leadership in the healthcare industry.

    - The groundbreaking therapy, PTAB with the Detour System, is designed for long-length SFA disease

    - PTAB and its significance in addressing vascular diseases.

    - Chris emphasizes the importance of clinical aptitude and data analysis in effective communication with medical professionals.

    - Advice is offered for aspiring individuals looking to break into the medical device industry, emphasizing the importance of networking and mentorship.

    - Chris highlights the essential skills of effective targeting and adherence to a structured sales process.

    - The importance of continuous learning, adaptation, and curiosity in sales leadership is emphasized.

    - Crisis and change management are discussed while navigating challenging situations in the healthcare industry.

    - Chris shares Endologix's transformative journey, including rebranding efforts and rebuilding trust.

    - The significance of patient-centered care and innovation in motivating individuals to pursue careers in the healthcare industry is underscored.

    Chris concludes by reflecting on the patient-centric focus and the importance of mentorship in the healthcare industry.

    Additional Resources:

    Dr. Leiden discussing clinical data related to PTAB https://www.backtable.com/shows/vi/podcasts/364/percutaneous-transmural-arterial-bypass-ptab-as-a-treatment-option-for-ctos 

    Chris' LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-leach-583a7411/

    Endologix website: https://endologix.com

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    AI At The Center of Customer Engagement w/ Thomas Ryan

    AI At The Center of Customer Engagement w/ Thomas Ryan

    AI At The Center of Customer Engagement w/ Thomas Ryan

    In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen welcomes Thomas Ryan, the mastermind behind Bigly Sales, a company revolutionizing sales with AI technology. Thomas discusses how AI can replace traditional salespeople, streamline customer service processes, and enhance sales efficiency. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to AI advancements, noting the exponential growth in AI capabilities and its potential to outperform humans in various tasks. Thomas also shares insights on Bigly Sales' new product launch and highlights the hyper-persuasive potential of AI in sales and customer interactions. Throughout the conversation, he encourages businesses to embrace AI as a tool for productivity and innovation, emphasizing the need to stay ahead of the curve in an evolving technological landscape.

    Learn More About Bigly Sales: https://biglysales.com/

    Connect with Thomas on LinkedIn

    Conversation Highlights:

    1. The Power of AI in Sales Automation: Thomas Ryan explains Bigly Sales' AI-driven sales automation concept. He emphasizes how AI can replace mundane tasks in call centers, improve customer service, and enhance the sales process. The AI's ability to handle repetitive tasks efficiently is highlighted, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

    2. Personalizing Customer Interactions: Ryan discusses the AI's capability to personalize customer interactions based on age, gender, and location. By utilizing data science and personality types, Bigly Sales aims to enhance the customer experience, making interactions with AI-driven agents more relatable and effective.

    3. Target Market and Use Cases: The target market for Bigly Sales' AI solutions is identified as businesses receiving a high volume of leads or customer contacts. Ryan explains how AI can streamline appointment scheduling, lead qualification, and customer support, benefiting businesses with large customer bases.

    4. Implications for Sales Professionals: While acknowledging concerns about AI replacing sales jobs, Ryan suggests that lower-level sales roles involving repetitive tasks are most at risk. He emphasizes the need for sales professionals to adapt and upskill, leveraging AI to focus on higher-value tasks such as relationship-building and strategic selling.

    5. Leveraging AI in Sales Training and Operations: Ryan discusses integrating AI tools like ChatGPT into sales training and operations. He highlights the efficiency gains and insights provided by AI in handling common sales questions, objections, and decision-making processes. By utilizing AI, sales teams can enhance productivity and effectiveness.

    6. Future Trends and Opportunities: Ryan predicts a hyper-persuasive future for AI in sales, where AI agents become increasingly adept at resolving issues and anticipating customer needs. He emphasizes the exponential growth of AI capabilities and the importance of staying ahead of the curve to remain competitive in the evolving business landscape.

    Conclusion: As the conversation wraps up, Ryan reflects on the rapid advancements in AI technology and the transformative impact on sales and customer service. He encourages businesses to embrace AI for efficiency and innovation, emphasizing the need to adapt and leverage AI to stay ahead in the evolving business landscape.

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    Mastering Medtech Corporate Accounts with Jay Sullivan

    Mastering Medtech Corporate Accounts with Jay Sullivan

    Mastering Medtech Corporate Accounts with Jay Sullivan

    In this episode of the Business Warrior Within podcast, host Andy Olen welcomes Jay Sullivan.

    Jay is a MedTech sales titan with a distinguished career at Boston Scientific and Abbott Laboratories and is currently at Olympus as Group Vice President of Corporate Accounts, Contract Operations, and Strategic Pricing.

    Jay discusses his journey from starting as a salesperson at Xerox to becoming a healthcare executive, emphasizing the importance of training, resilience, and learning from every experience.

    He highlights the evolution of healthcare sales, the impact of COVID-19 on the industry, and the necessity of adapting to changing customer demands and corporate account management.

    Jay also shares valuable advice for sales professionals aspiring to succeed in corporate accounts roles, stressing the importance of negotiation, communication, and strategic thinking skills.

    The conversation also touches on the importance of fitness and reflection in achieving personal and professional success.

    Learn More About Jay Sullivan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-sullivan-2493a179

    00:00 Welcome to the Business Warrior Within Podcast01:59 Jay Sullivan's Journey from Xerox to Healthcare Sales Titan04:15 The Passion for Healthcare and Its Dynamic Industry05:21 Navigating the Evolution of Healthcare Sales and Corporate Accounts09:13 The Art of Corporate Account Management in Healthcare16:59 Adapting to Change and the Future of Healthcare Sales21:12 Skills and Mindset for Success in Corporate Account Roles25:42 The Joy of Transformation and Leadership in Sales30:11 Closing Thoughts: Fitness and Success

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    Building Through Stories with Eido Walny

    Building Through Stories with Eido Walny

    Building Through Stories with Eido Walny

    Eido Walny is not your average lawyer next door. He founded a national powerhouse law firm, consults businesses to success, and currently serves as the Village President of Bayside, WI. He has created success in business, life, and politics through storytelling.

    Eido is a national speaker who shares stories of celebrity estate planning mistakes and highlights the need for everyone, including businesspeople, celebrities, and professional athletes, to have a comprehensive estate plan.

    In this episode, Andy Olen and Eido Walny discuss the importance of estate planning and the challenges that arise when individuals fail to plan for the future. Eido emphasizes the importance of planning and highlights the emotional and financial difficulties that can arise when someone passes away without a proper plan. Eido shares his insights on building a successful law firm and the importance of focusing on knowledge and relationships. They also discuss the power of storytelling in connecting with clients and building trust.

    Links:Find Eido at the WalnyLegal.com

    Steve Jobs Answering a Tough Question on YouTube


    - Estate planning is crucial for everyone, including Business Warriors, celebrities, and professional athletes.

    - Estate planning is not just about death but also about making important decisions during life

    - Fights over sentimental items can arise when no clear plan is in place

    - The cost of administering an estate without proper planning can be significantly higher than creating an estate plan. Estate planning is crucial for ensuring that affairs are in order and minimizing emotional and financial difficulties for loved ones after someone passes away.

    - Building a successful law firm requires a focus on both knowledge and relationships.

    - Storytelling is a powerful tool for connecting with clients and building trust.

    - Trust is hard to build and easy to lose, so it's important to prioritize building trust with clients.

    - Connecting with people and explaining complex concepts in a way they can understand is key to effective communication and building relationships.

    - Combining personal hobbies and interests with professional expertise can create unique marketing opportunities and enhance client relationships.

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10 Ratings

the.mckee ,

A difficult task made easy

Andy does a great job of taking the weight out of the sales process. His ideas are light and inspiring and easy to adopt.

Santahopkins ,

Activate Your Sales Warrior Within

If you’re a sales person the content on this podcast is 👌🏻. We all want to be better right? Better people and better sales people. I love that Andy is elevating the role of a sales person, there’s nobility in sales!
The content is easy to digest and super relevant. If you want to differentiate yourself, activate his advice and you’ll get out of your comfort zone. How to establish trust with your customers, create a personal brand using your developed sales skills, what to share and how to use social media, preparing and pitching for a sales call. Listen and subscribe!

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